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Hasbro LOVES Princess Leia.... And Apparently So Will We!

Posted by Paul | August 24, 2016 at 08:21 AM ET

Here is The Black Series 6" scoop we teased last night. It's true. Hasbro REALLY does love Princess Leia. And I am going to tell you why. The Black Series [Phase III] 6" Princess Leia Organa may not be coming out before the end of the year. She has been "cancelled" from wave 2 from the Fall 2016 lineup. (more....)

So, here’s the scoop. As you recall, we recently posted a rumor report alerting our readers to upcoming case assortments of Rogue One 3.75” and The Black Series [Phase III] 6” figures. In Fall wave 2 of TBS6, Princess Leia Organa was listed as part of that assortment. In fact, to further that confirmation, many of you were able to pre-order her at Amazon until they decided to pull the pages.

You know the instant drama surrounding the TBS6 version of Princess Leia Organa. A dreadful sample was presented at Celebration Europe and was suddenly yanked from the case without warning. Then we were all notified by Hasbro that it was only a prototype (despite looking exactly like a production sample) and that further tweaks and enhancements were needed like her hood being tacked down and finer paint operations added to her eyes and lips. That still didn’t satiate the zealous TBS6 collectors because most of us believed a big part of the problem was the actual sculpt. This concern was pretty much proven when Hasbro showed a slightly/barely “improved” version of her at SDCC Comic Con this past July. Still, the natives were restless and didn’t think she looked all that better. We demanded a better likeness or deco job.

Well, something interesting has transpired. Although originally planned for wave 2 in the Fall TBS6 lineup, Princess Leia Organa has been “cancelled” from that assortment. Please notice the quotation marks qualifying the word cancelled. We don’t need others running to Hasbro attempting to discredit us with this post too. She is still coming in the lineup of course , but apparently Hasbro has deemed that she just isn’t ready for release yet. This is very similar to the way Princess Leia Organa [Yavin Ceremony] was handled in The Black Series [Phase II] lineup and then relegated to becoming a Walmart exclusive. (This was actually the report where we stated she was cancelled in TBS [P2] when all “heck” broke loose. Obviously she never came in the second line look and ultimately became an exclusive figure instead of a general release figure. I digress.)

This also means I don't know when she will be slotted back into the lineup as well.

So, although I can’t tell you when we can expect Princess Leia Organa in the 6” line, my own personal opinion is that it may not be until 2017. I also don’t know if they’re trying to find the best way to decorate her, or if Hasbro is going to try a more aggressive approach and actually resculpt her portrait. I have NO CLUE about the approach here. I just know that there will be a delay before we see her. And we know how long a delay is based on the 3.75” Princess Leia Organa figure. I don't know if Hasbro will offer more information on her temporary cancellation either. But at least strides have been taken to make her the best action figure she can be.

Oh, we have one more tidbit of information for you. Who is replacing Princess Leia Organa is wave 2 now? It looks to be Cassian Andor. This figure will be in both wave 1 and wave 2 of the Fall TBS6 lineup now.

If you want to know the latest developments of this story as we learn more, be sure to follow us on:


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