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Forces Of Destiny

Rey Of Jakku - FOD - Basic Figures

Name: Rey Of Jakku
Collection: Forces Of Destiny
Number: N/A
Scale: 11-Inch Figures
Source: Forces Of Destiny
Availability: August 2017
License: Hasbro

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She is brave, true to her friends, and stands up for what she believes in!

Hasbro appears to be making the most out of repeating main characters in the Forces Of Destiny line. But in all fairness, if a character exists in multiple outfits, how can you fault the brand for not taking advantage of that. What’s most interesting to us however is that so far all of the Forces Of Destiny sculpts are pretty much all-new. We’re sure hands, forearms, and upper legs get legitimately reused in one way or another, but for the most part Hasbro has taken a “from the ground up” approach with this line. it seems to be paying off in spades. Rey from The Force Awakens has two unique offerings. The first is this basic figure release as she appeared in the opening scenes of Episode VII. The second, a more deluxe type of offering has her in her “Resistance Base” outfit and paired with BB-8 as well as different accessories. The Forces Of Destiny doll line is definitely a departure from the show in that these figures have a collective likeness: Star Wars versions of Bratz or High School High figures. They don’t really look like the two-dimensional characters portrayed in the show. That’s alright however. The high quality doll line allows us to rest easy that Hasbro is committed to making excellent figures for a new audience. Forces Of Destiny does this with relative ease. Rey Of Jakku is of the same caliber as all other dolls in this line and is sure to be a hit for those young girls who loved Episode VII. This line may open up a new world for girls who might not have given Star Wars a second glance.

Forces Of Destiny is definitely approached in a way to appear to young girls. The figures in this line meet all the definitions of that market: rooted hair, interchangeable clothing, cutesy “animal” accessories and mixed media to give the dolls a life of their own, whether it be soft-goods clothing or molded plastic outfits. Forces Of Destiny captures the best of both worlds and hopefully with a corresponding media event (the Forces Of Destiny shorts on YouTube), the line will blossom into something that parents and children can enjoy today while staying within the boundaries of the Star Wars universe. Eleven inches in scale and full of articulation and fine workmanship, Forces Of Destiny gives us hope that young female Star Wars fans may have a new interest with collecting. Most Forces Of Destiny figures come with 20 points of articulation. There is premium articulation in the upper body mostly. But you will find other places with ball-jointed articulation like the knees for example. These dolls possess uniqueness when compared to one another, even beyond their outfits and accessories. You can “tell” Rey Of Jakku is ‘Rey Of Jakku’. The animated likeness is still a likeness that favors Daisy Ridley. Aside from her freckles being a little too accentuated, we think Hasbro did a fine job on this figures sculpt and paint job. And her outfit has been brilliantly contrived as well. There was a deliberate goal to match all the details perfectly from the onscreen character.

Rey Of Jakku also comes with some cool accessories including a removable backpack and a staff (with a removable strap). Many components of her outfit are removable too like her soft-goods clothing, lower skirt, sleeves, bracelet and boots. There are so many parts here you have to question how Hasbro can cost it all out here, especially when they are so stingy when it comes to accessories with The Black Series 6” line. The Forces Of Destiny figures are unique sculpts but et come with a plethora of accessories by comparison. How in the world does Hasbro cost it all out and provide so much value to the consumer? From head to toe Rey Of Jakku impresses us and we imagine that she will be a hit with the market Hasbro is trying to grab with this line. The outfits are sewn with precision and the mix of plastic and soft-goods accessories in this line are seamless in interaction. These dolls have so much going for them that it makes us wish Hasbro would restart a highly-articulated one-sixth scale figure line. If they can make figures this great for $19.99, imagine what they could do with a more realistic approach. The paint operations only seal the deal with Rey Of Jakku and they look marvelous without any overspray or application errors. We would comment that the rooted hair is a tad sloppy in spots, but overall meets the mark. Rey Of Jakku is a fine addition to the Forces Of Destiny line. We hope Hasbro continues to deliver this quality throughout the line’s tenure at retail.

Collector Notes

Rey Of Jakku

Status: Rey Of Jakku is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 20 points (12 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), ball-jointed left shoulder (2), ball-jointed right shoulder (2), ball-jointed left elbow (2), ball-jointed right elbow (2), ball-jointed left wrist (2), ball-jointed right wrist (2), swivel waist (1) (inhibited movement), swivel left hip (1), swivel right hip (1), ball-jointed left knee (2), ball-jointed right knee (2)

Accessory Count: 10

Accessory Details: removable soft-goods, removable lower skirt, left boot, right boot, backpack, removable belt, staff, staff strap, left soft-goods sleeve, right soft-goods sleeve, bracelet

Date Stamp: 2016

Assortment Number: C1622/C1621


Retail: $19.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: August 28, 2017
Category: Forces Of Destiny
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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