What's The Deal With All Of The Black Series 6" Confusion?
Date: May 13, 2017 at 02:59 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

We're honestly surprised to see how much confusion still exists with The Black Series 6" line. (Maybe we shouldn't be surprised since communication from Hasbro isn't the greatest.) However, that being said we hope that this brief article will clear up some details that collectors of the line are still speculating over and for which they don't yet to seem have answers. (more....)

Firstly, if you're a 6" collector you NEED to listen to JTA's Star Wars Celebration Orlando Hasbro Q&A. Many questions we're still seeing people ask have already been answered during our Q&A session.

Secondly, all NEW The Black Series [Star Wars 40] figures (i.e. figures that haven't been released in the standard TBS6 BOXES yet) will BE RELEASED in this format at some point. This most likely will be in The Black Series [Phase III] line look, but with a new line starting September 1st, it's quite possible that they might be in revised packaging (we have no idea, we're only surmising here). But with the back flow of stuff yet to be released, we personally feel The Black Series [Phase III] line look will continue for a while longer. So far, this includes Darth Vader, Death Squad Commander, Jawa and Tusken Raider (you've already seen the Tusken Raider boxed).

Lastly, Hasbro told JTA that ALL 6" figures going forward will be made in solid case packs. Just because you don't see this RIGHT NOW, does NOT mean it's not happening. We see a lot of unnecessary sarcastic comments surrounding this because collectors don't see Darth Revan or the Emperor's Royal Guard yet in this capacity, but they will be happening. Should Hasbro change their minds on what they told us previously, we will be sure to provide you with an update, but this came directly from them. They're coming.

If you have any other questions you still need answered, please post them in our comments and we will be sure to answer them or reach out to Hasbro for further elaboration.

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