A Reconnecting With The Inner Child; Nostalgia Is A Powerful Thing!
Date: March 10, 2016 at 08:54 PM ET
Topic: General News

For those of you who watched my interview with host Paul Perrello on Philly Factor recently, you may recall that I was asked what started it all for me with Star Wars collecting. The year was 1979. I was 5 years old in kindergarten at Barclay Brook elementary school in Monroe Township, New Jersey. My classmate Vito Ferrante, today a successful architect in Pittsburgh PA, brought in the Kenner Luke Skywalker: X-wing Fighter Pilot figure for show and tell one day. It captured my instant attention and admiration. Unable to get the figure out of my head, I clearly remember the following July I received a whole bunch of Star Wars figures (including this one) with my Carvel Wonder Woman ice cream cake for my 6th birthday. (more....)

Vito saw my interview on You Tube, and we touched base talking about his involvement in my passion. He quickly offered (wanted) to send me the figure as a memento. Would you believe when he opened up his tub of vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, this one was laying right on the top of the pile? TRUE STORY. I guess I can "blame" him for sending me down my long path (down the dark side?) of Star Wars collecting. Well, here it is. This is the EXACT figure from that kindergarten show and tell class in 1979 that drew me into the passion of Star Wars collecting. And I remember it all like it was yesterday. Thank you Vito, you really hit a major nostalgic nerve within me. I will treasure this gift!



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