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30 (77-07)

Tri-Droid - TAC - Basic (08 05)

Name: Tri-Droid
Collection: 30 (77-07)
Number: 08 05
Source: Revenge Of The Sith*
Availability: February 2008
License: Hasbro

*The Tri-Droid technically made its first appearance in Tartakovky's Clone Wars.


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Character Profile


Tripodal assault droid


Armored cavalry

Weapon of Choice

Variable, from blasters to artillery


Manufactured by the Techno Union

Infinitely scalable and highly versatile, tri-droids in various forms saw combat on a number of worlds during the Clone Wars. Most were sized to integrate seamlessly into the Droid Army ranks, but their efficiency of design allowed for even more massive versions that towered over the forces of the Republic.

Hasbro is always good for throwing in a non-standard action figure in the basic line here and there. But when it came to one of the last waves of figures in the 30 (77-07) line, we got two; the Mustafar Panning Droid and this Tri-Droid. The Tri-Droid is pretty atypical indeed, but it was a desired action figure and Hasbro executed it with incredible precision and authenticity that not many regular action figures receive. One of the things about this droid that perhaps many fans don’t know is that it is named incorrectly. We pretty much have a false sense of security with Hasbro naming action figures properly, but they goofed again here. This droid is actually the Octuptarra Tri-Droid. (Editor’s Note: Yes, the large-sized Octuptarra Droid that was released as a Walmart exclusive is incorrectly named too and is actually the true Tri-Droid.) Interestingly, the droid’s first appearance was in Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars in Volume 2 Chapter 23 and not in one of the Prequel films. How is that for “retconning”? But these droids did have a prominent role in the Battle of Utapau and tried their hardest to defeat the 212th Attack Battalion under Clone Commander Cody’s strong leadership.

The Tri-Droid action figure is expertly crafted. It comes unassembled in the package (which is also bigger to house its bulbous body and extremely long legs). Hasbro packed a great deal of articulation into this figure. We lost count but it has at least 17 points of completely usable and important points of movement. You can configure the droid in an array of positions and it may just be one of the most versatile action figures we have received. But due to its size, we are prompted to consider this toy even as a small vehicle. It completely dwarfs all of the other figures in the wave and it really has an impressive stature when you display it fully drawn. The Tri-Droid has a beautiful paint job! (Remember the days of awesome paint jobs? Sigh….) The finest of details are well painted and the colors bring out the sculpted artwork on this figure’s body. It is quite a sight to behold. If you’re looking to build up your Battle on Utapau dioramas, this figure is a must-have, but if you’re not really a fan of the various Separatist droids out there, then this may be a figure that you’ll want to skip. But we think that would be a mistake. This is one awesome droid and if you’re a droid fan, this is a droid you’ll want to be looking for.

Apparently the figure was a great seller because Hasbro quickly reissued it (again in a card back with a bubble bigger than all other figures in the line) in the 2008 TLC Saga Legends line which also sold through very quickly. Figures based on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith have always been strong sellers and it makes sense because Hasbro has made all of the action figures based on this source very well. Hasbro hasn’t been afraid to branch out from the norm and take chances on characters that aren’t humanoid in form. The Tri-Droid was certainly a risky figure to make work in the basic figure line, but we are thankful for Hasbro taking a chance on it because it has been rewarding in every sense of the word. It was great that they forced this figure into the $6.99 price point because you do really get a lot of sculpted genius here for the cost of a standard basic figure. Fans may want to know that a repainted version of the Tri-Droid was quickly issued in the Battle On Mygeeto Battle Packs set (the very last set in the 30 (77-07) line). We recommend getting both because they are both unique and both are excellent figures for your collections. We hope Hasbro continues to takes these “risks” and get more figures like this to us again in the basic figure line. We wait with eager anticipation!

Collector Notes


Status: Tri-Droid is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 16 points

Articulation Details: 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 hinge-jointed elbows, ball-jointed torso, 2 swivel hips, 2 hinge-jointed knees

Accessory Count: None (Tri-Droid disassembles into 4 parts)

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2007

Assortment Number: 87545/87500

UPC: 653569289746

Retail: $6.99

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


30 (77-07) Wave 10 (2008 Wave 1)
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Darth Vader (08 02)
Commander Gree (08 03)
Kashyyyk Trooper (08 04)
Tri-Droid (08 05)
2-1B (Surgical Droid) (08 06)
Po Nudo (08 07)
Mustafar Panning Droid (08 08)

Added: May 10, 2010
Category: 30 (77-07)
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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