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Hasbro: Your Questions Answered!!! - PART 3

Posted by Paul | February 11, 2013 at 09:11 PM ET

We went straight to Hasbro for answers to all your burning questions. This is the FINAL PART 3! Thank you for your patience! You may not like all the answers, but this is what they told us! Click through to see what they told us!

Question: Will we be seeing an all-new "vintage style" Yak Face and/or Ree-Yees figure?

ANSWER: Yes. But only for when The Vintage Collection returns. Because Hasbro wants to complete all of the original Kenner figures in The Vintage Collection packaging, it would make the mosty sense to release super-articulated versions of these for when that line look returns. (Editor's Note: They can release them in the Black Series line and then RERELEASE them for The Vintage Collection if you ask me. Yak Face is going to be a tough figure to meet demand in TVC packaging if you ask me. Let the openers get theirs in the Black Series.)

Question: Any chance we will see more play-sets? What would Hasbro have to see before being convinced to make a Cantina or Jabba's Palace play-set?

ANSWER: Hasbro needs to focus every last tooling dollar in their marketing strategy to making the best figures they can for the collector-focused basic figure lineup. Times are different than they were even just a few years ago. They would love to update the cantina and are hopeful to do so one day. But "right now" is not the time to do it.

Question: How many figures can we expect to see in the upcoming "Black Series" 3.75" line and how many will be brand new figures?

ANSWER: There will be 19 figures and all are from the cancelled Droid Factory line. Hasbro did "sort of" give the impression that over 50 figures are planned for 2014 and will be all-new sculpts. Even if a figure is good "enough", if it isn't perfect, Hasbro will retool what needs to be fixed to make this line truly collector-focused.

Question: (Paraphrased) There are many figures I never got to see in stores, especially Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma from the Comic Packs line. Will you find a way to get these out again?

ANSWER: Hasbro at the moment seem to be "done" with rereleasing previously sculpted figures. From here on out, whether super-articulated (14 points) or simply-articulated (5 points) - yeah, Paul Harrison is coining that phrase too, figures will be all-new with very few exceptions. So older figures, no matter how great or small, will not be seeing a second chance at retail now. (Editor's Note: We think this is a huge mistake. The greatest hits of The Vintage Collection will probably be the last chance for you to grab the older sculpts. Let's hope this directive doens't last long. There are so many phenomenal sculpts that most collectors have never seen that deserve to be in an adult "Saga Legends" line too.)

Question: What happened to Cin Drallig figure you said you were trying to get in the line, that you mentioned in a Q&A dated the WEEK OF APRIL 27th, 2010? You said it was original scheduled for 2011, but then slipped to 2012. So it's 2013 and there is still no sign of him. I just want to know if you are still trying to release him. [If you saw this question addressed anywhere else, please know it originated here at JTA - there were a ton of eavesdroppers during our Q&A session. :) ]

ANSWER: Not right now, but he is planned for the future. Derryl then let it slip that something very similar to the TARGET exclusive Geonosis Arena Showdown sets, like a 2.0 of sorts, might be forthcoming and this would be the place to release Cin Drallig. This made us extremely happy because we think the Geonosis Arena Showdown sets are some of the best exclusives ever made by Hasbro. Fans of Episode II have reason to be happy! (Editor's Note: I could have sworn Derryl say that the Geonosian Arena Showdown sets might actually be coming back, but I totally went blank if on whether he actually said that or if I just wanted to hear him say that.)

Question: Is a 6" dewback, 6" tauntaun or 6" speeder possible now that we are getting figures in this scale?

ANSWER: Hasbro will take a "we'll see" approach on this. If the line is a success they will have no problem producing companion pieces like these (likely will be exclusives) if the market warrants it. So it looks like we will be the ones determining whether we'lls ee these or not, so be sure and support the line if you do!

Question: Will older, rare and high-demand TVC figures like Bastila Shan get circulated anytime in the foreseeable future?

ANSWER: Give them time. (Editor's Note: I was told "no" by one Hasbro rep and "we'll see" by another and probably not by who you think said what. Take that as you'd like.)

Question: Will Hasbro be re-releasing additional TVC-styled vehicles?

ANSWER: By now you have seen JTA's Toy Fair coverage.

Question: Any chance we can see action figure stands re-released either through an online distributor ot through the Hasbro website?

ANSWER: No. They didn't sell anywhere near the pace we needed them to so what's been produced is all that will be made.

Question: I only collect figures of Jedi. When will we see some Jedi character debuts?

ANSWER: Stay tuned. Next year may be the year for you.

Question: How will the merger with Disney and Episode 7 affect the future of the line? (There were about a half dozen questions like this.)

ANSWER: It's too early to comment on the new Star Wars film and/or how the Disney merger will affect the Star Wars line. (We figured as much.)

Question: Since Darth Revan and Bastila Shan did well and won in previous Fans' Choice polls, is it a possibility for Hasbro to release new Knights of the Old Republic figures?

ANSWER: These figures are not planned for the immediate future. They could be Black Series candidates if the line takes off, but right now Hasbro is focusing on the most iconic and emotionally connecting figures in the Star Wars saga. So it's possible down the road.

Question: It was mentioned once that 2013 collectors can expect to see a smattering of cantina patrons in the lineup. Is that still a plan or has that been changed?

ANSWER: Hasbro is trying to sprinkle them in the line for the Black Series, but don't expect a hoard of them to be released in the line.

Question: Is Ziro the Hutt coming?

ANSWER: No. The animated The Clone Wars line is done.

Question: Are there any plans to update Bespin Lando?


Question: Can we get a "greatest hits" of The Clone Wars line before it's done?

ANSWER: No. The animated TCW line is done. Only realistic versions of these characters with 5 points of articulation will be coming from here on out. (Editor's Note: I pleaded with Derryl to do this but he is convinced it would be suicide for the line, simply based on the ratings of the show. He and the people above him don't want to put any more eggs in their basket. It's a kid supported line and there are not enough collectors out there to support buying super-articulated versions of these characters. I basically told him that I beg to differ and I think Hasbro is making a huge mistake. But I don't have any power folks. Sorry. I tried.)

Question UPDATE: Regarding the Naboo Starfighter

ANSWER: I found a note in my Q&A that reads "give them time with the Naboo Starfighter" but because I was functioning on 4 hours of sleep, was starving and tired from standing in one position for hours on end, I have no good memory of what that note meant to me or how it affects the Naboo Starfighter, if it does at all. I believe I stroke up a conversation about them doing something similar for the Naboo Starfighter as they did with the Mandalorian vehicle at TRU for Black Friday, but I honestly can't recall any more than that. Sorry folks. I will try to follow up on this question at a later date.


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