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1:6 Scale Figures

Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) - 1:6 Scale Figures

Name: Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise)
Collection: Militaries Of Star Wars
Number: Item #1001931
Edition Size: TBD (Exclusive) TBD (Regular)
Scale: 1:6 Scale Figures
Source: The Clone Wars (Season 2 Episode 3: Children Of The Force)
Availability: July 2015
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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"Hold it right there! You're not going anywhere, bounty hunter."

Inspired by the hit animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sideshow Collectibles is pleased to present Cad Bane in Denal Disguise from our celebrated Star Wars Sixth Scale collection.

With a hard-earned reputation as the galaxy's best bounty hunter since the fall of Jango Fett, no job is too dangerous for the notorious Cad Bane – so long as the price is right. On this mission, the diabolical Duros gunslinger is ready for a stealthy escape, disguised as Denal in his clone trooper armor and blue-streaked bucket with night vision visor. Packing an arsenal of stolen weapons, Cad Bane will do whatever it takes to slip past Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano to deliver stolen Jedi secrets into the hands of Darth Sidious and collect his reward. Expertly crafted with a full range of articulation, the Cad Bane in Denal Disguise Sixth Scale Figure is an excellent addition to any Star Wars: The Clone Wars or bounty hunter collection.

Is it Cad Bane in Denal disguise or is it just plain Clone Trooper Denal with an alternate Cad Bane portrait for added display value? That friends, is something you’ll have to decide for yourselves. Never, at least with what we can recall with our own minds, have we received a more confusing and interesting release from Sideshow Collectibles. (And all of that really depends upon your own point of view.) Based on the Season 2 episode entitled Children Of The Force from The Clone Wars television show, Sideshow Collectibles [seemingly] intentionally kills two birds with one stone by creating a beautiful 1:6 Scale Figure that can serve as either Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise), or more simply, Clone Trooper Denal (whose first appearance in the franchise can be seen in the season 1 episode Duel Of The Droids) seamlessly. No matter how you choose to display this figure in your collection, know that two screen accurate options are available to you as a collector in this one single figure package. You have to admit this was cleverness at its best. Although we think this interchangeability is wonderful, some may feel conversely that it’s an irresponsible way to get out more than one 1:6 Scale Figure out at once. We feel wary only in the fact that this may be the only way to get other Star Wars characters that might not have been made otherwise into this line. Perhaps it’s a silly fear to have, but it would be nice to know that the cubic feet of a 1:6 Scale Figure package is devoted to one Star Wars character, providing the package hasn’t been designed for an intended multipack. That beings said, Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) is a pretty sweet 1:6 Scale Figure release. And fans of The Clone Wars are going to love it.

Perhaps Sideshow Collectibles knows all too well how the sparked interest in all things clone-related is somewhat waning in this popular scale/format. Aside from the way the armor is decorated, so many of these releases are starting to feel repetitive. It’s our assessment that Sideshow may feel similarly. Thankfully, a release like Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) changes things up significantly. We are introduced to one of the most popular new characters in The Clone Wars franchise in 1:6 Scale most importantly. But there is very little new tooling Sideshow has to concern themselves with while still bringing a fresh new character to the line. What’s more, because the 1:6 Scale Figures line is based on realism (as in no figures are made in animated style), this is the first modern figure of Cad Bane in realistic style that is available on the market. How cool is that? Hasbro fans have been wishing for a realistic version of Cad Bane for years now and that has not come to pass. And it doesn’t appear as if that figure will ever be released (that’s the pessimistic side of us so please don’t take offense). It’s nice to know that Sideshow has remained alert to the requests of hardcore collectors and has catered to this need. The portrait of Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) is spectacular. It’s everything you’d expect this character to look like outside of the animated show. This Duros bounty hunter appears angry, agitated and desperate to flee the clones looking to quarantine him. There is no doubt that Sideshow Collectibles has done an incredible job on this expressive portrait. Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) is truly a beauty and it makes the same old clone looks fresh and exciting. As usual, the paint operations border on perfection and little to no detail has been left out of the flawless head sculpt and hands.

Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) utilizes the armored body type. This buck has been used so many times for so many figures in the Militaries Of Star Wars line that most of us have probably lost count at this point. The good news is the sculpt appears timeless and it has been working so well for so many characters in the 1:6 Scale line. As you know, Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) comes with a helmeted portrait. And this is the one you would utilize if you want this figure to be Clone Trooper Denal instead of the slimy bounty hunter. When completed as Denal, the figure looks as spectacular as it does as Cad Bane. So the screen accuracy couldn’t be more perfect. Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) has been accessorized generously. Besides the multiple hand and feet options, you also get two weapons, a jetpack and a backpack. There are other accessories too. All of the accessories interact flawlessly with the figure. The use of magnets has been incorporated into the jetpack. We’re in the minority about this, but we actually prefer figures in this scale with just a few hand attachments. We don’t need “fists” and “thumbs up” molds. It makes the figure too cumbersome otherwise. But between the alternate hand attaches, the interchangeable portraits and the weapons, collectors will have plenty to play with here. Let’s hope that the Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) release will mean that a regular “bounty hunter” version of Cad Bane will soon be in the mix at Sideshow Collectibles. There are so many The Clone Wars characters not being done that it really is a travesty. We hope that Sideshow Collectibles will not cease making them in the future and that they become more and more aggressive with each successive release.

Collector Notes

Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise)

Announcement Date: June 5, 2014

Pre-order Date: June 12, 2014

Status: Cad Bane (In Denal Disguise) utilizes the Armored body type.

Articulation Count: 31 points

Articulation Details: ball-socket head, ball-jointed neck, double ball-jointed shoulders, double ball-jointed elbows, double ball-jointed wrists, double ball-jointed torso, ball-jointed waist, ball-jointed hips, swivel upper thighs, double ball-jointed knees, 2 swivel shins, 2 ball-jointed ankles, 2 swivel feet

Accessory Count: 20

Accessory Details: battle weathered full body armor with 501st marking deco, detailed phase I helmet (with macro binoculars), Cad Bane Portrait, JT-12 jet pack, backpack with fabric cover, six (6) interchangeable left hands, six (5) interchangeable right hands, one (1) pair action pose interchangeable feet, DC-15A blaster rifle (with optional spear attachment), DC-15S blaster carbine

Sideshow Exclusive: Base with 501st Designation Artwork

Retail: $149.99 USD

UPC: 747720224445

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: July 16, 2015
Category: 1:6 Scale Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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