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The Black Series Archive

Scout Trooper - TBSA - Six Inch Figures

Name: Scout Trooper
Collection: The Black Series Archive
Number: N/A
Scale: 6"
Source: Return Of The Jedi
Availability: June 2019
License: Hasbro

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Scout troopers are lightly armored compared with other stormtroopers, which allows them to move more quickly and easily in a range of environments.

Admittedly, Hasbro is doing a great job creating the assortments for The Black Series Archive line. There will obviously be some figures that get pursued by collectors more than others, but overall we think that Hasbro is choosing a great balance of characters, and updating them beautifully to look better than they ever have. Originally part of 2014’s TBS [P2] Speeder Bike With Biker Scout Deluxe set (which performed terribly by the way when originally offered), the renamed Scout Trooper gets its first single-packaged release in The Black Series Archive line. Hasbro updated the paint operations making it closer to screen-accuracy this time. There is a greater use of “grays” on this release and the Scout Trooper has a softer appearance when compared to the harsher black and white original version. Some things not enhanced include the micro blaster which fits nicely into the holster on his right boot but looks ridiculously small when added to his hand. We’re not sure how many 6” collectors army-build like 3.75” collectors, but the re-release of this figure might give them a reason to start.

The Scout Trooper has a wonderfully fantastic sculpt, and the paint job is remarkably excellent. You’ll find a few spots of rust or dirt accumulating in the chest area and well as a good portion of his boots. And the gray storage pockets stand out from the rest of the uniform. All of the deco Hasbro applied to this figure is firmly in place which is a great thing. Hasbro manufactured the original Biker Scout in a terrible quality of plastic. This release feels stronger, but it isn’t perfect. What’s nice about this release is that the Scout Trooper doesn’t have any “stretched out” joints like the Deluxe version. But that’s because this version of the character isn’t seated on a Speeder Bike. Still, the focus of our outrage is the figure’s blaster pistol. Not only is it too tiny, but it fits terribly in his hands. And it still looks like the trigger guard is at risk for breakage because of how thin the plastic is. Hasbro still has some quality control issues with the Scout Trooper, but overall, this version is an enhancement of the older version. We wish that that Hasbro would tighten up all of the things that were wrong with previous versions before re-releasing them.

The Scout Trooper is an excellent figure despite its faults. It can be posed in a variety of ways thanks to its excellent articulation system. He can attain most poses that can be seen in Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi as well as a ton of other “off-screen” stylistic positions as well. We always hoped that Hasbro would repackage this figure singly in the basic 6” lineup, and they have, in a roundabout way (The Black Series Archive line). Scout Troopers are exciting to have multiples of in your collection. They fall under the same category as Gamorrean Guards and Imperial Royal Guards. The Scout Trooper might now wow you like the former, but it’s nice to see this 6” figure released again in the line. We wonder if Hasbro will one day give collectors other characters to interact with the Scout Trooper. Where are the Ewoks? Where are Luke Skywalker And Princess Leia Organa in their respective Endor gear. It doesn’t seem like we’re anywhere close to getting relevant characters to join the Scout Trooper in 6” scale. And that’s a terrible shame. In the meantime, enjoy the re-release of the Scout Trooper. It’s an imperfect release, but it’s still a fun figure.

Collector Notes

Scout Trooper

Status: Scout Trooper is a repaint of the figure from 2014's TBS [P2] Speeder Bike With Biker Scout Deluxe set.

Articulation Count: 28 points (17 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), hinge-jointed neck (1) ball-jointed left shoulder (2), ball-jointed right shoulder (2), double hinge-jointed left elbow (2), double hinge-jointed right elbow (2), ball-jointed left wrist (2), ball-jointed right wrist (2), ball-jointed torso (2), ball-socket left hip (1), ball-socket right hip (1), swivel left thigh (1), swivel right thigh (1), double hinge-jointed left knee (2), double hinge-jointed right knee (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" left ankle (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" right ankle (2)

Accessory Count: 1

Accessory Details: blaster pistol

Date Stamp: N/A

Assortment Number: E4044/E3253

UPC: 630509837229

Retail: $19.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

The Black Series Archives Wave 2

Anakin Skywalker

Darth Maul

Scout Trooper


Added: June 26, 2019
Category: Black Series Archive, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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