Will The Black Series Have An Unfair Disadvantage At Launch?
Date: June 08, 2013 at 10:45 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

JTA reader and good friend Darth_Chuck, eagerly passed on some very interesting information to me that reveals some really informative behind-the-scenes data. After he saw our report of our announcement of upcoming The Black Series figures we published from Walmart's inventory system, he performed some research of his own. While it's no cause for immediate alarm, we should still listen to what he has to say because it's interesting to say the least. He took one of the UPCs pictured in our photos and plugged it into TARGET's system and discovered a "horrible" truth. He called me by phone with the alarming news. We talked and distilled the talking points you should know. (more....)

As mentioned, he used one of the UPCs from the Walmart LRT exclusively found in our news report. He found that the price AND the DPCI (for TARGET) for The Black Series line is $9.99 and 087-06-1351 respectively. Why do you care? Because that is the same price and DPCI as The Vintage Collection.

He further explained to me that unless all of The Vintage Collection action figures have been purged out of the distribution centers already, and stores are out or low of the current stock, this could potentially spell early trouble for The Black Series because the old figures will block the news as of this very moment (unless something changes). He gave the example of his local stores, who has had the same dozen TPM carry-forwards in his stores for months. Nothing more comes in because of these.

He did qualify that it's more than likely that TARGET will clearance out remaining stock to make room for the new. But we're getting dangerously close to the street date. In fact, he mentioned that there is a planned June 9th (tomorrow) reset date and nothing has been scheduled for clearance as of this moment.

It's much too soon to panic, but it's insane that a brand new DPCI (or stock unit) wasn't created for a brand new line. On another note, we bet that the new Saga Legends will get a brand new DPCI. One might also speculate that The Black Series figures announced may have once been originally planned for The Vintage Collection (to add salt to this wound). But that is something we'll leave alone.

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