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BREAKING NEWS: New The Force Awakens Toy Details Revealed!

Posted by Paul | June 17, 2015 at 06:05 PM ET

We'll preface this immediately by saying that potential MAJOR SPOILERS apply should you choose to click through. We have character and/or vehicle names and details that you may not want to know about yet from screen shots we saw with our own eyes. Now, this may be code, or it may be actual things from the movie. We will have to wait find out for sure of course. So if you don't want to know anything about Episode 7 and/or the corresponding Hasbro line, please don't click through. But between the combined efforts of our local Bothans (who have since died after intercepting this information) and our Research Droids hacking into all the local computer systems (who have since short-circuited), we have a pretty sizable list of what you can expect for The Force Awakens toy launch this September 4th. We also have isolated data explaining what some of these things are (like 6", 3.75" vehicles or role-play). As always, take everything you see with a grain of salt until Hasbro officially announces it themselves. Enjoy!

B3726 SH MM RC
B3826 SH Sia DC Mult
B3834 SH Sia Sheesh Anjirs
B3886 SH Char Anjirs
B3908 SH Paha Anjir
B3914 SH Paha Anjir Deluxe
B3917 SG Ghar Vasil
B3920 SH Kelas do Vasil Deluxe
B3921 SH Zoor Sham Ast
B3925 SH Zoor Sham Bozorg
B3926 Star Wars 7 RC Droid Robot
B3927 SH Tabekar Mask
B3928 SH Sia Mask
B3929 SH Sia DC Single
B3944 Star Wars Micro Mach Figure Multi Pack
B3953 SH Tabekar Pahlav Vasil
B3954 SH Sia Setar Dava
B3955 SH Chahar Dota
B3963 SH Char Barf Deh
B2912 SH Sham Tamdid
B2919 SH Sham Cheragh
B2948 SH Sham Tabekar Deluxe
B2949 SH Sham Emza
B3223 SH Mask
B3226 SH Javid Mask
B3445 SH Char Anjirs
B3496 SH Deluxe Micro Machines Assortment
B3500 SH Micro Machines Dava Set
B3513 SH Micro Machines Tabekar Keshti
B3533 SH Micro Machines Vasil
B3672 SH Kelas Do Vasil
B3675 SH Kelas Yek Vasil Deluxe
B3678 S7 Hazra Shanin
B3680 SH Micro Machines Bag
B3691 SH Tabekar Sham Ext
B3716 SH Kelas Yek Vasil
B3719 SH JEJ Seda Avaz Mask

We also have details on the following assortment numbers:

B3917 SG Ghar Vasil (part of a "Figure & Vehicle" assortment MSRP $29.99)
B3929 SH Sia DC Single (part of a Die Cast assortment - MSRP $4.99)
B3834 SH Sia Sheesh Anjirs (part of a BS 6" figure assortment MSRP $19.99)
B3672 SH Kelas Do Vasil (part of an Episode 7 Class II Vehicle assortment MSRP $39.99)
B3928 SH Sia Mask (self-explanatory – part of a helmet role-play assortment MSRP unknown)
B3954 SH Sia Setar Dava (part of an E7 BS 6" Starfighter Deluxe assortment MSRP $169.99)
B3925 SH Zoor Sham Bozorg (part of F/X lightsaber assortment MSRP $199.99)
B3955 SH Chahar Dota (part of Figure 2-pack assortment MSRP $14.99)
B3963 SH Char Barf Deh (part of a Snow Desert assortment MSRP $7.99)
B3953 SH Tabekar Pahlav Vasil (part of an E7 Class III Vehicle/Hero Starfighter assortment MSRP $49.99)
B3675 SH Kelas Yek Vasil Deluxe (part of a Class II/Deluxe assortment $39.99)

We believe we may be intercepting more information shortly. If you want the latest Episode 7 details, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram!


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