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Hasbro: Your Questions Answered!!! - PART 2

Posted by Paul | February 10, 2013 at 07:58 PM ET

We went straight to Hasbro for answers to all your burning questions. This is the belated PART 2! PART 3 coming tomorrow with some BIG QUESTIONS! Make sure you come back! You may not like all the answers, but this is what they told us! Click through to see what they told us!

Question: Can you tell me the characters Hasbro will release in the 3.75" scale of the Black Series line.

ANSWER: By now you have seen our coverage on this topic.

Question: Why is there no wrist and knee articulation on action figures such as Clone Captain Rex phase 2, Clone Commander Wolffe phase 2 and Republic Commando Boss?

ANSWER: This was already answered in our Celebration VI coverage. These figures aren't for you. They're for kids and figures in the kids' line going forward will only come with 5 points of articulation. Thankfully Hasbro has also reduced the price for these types of figures all the way down to $5.99 which brings us back in time to the POTF2 era pricing (almost). This is a great thing. Updated and in scale sculpts that looks great, but less articulated. Also of note, no more animated figures will be coming into the line. You'll only see "realistically styled" figures from here on out.

Question: Is an updated wampa a possibility?

ANSWER: Good question! It's not in the works but a strong possibility.

Question: When are they going to release the ROTJ AT-AT (TVC) in the USA?

ANSWER: At the moment, the TVC Endor AT-AT is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release date.

Question: Why are some figures continually packed only one per case even after sales demonstrated those figures are quite popular, meanwhile the rest of the case clogs the pegs?

ANSWER: Forecasting is not as easy as you think. Hasbro gave us a 2007 TAC anniversary example. "Wave 1 comes out with a Galactic Marine and that great army builder is meant to come in future cases to give collectors a chance to army build them." And this is the way it worked for this era. The forecasting for Episode I (3D) was way out there and didn't fit the needs of the collector climate. When things don't proceed as planned, the back-up happens and the bottlenecking all but stops the line like it did in 2012. The goal is to never allow the line to experience this again. Also, the figures that you see continually, with a few exceptions had continued to sell through and Hasbro needs to keep core characters in the line.

Question: I want the Build A Droid figures. How long can I expect to wait, what format will they come in and at what price?

ANSWER: Hasbro is adamant about getting out the planned Build A Droid figures out to the market and they're convinced they are close to strking a deal with a major retailer to secure their release. They definitely WILL NOT be coming in the Black Series line in any capacity. But stay tuned! (For the record, the price tag for figures including droid parts would be much too high and collectors probably wouldn't buy them anyhow.)

Question: Please bring back The Vintage Collection, vehicles and figures?

ANSWER: The Vintage Collection is lovingly on hold. Hasbro doesn't know when The Vintage Collection will return.

Question: Will the Naboo Starfighter ever be available in stores in the USA?

ANSWER: Hasbro doesn't know. (They don't know what's stuck in the Area 51 Chino warehouse.)

Question: Are we any closer to getting an all-new Max Rebo band based on the original version of ROTJ?

ANSWER: Hasbro is still basing the sales of the 2007 TAC Walmart exclusives as the reason to not update the Max Rebo band. A first time ever puppet version of Sy Snootles is just not any closer for us.

Question: Are there going to be any more ASTROMECH DROIDS this year other than The Clone Wars and 6" Black Series R2-D2?

ANSWER: No astromechs are planned for the Black Series line. The cancelled Build A Droids planned will be coming in an unannounced exclusive. This will be announced ASAP.

Question: The last time JTA had a question session with you (Hasbro), you said that more The Old Republic figures are planned. Can you tell us which ones?

ANSWER: No more figures are planned from The Old Republic.

Question: What is going to happen to the Mara Jade Fans' Choice figure?

ANSWER: It's coming in the second wave of the Black Series line.

Question: Is there going to be a mail-away exclusive for 2013?


Question: Will new Republic Gunships be released in the Class 2 vehicles line? (Also asked: "Will a whole bunch of various TCW figures be released?")

ANSWER: The Republic Gunship is much too large for the Class II assortment. A TRU exclusive is coming out this year. (It's in out Toy Fair coverage.)

Question: Are there any plans to bring back the Comic Packs sub-line, or a steady selection of Expanded Universe characters?

ANSWER: No. (Editor's Note: We have it on good word that Hasbro has a complete line of Comic Packs sets ready to go that are just not planned for any line in the foreseeable future.) **


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