One Movie Heroes Figure Is Missing In Action
Date: September 28, 2012 at 06:58 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

There isn't big collector backing and support for the Movie Heroes line, but are you aware that one figure just hasn't made its way into a case yet that was supposed to already? It's true. There's one straggler that just hasn't been released yet. Click through if you're remotely interested!

The Anakin Skywalker (MH19) "light-up" figure has not been released to date. This figure was originally intended to be part of wave 3 of the Movie Heroes line (the same wave that includes the retool of Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Outfit) and the "light-up" Darth Vader figures), but Hasbro pulled it out last minute and instead packed another Darth Vader figure in its place. Fitting, huh? It remains to be seen if this figure will be released this year and Hasbro may just wait to include it in the 2013 Movie Heroes line in the Yoda packaging. But that's most likely what's going to happen.

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