A TBS6 Running Change Princess Leia Organa Still Imminent?
Date: January 28, 2017 at 11:03 AM ET
Topic: Hasbro

Remember when we posted THIS RUMOR REPORT (about The Black Series [Phase III] Princess Leia Organa getting pulled from wave 9 so that Hasbro would be able to tweak it further)? Obviously that didn't come to pass as she was shipped "as is" in that case assortment. Honestly, we were perplexed and slightly disappointed that this rumor didn't pan out exactly as we had hoped. We wanted to not only be "right" with the rumor, but we wanted a revised figure more importantly. Well, something further has developed. So stop the press once again! We have learned that this original JTA rumor report still holds water. We've learned that a running change is still in the works and we should expect a new head sculpt with slimmer features and a beautiful likeness while looking a whole lot less cherubic. Will THIS come to pass? Or is it more hearsay? We will just have to wait and see....

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