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Life-Size Busts

Bossk - Life-Size Busts

Name: Bossk
Number: Item #2916
Edition Size: 250
Scale: Life-Size Busts
Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Availability: December 2007
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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A surly Trandoshan from the Kashyyyk system's second habitable world, Trandosha, Bossk's predatory ways are those of his people- natural hunters and carnivores who have plagued their neighbouring Wookiees for centuries. Like all his kind, Bossk harbors a deep dislike of the hairy humanoids and bears a longstanding grudge against Chewbacca in particular, who has evaded and bested him many times since their paths first crossed. While Han Solo was Boba Fett's mark during the hunt that lead to Bespin, Bossk accepts Lord Vader's assignment out of hunger to take another shot at the Corellian's Wookiee co-pilot.

Though a bounty hunter of equal renown to the famous Boba Fett, Bossk has not enjoyed the same success as his Mandalorian rival, shaping him into a bitter and grizzled opportunist rather than the prestigious tracker he always aspired to be. Prior to accepting the Millennium Falcon job from Darth Vader, Bossk has collected a dozen bounties for the Empire, running down fugitives of Imperial Justice without conscience or pause.

On occasion he has teamed up with other hunters to help retrieve a mark, but the toothy reptilian prefers to work alone whenever possible. Bossk typically packs a modified blaster rifle and navigates the galaxy in his heavily armored and gunned up transport, the Hound's Tooth. With its interior decked out in the skins of his captures and other grim trophies, the macabre vessel is every bit as brutish and unsophisticated as the bounty hunter himself.

Sideshow Collectibles wins hands down when it comes to wowing collectors the most. Not all of their products are universally affordable, and as a direct result of this, most people miss out on the opportunity to own these fine collectibles. When Sideshow Collectibles announced that they were going to be making 1:1 scale Life-Size Busts, many fans starting drooling immediately. Known for their unbelievable craftsmanship and attention to detail, whatever characters they decided to produce would always be amazing works of art. Enough said. As far as their choice of characters? They started off the life with Darth Maul, and it was a smash hit with a very alarming and perfect likeness of the onscreen villain. Then they went slightly off course and brought us one of the most popular cantina aliens, but strange for a collectible of this magnitude. Greedo made collectors very happen. For the third release, Sideshow went back to the “main character” bag and pulled out Yoda, and it was another fine example of the magic they can pull off in this line. Their fourth choice? Sideshow decided to go with Bossk, and it became quite an incredible collectible.

Bossk was certainly an interesting choice for the Life-Size Bust line. But we’re honestly quite surprised that it came before Boba Fett or even IG-88 for that matter. One thing is for sure, however. Bossk is an amazingly sculpted and painted piece. Despite the finished product looking a little too glossy, Bossk has exceeded our expectations on what Sideshow can being to collectors in this scale. The sculptors decided to show off the teeth in Bossk’s mouth, and you’ll find rows of sharp and even teeth, especially in the lower jaw. These jagged teeth contrast against a smooth pink tongue. Bossk’s reptilian eyes were also perfectly replicated. He has simple eyes, so it wasn’t hard for Sideshow to replicate them. But it’s nice to know that they have mastered this easy detail. The scaly skin detail is so well done it stupefies us, and if we didn’t know better, we’d think this was real reptilian skin. Life-Size Busts are really about the 3D rendering of the portrait, but we do get a sampling of his outfit. When this Life-Size Bust was first announced, collectors clamored that Bossk’s outfit was yellow and not black. This is true, but the portion that is visible on this bust was brown per the stills and Sideshow made it brown on the bust

We would have loved to see a lot more of his costume replicated on this bust, but they do tease of with the ribbed bib on the front of his uniform. It is shadowy and uneven and is relatively clean, but that’s the way it was in the film. Perhaps one detail that impresses us the most on the Bossk Life-Size Bust is the ribbed collar. Sideshow has effortlessly cast this detail in polystone. It seems that it would have been easier to cast it from some plastic, but it’s part of the one piece bust. It’s colored in that standard brick red which tends to make Bossk look more like a pet than a mean bounty hunter, but we love it nonetheless. Some have criticized that Bossk is a little too green. We would side with those comments, but unless the mask is directly in front of us, do we know the exact shade of anything in the Star Wars universe? Bossk sits atop the standard base that Sideshow Collectibles always uses for these collectibles, and he has a nicely crafted nameplate with the Star Wars logo above it. Bossk is a resplendently statuesque work of art from Sideshow Collectibles. We know he may not be an option for many collectors. But hopefully, you can enjoy him vicariously through us via reviews like these.

Collector Notes


Summary: The life-size Bossk bust captures every pitted and weathered scale of Bossk's leathery hide, expertly reproducing the original mask used to bring life to the bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back. The Bossk is cast in fiberglass with a polystone skin, capturing all the detail of the original sculpture. The bust is mounted on a Star Wars inspired display base, including a 'Bossk' nameplate. The hand crafted, hand painted life-size Bossk bust is sure to become the centerpiece of your Star Wars or bounty hunter collection.

Announcement: The Bossk Life-Size Bust was announced on May 24, 2007 at Celebration IV in Los Angeles, CA. It quickly was followed by an online posting at the Sideshow Collectibles website on the same day.

Pre-order Information: The Bossk Life-Size Bust went up for pre-order on June 1, 2007.

UPC: 747720207950

Date Stamp: 2007

Retail: $499.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: April 17, 2011
Category: Life-Size Busts
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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