JTA Announces Celebration Europe Exclusive Vintage PALITOY Poster
Date: April 04, 2016 at 11:30 AM ET
Topic: Posters & Promotional

Jedi Temple Archives is happy to announce that our Celebration Europe exclusive will be a follow-up companion piece to last year's Celebration Anaheim Vintage Kenner Tribute Poster. Nearly a year in the making, Celebration Europe attendees can pick up, for free, our Vintage Palitoy Tribute Poster. London will be the perfect place to celebrate the Palitoy line of Star Wars action figures with this beautiful tribute piece. Once again, we will be offering a beautiful full-color 18"x24" poster, this time featuring 216 Palitoy card backs covering every figure's unique card back throughout the Palitoy run. Click through for complete details on how you can secure this, including pre-ordering the poster for those that can't make it to the show.

  • Each 18"x24" poster is professionally printed on high-quality paper.
  • Approximately 250 posters will be handed out (for free) during the 3-day Celebration Europe event from July 15-17. Distribution details will be revealed as the show gets closer.
  • A limited number of posters can be pre-ordered right now for those that can't attend the show. They will ship after the show.
  • A limited number of posters will also be available for order immidiately after the show.
  • We will hold a few contests throughout the year to give viewers a chance to win posters.

If you picked up our Kenner Tribute Poster then you know what to expect from our Palitoy Tribute Poster. The two posters are meant to compliment each other to show the full run of both Kenner and Palitoy.

A huge thanks to die-hard Palitoy collectors Gary Smith and Jason Smith who helped me research and acquire some of the more rare images for this huge undertaking. My eyes were opened to the serious business that is Palitoy collecting! Also thanks to our poster sponsor Vectis Auctions for helping me acquire the rest of the images through their many years of auctions.

Lastly, a big thanks to Mr. Palitoy and his indispensable guide on collecting Palitoy figures. Without it I would not have been able to complete this project! Thanks Jason!

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