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Episode I

Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset - EI - Creatures

Name: Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset
Collection: Episode I
Number: N/A (International Exclusive)
Source: The Phantom Menace
Availability: June 2000
License: Hasbro

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Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI017 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI018 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI019 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI020
Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI021 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI022 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI023 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI024
Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI025 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI026 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI027 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI028
Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI029 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI030 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI031 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI032
Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI033 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI034 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI035 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI036
Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI037 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI038 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI039 Review_AmmoWagonAndFalumpasetEI040

The Gungan ammo wagon is hauled by a powerful falumpaset creature to the field of combat. Its load of energy balls is unleashed on the army of Trade Federation droids, ripping a hole through the ranks of their heavy armor.

The Episode I line experienced a backlog. Honest collectors have no issue conceding that Hasbro produced way too many products for the Episode I toy line. It was difficult for most of us to keep up with the line. Because of the backlog of all Episode I products, a few of the best figures, vehicles, and creatures never made it to retail shelves. Take for instance the Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset two-pack. This might be the nicest creature set of all, and it never made it to the USA at all. An international exclusive, collectors who wanted it resorted to aftermarket channels like eBay to secure this stunning piece for their collections. Part of the Creature Assortment, the Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset pairs a key weapon the Gungans utilized during the Battle of Naboo and as well as one of the coolest-looking aliens alongside it. The wonderful feature here is that the Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset pieces are separate. And one doesn’t connect to the other via plugs and holes. The Ammo Wagon merely lays on top of the Falumpaset’s hump and pulls it along like a beast of burden. Interestingly, it’s a bit difficult to find the Falumpasets in the Battle of Naboo. They’re there, but it takes some concentrations to see them. They’re more prominently featured at the celebration at the end of the film. (They’re not dragging Ammo Wagons in the final scenes, however.)

The Falumpaset is a beautiful creature. It’s similar in structure to the Eopie, but possesses a much “warmer” face, almost as if it resembles a cow, whereas the Eopie’s head design mimics the design of an anteater. The Falumpaset only comes with four points of articulation including two swivel shoulders and two swivel hips, but like most creatures of burden, the Falumpaset walks on all four legs. Hasbro tooled the Falumpaset in a slight action stance. Its legs are in a semi-walking mode, but most of the legs are flat to the surface. More importantly, the Falumpaset has a stunning paint job. Hasbro’s been doing a fantastic job on painting the figures and creatures in the Episode I line. The Falumpaset is no exception. With a primarily light beige or tan colored body, the Falumpaset is accented with browns, both streaks, and speckles, to bring the creature’s characteristics to life. Also, Hasbro gave the Falumpaset “soft-goods” reins that hang down from the bit on its mouth, which gives this part of the figure much-needed flexibility. There is a piece from the Ammo Wagon fitting to the contour of the Falumpaset’s back with a hole in the center for its hump. This part lies on top of the Falumpaset and allows the creature to pull the Ammo Wagon to wherever it’s needed most. The interaction between creature and weapon is flawless here. Hasbro should be proud of what they’ve accomplished here.

The Ammo Wagon might be the best part of the Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset set, however. Its design is stunning. Although imperfect as a collector’s piece, the Ammo Wagon is a toy that will appeal to both kids and collectors thanks to its collector-friendly design, and kid-friendly play features. Made up of wheels, a “cockpit” for the Gungan Warrior, and the storage area for extra energy balls, the Ammo Wagon is exquisitely detailed and copies the onscreen CGI prop perfectly. Sadly, the included Gungan Warrior is not removable from the Ammo Wagon, and the figure only exists in the form of “waist up” only. You can make the Gungan Warrior “fire” the energy ball cannon. You can also have him raise and lower the battle cesta (which is made from durable plastic this time). The cannon on top of the Ammo Wagon fires an energy ball projectile, and a second one is included which you can place in the bed of the Ammo Wagon for future use. There are two foot pegs on the rear of the Ammo Wagon, and this is a nice feature if you’re looking to create an action-packed diorama scene. It’s a terrible shame that the Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset did not make its way to the USA. It is easily in the top 5 best products released in the Episode I line. We’d love to see an update made to this creature based on the closing scenes of Episode I, but we’d imagine that will never happen.

Collector Notes

Ammo Wagon And Falumpaset

Assortment Number: 84358

UPC: 07693084358X

Retail: $19.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Ammo Wagon

Status: Ammo Wagon is an all-new accessory.

Features Count: 4

Feature Details: launch an energy ball at invading Trade Federation forces, wagon holds extra ammo for battle, Gungan warrior raises and lowers battle cesta and fires energy ball, warrior foot-stand

Accessory Count: 2

Accessory Details: 2 energy balls

Date Stamp: 2000


Status: Falumpaset is an all-new crature.

Articulation Count: 4 points (4 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: swivel left shoulder (1), swivel right shoulder (1), swivel left hip (1), swivel right hip (1)

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2000

Episode I

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Added: May 24, 2019
Category: Episode I
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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