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Hasbro: Your Questions Answered!!! - PART 1

Posted by Paul | February 09, 2013 at 09:22 PM ET

We went straight to Hasbro for answers to all your burning questions. This is PART 1 and we plan to post PART 2 as soon as possible. (So stay tuned). You may not like all the answers, but this is what they told us! Click through to see what they told us!

Question: How long will The Vintage Collection "Greatest Hits" cases ship and be in circulation?

ANSWER: They begin shipping March 2013 and should be on shelves until the Fall 2013 reset, presumably August 2013.

Question: Regarding reduced articulation for Star Wars TCW 2012 line, will this trend continue into 2013 if TCW line continues? And will it continue into 2013.

ANSWER: If TCW characters are brought into the collector-focused line, they will be realistic and come super-articulated. Animated TCW figures are no longer being made. There will be no more The Clone Wars figures as you've known it the last 5 years.


Would Hasbro be open to the idea of a making some generic plastic walls that are two sided, so collectors could line them up and have a cool mini diorama? Each set could come with a pair of army builders or something. Each wall would be 5-6" tall, and 8-10" long. Death Star Wall, 2-sided

- Stormtrooper (repack)
- Imperial Navy Commander (repack)

Tantive IV Wall, 2-sided
- Rebel Fleet Trooper (repack w/ new head)
- Rebel Astromech (NEW!)

If Hasbro could work out a deal with a place like TRU, I think these would be very, very popular. You'd instantly have multiple sales from people that want to army build and set up scenes - they would be modular really, and people could line them up, zig zag them, etc... and for every handful of collectors who may shrug at this, there's a diorama builder out there who will gobble these up in multiples... if these aren't cheaply made, but could be affordable for us at retail in the $25-$30 range and were made from PLASTIC and with good army builders, this seems like an easy win for Hasbro.

ANSWER: No. They would not persue something like this. They want to focus on making better figures as well as make interesting multipacks like the Ewok Catapult and Imperial Scanning Crew sets.

Question: What about Jabba's Sail Bage?

ANSWER: They are not working on this, nor will it be something they can consider in the future. It would cost more money than than average collector has.

Question: When will TVC return so I can start collecting again?

ANSWER: Hasbro loves and supports The Vintage Collection and its inevitable return. Now is the time to find affection for the new Black Series line. This has been especially created for us and contains the classic 3.75" figures as well as the new 6" scale. There are some impressive figures coming in he future.

Question: What does the future hold for the Build A Droid concept?

ANSWER: (We suggested maybe including parts in the Class I and even Class II assortments and they were open to that idea.) Hasbro loves the Build A Droid concept and would love to be able to cost it out in sme way but that just isn't feasible any more. So we will not see it return in the basic figure line probablye ever again. They will need to release Build A Droids in a completely different medium to make it affordable to all.

Question: What will happen to the Yoda line look?


Question: Will we see the last wave of Movie Heroes (red Darth Maul packaging)?

ANSWER: The only products that we have seen so far will be released in the Yoda line look. No new products will be coming. (GalacticHunter.com has reported that the Movie Heroes and The Clone Wars lines that were seen at Comic Con are not coming to America, but that isn't what I was told at all. So I don't know how to properly answer this question.) Jeff told us that these should be ins stores very shortly. Jeff also told us however that the fourth wave of red TPM 3D "Darth Maul" Movie Heroes figures came out in extremely small quantities too, but we don't think that's accurate at all.

Question: Does the TVC Slave I come with any extras?

ANSWER: Yes. It comes with a new Han Solo in carbonite accessory and this exclusive should retail for less than $100.

Question: The Movie Heroes line barely had a chance to sit at retail and make a splash. It seems that the light-up figures in particular didn't get to everyone who wanted to buy them. Wiull they be coming in the new Saga Legends line?

ANSWER: Light-up figures may be going away. There are European union battery lawas that state that batteries must be installed that they can be replaced. America doesn't have this regulation. So, future American exclusives may be the only place to release these figures going forward. For instance, the revisisted "Birth of Darth Vader" set comes with the Movie Heroes light-up Darth Vader figure.

Question: Will Hasbro Q&A sessions come back?

ANSWER: No. It's too labor-intensive and not enough staff are available to keep this going and give collectors meaningful answers.

Question: Will EU and TCW figures be included in the Black Series 6-inch line or will it only include film characters?

ANSWER: Classic characters from the films are only under consideration at the moment for the 6" Black Series line. Depending upon how successful the line is, Hasbro may consider heading to the Expanded Universe for the line.

Question: How will Hasbro ensure that the first wave of the 3.75" Black Series line won't inundate and clog store shelves?

ANSWER: The inaugral wave of Black Series will be shipped in significantly smaller quantities to ensure that the following waves can arrive to retail every 6-8 weeks. Hasbro will be keepig a short eash on this to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Phantom Menace 3D line was so overcast that expectations didn't come close to meeting demand.

Question: Will Hasbro carry-forward any hard to find The Vintage Collection figures into the Black Series line to give collectors another chance at figures like Ponda Baba and Bastila Shan?

ANSWER: No, the Black Series line will not contain repeat figures. Except for a few repaints, this line is dedicated to all-new sculpts and Hasbro will do everything possible to ensure that the line will do its best to maintain an all-new tooling budget. Hasbro is also intent on keeping the MSRP for 3.75" Black Series at $9.99. It is possible however for figures like Bastila Shan and Ponda Baba to come out in other ways, but right now we have no plans to revisit releasing these figures again.

Question: Is there anything special planned for the 30th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi?

ANSWER: The Ewok Catapult (....laughs) No, nothing "special" is planned for the 30th anniversary of Episode VI.


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