MORE BREAKING NEWS! New 3.75" Hasbro Plans Uncovered!
Date: March 22, 2016 at 06:00 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

We have MORE BREAKING NEWS to reveal about what is coming later this year and this time it's about the 3.75" scale line! Click through for more!

The simple five points of articulation line of single (maybe or maybe not a return of Build A Weapon and Armor Up) and Two-Packs return for Rogue One. And as of right now, they hold the same price points as The Force Awakens line look. No info has been intercepted on the super-articulated 3.75" line, but we imagine Hasbro may release another five or so figures for this year too. (sigh....)

There is a huge vehicle coming for the Fall. Right now, it's loosely described (in code perhaps) as a 3.75" Star Wars Signature Set and will retail somewhere between $289.99 and $299.99. It may or may not come with pack-in figures, but that information is sketchy at the moment. Our sources strongly believe that it's possible this could be an AT-AT vehicle (as leaked by Toy Ark around Toy Fair) while others have suggested a playset like the Death Star (but that could be a stretch). Whatever it is, it's honestly a little bit early fuzzy to lock down at the moment. No matter what it is, it is certainly expensive and hopefully will be HUGE.

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