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Our Readers Have Voiced Their Choices And Here Are The Results

Posted by Paul | October 26, 2013 at 12:07 PM ET

The results are in and we thank you so much for your participation! After nearly 200 figure choices of yours (and subsequent voting), see which ones made our own little "Fans' Choice" reissue poll. The current Saga Legends line is great for kids, but adult collectors need something to buy in between new figure waves. The previous incarnations of Saga Legends that ran from 2007-2011 were incredible supplemental basic figure lines for collectors. It allowed us to army build some great troopers, and these lines also gave us a second stab at some other very hard to find action figures (during their original release). We want Hasbro to bring that back. (more....)

So we polled our readers and asked them to start listing what figures they would like to see get re-released in our comments. And then others would vote so a ranking could be determined. Here are the results. We will be sending this off to Hasbro very shortly and we will let you know what they say.

Down votes were counted as up votes (I told you I was doing that). Thankfully, the impact of that down votes was minimal and it didn't really affect a figure's performance with inflated votes or diminished votes. Sadly, some people cannot red directions so we apologize we had to be "punitive" in that manner.

The Top 25 Action Figures Collectors Want To See Re-released In Some Sort of Adult-Focused Saga Legends line:

1. Emperor's Royal Guard – The Vintage Collection (VC105)
2. Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear) – The Vintage Collection (VC68)
3. Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) – The Vintage Collection (VC70)
4. Bastila Shan – The Vintage Collection (VC69)
5. MagnaGuard – The Vintage Collection (VC105)
6. Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice) – The Vintage Collection (VC100)
7. Gamorrean Guard – The Vintage Collection (VC21)
7. Jaina Solo – Legacy Collection (BD60)
9. Jacen Solo – Legacy Collection (BD59)
10. K'Kruhk – Legacy Collection (BD57)
11. Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter) – The Vintage Collection (VC101)
12. Shaak Ti – Legacy Collection (BD61)
13. See-Threepio (C-3PO) – The Vintage Collection (VC06)
14. Exar Kun – Legacy Collection (Comic Packs)
15. Darth Revan – 30 (77-07) (30 34)
16. Imperial Navy Commander – The Vintage Collection (VC94)
17. Dark Trooper Phase III – Legacy Collection (Walmart Build A Droid Figure)
18. Oola – Star Wars [SOTDS] (Jabba's Throne Pack-In Figure)
18. Ahsoka – The Vintage Collection (VC102)
20. Darth Talon – The Legacy Collection (Comic Packs)
21. Jar Jar Binks (in Carbonite) – The Vintage Collection (SDCC Exclusive)
22. R5-K6 (Scramble On Yavin) – The Legacy Collection (Battle Packs)
22. Ephant Mon (Head Of Jabba's Security) – Star Wars "Saga" ('02 #45)
24. Jawa & Security Droid – Legacy Collection (BD39)
24. Ulic Qel-Droma – Legacy Collection (Comic Packs)

Runners up:

26. Hrchek Kal Fas – Legacy Collection (BD33)
27. Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) – The Vintage Collection (VC44)
28. Hoth Rebel Trooper – Star Wars [SOTDS] (The Search For Luke Skywalker)
29. Grand Moff Tarkin – The Vintage Collection (VC98)
29. Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) – The Vintage Collection (VC113)
29. BG-J38 – Legacy Collection (Build A Droid)
29. Owen Lars – Star Wars [SOTDS] (Comic Packs)

And for good form/measure:

We will also include MB-RA-7 (2008's The Legacy Collection Build A Droid) per a personal request from Matt Busch who posted in our comments that he would like to see this figure again but vac-metalized. Thank you Mr. Busch for adding your two cents!

Again, we will let you know what kind of feedback we get from Hasbro regarding this suggestion.

You can see the original article on this topic by clicking HERE (please note voting is now closed). Please feel free to leave any comments about the results in the comments in this article. Thank you!

Paul Harrison


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