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Anniversary Collection

Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) - TBS [L50] - Six Inch Figures (Exclusive)

Name: Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4)
Collection: The Black Series [Lucasfilm 50]
Number: N/A (Hasbr Pulse Exclusive)
Scale: 6"
Source: A New Hope
Availability: December 2021
License: Hasbro

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Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50005 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50006 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50007 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50008
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Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50013 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50014 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50015 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50016
Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50017 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50018 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50019 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50020
Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50021 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50022 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50023 Review_PrincessLeiaOrganaYavin4TBS6L50024

Commemorate the first 50 years of Lucasfilm with figures inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy!

Let’s be honest. Hasbro has not had instant success with any Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope version of Princess Leia Organa in any scale. Who can forget “Monkey” Leia in The Power Of The Force “2” line? And remember the horror that Steve Evans and company produced when the first 6-inch Princess Leia Organa got produced? Even the final production sample was horrid and quickly replaced with a seemingly better version. Hasbro hasn’t been kind to Carrie Fisher’s youthful likeness. But with time, they do make improvements. And we can say the same is true of Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4), a Hasbro Pulse exclusive. We’re not exaggerating when we claim it’s one of the year’s most excellent figures. With an accurate and beautiful likeness to Princess Leia Organa as she appeared in the final scenes of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the latest iteration of this character is an impressive accomplishment, and collectors will adore what Hasbro did with this figure. Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) comes with a gorgeous soft-goods gown, a removable silver belt, and a stunning portrait. Let’s take a closer look at the newness this figure brings to The Black Series 6-inch line.

Based on 2016’s The Black Series [Phase III] Princess Leia Organa (30) figure, Hasbro implemented a lot of newness into Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4), and the reused parts are barely noticeable this time around. The figure comes with a new, striking portrait, new forearms, an all-new torso, new lower legs, and a new soft-goods gown that Hasbro perfectly cut out of a light fabric with a lovely drape. Hasbro tooled an all-new and removable silver belt that hugs the figure’s delicate waist closely, and it’s accessible to remove and refasten it to the figure for alternate looks. Hasbro tooled a new right forearm to implement a silver bracelet on the figure’s arm. Also, the torso is entirely new, and they also tooled a permanent silver necklace which is screen-accurate to the on-screen character. The new parts completely disguise the figure’s original reused tooling. It’s almost impossible to see this figure as a retool, even though many aspects of it are reused here. Together, old and new mix producing a long-awaited character for The Black Series 6-inch line, and it comes in unique packaging to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Coincidentally, the packaging is the one aspect of this figure we are NOT happy about. In all honesty, we’re pretty over the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm Ltd. It’s time to move on from this commemorative release line and get back to the mainline. Hasbro, along with some bozos from the community, decided to place Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) on a green The Power Of The Force “2” [Red/Green] card. This packaging style is incorrect. In 1999, Hasbro changed The Power Of The Force “2” line’s card style, and collectors refer to it as the “FlashBack/CommTech” phase of the line, where the card featured a “starburst” like pattern. The greens were darker and intermixed with black detail and a pack-in premium in place of the character photo. Check out the comparison picture in our Photo Gallery. You can see how off the card art is compared to the original release. We’re very disappointed to see Hasbro miss this hugely important detail. Also, we’re not crazy about the “holographic” quality of the card. It isn’t easy to make out the cards’ images, artwork, and writing. Why couldn’t Hasbro do without the shimmery finish? It’s distracting and doesn’t look good. It’s a deterrent to collectors, and we hope they abandon this with future releases.

Collector Notes

Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4)

Status: Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) is a retool and repaint 2016's TBS [P3] Princess Leia Organa (30) figure. This time the figure comes with an all-new portrait, all-new forearms, an all-new torso, and all-new lower legs. Hasbro also gave the figure new soft goods and a new belt. Lastly, Hasbro completely repainted the figure.

Articulation Count: 30 points (19 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), hinge-jointed neck (1), ball-jointed left shoulder (2), ball-jointed right shoulder (2), swivel left bicep (1), swivel right bicep (1), double hinge-jointed left elbow (2), double hinge-jointed right elbow (2), ball-jointed left wrist (2), ball-jointed right wrist (2), ball-jointed torso (2), ball-socket left hip (1), ball-socket right hip (1), swivel left thigh (1), swivel right thigh (1), double hinge-jointed left knee (2), double hinge-jointed right knee (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" left ankle (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" right ankle (2)

Accessory Count: 2

Accessory Details: Yavin medal, removable belt

Date Stamp: N/A

Assortment Number: F1264

UPC: 5010993903368

Retail: $24.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

The Black Series [Phase IV]

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Added: December 22, 2021
Category: Black Series [Anniversary Collection], The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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