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CV: Freebies - Tom Hodges Posters

Posted by Chuck | August 20, 2010 at 04:00 PM ET

We conclude today's Celebration V Freebie updates with another poster gallery. This time we look at the 5 posters set by Tom Hodges, exclusive to Celebration V! Find out the crazy things you had to do if you wanted to complete this set! We have a few more freebie galleries we are working on. We'll try to post those as we get them.

Limited to just 250 prints each, these posters were highly sought after at CV! And for good reason! These are fun little prints from our beloved Star Wars Universe, with a pop culture twist. There was one poster given out each day, and one chase poster. Day one you were given tickets to claim your Coruscant poster. On the last 3 days you lined up at a specific time. These always produced long lines and if you waited around to pick one up later you were likely not getting one. Friday's print was the Death Star print, Saturday was the Jabba's Palace Grill, and Sunday was The Gungan Bongo.

The Chase print was the Hoth Wampa poster. And this truely was a chase! In order to score one of these hard to find prints you needed to be following Tom Hodges on Twitter. Throughout the four-day con he would randomly tweet the location of a few prints. You then had to race (sometimes way on the other side of the convention center) to (hopefully) find it before someone else did. Sometimes you had to do some pretty crazy stuff in order to score your print. Here's a sampling of the tweets sent out over the weekend...

VICTORY IS IMMINENT at the Acme Archives Booth! There's a Hoth poster on a crate for the taking!

BTW... check your rolled DEATH STAR TRENCH RUN poster, you may have also scored a HOTH!

Head to Lego and ask Mark if Wampas like Tacos... Two of you will get a HOTH poster!

Be the 1st to ask Grant Gould "do you think wampas should be allowed to marry droids?" and get a HOTH poster!

Go poke the bear at booth 435 and get a HOTH poster!!!

Go to the McQuarrie Exhibit in room 314 and ask the Englishman if Wampas have trouble w/ poo sticking to their fur.

Want a HOTH poster? The 1st 10 people to come to the booth and sing, TOGETHER, "Yub Nub" will get a poster!

Want a HOTH poster? Last chance... 10 people TOGETHER sing Bill Murray's STAR WARS song get one!

This chase made things fun yet frustrating! On Sunday a certain amount of posters were held back and he had a 'blind' poster giveaway where you could line up (once again) and try to score some that you missed. He even threw in a few of his non-free prints to surprise a few people (including myself who scored one of his Clone Wars Jedi prints). There was lots of trading going on after that! All and all it was a fun hunt to complete this set!

CVFreeebie-hodges-001 CVFreeebie-hodges-002 CVFreeebie-hodges-003

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