Toy Fair 2013 - Tamashii Booth
Date: February 11, 2013 at 08:02 PM ET
Topic: Star Wars Experience

The Tamashii company has released what may be the best C-3PO figure on the market to date. Before you scoff at the $400 price tag, let us tell you that we held this piece in our hands and were astounded with the scale, likeness and quality of the piece. Not only is C-3PO cast from real metal and heavy in weight, he also comes with light-up eyes, real abdomen wiring and functioning arm pistons and other gears. It's probably the most amazing C-3PO 12" scaled high-end figure to date. It's equivalent to the quality of the life-size figure from Sideshow Collectibles, but smaller and a fraction of the price. Do yourself a favor and check C-3PO out from head to toe!


Tamashii Nations C-3PO

TF13-Tamashii-001 TF13-Tamashii-002 TF13-Tamashii-003 TF13-Tamashii-004 TF13-Tamashii-005
TF13-Tamashii-006 TF13-Tamashii-007 TF13-Tamashii-008 TF13-Tamashii-009 TF13-Tamashii-010
TF13-Tamashii-011 TF13-Tamashii-012 TF13-Tamashii-013    

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