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Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) - Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures

Name: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
Type: Jumbo Kenner Vintage Figures
Number: Item No. 80335
Edition Size: Limited Edition
Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Availability: TBD 2014
License: Gentle Giant Ltd.

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When the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure line was announced and the first few figures were presented, collectors began questioning how far Gentle Giant Ltd. would be taking the line. With almost four dozen sculpted, manufactured and released by the close of 2014, there seems to be no signs that this line is slowing down. And with the introduction of more figures from the Return Of The Jedi era getting announced, it seems that Gentle Giant Ltd. is intent on making them all. A very expensive line, these aren’t your father’s action figures. Made from roto-cast vinyl, these high-end collectibles seem to cause as much controversy as they do pleasure. Some of the color matching isn’t too accurate and some of the materials utilized to recreate soft-goods don’t always seem to be perfect. But one thing is for sure, the tug on the heartstrings of all collectors who find warmth from anything that existed during the Kenner era. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) continues this trend strongly and he has been a long desired addition to the line. Now he is here and we have to concede that he is one of the finer additions to the Jumbo Vintage Kenner line. We’ll explain why this is so.

Periodically Gentle Giant Ltd. has experienced some difficulty with matching the colors of the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures to their vintage Kenner 3.75” counterparts. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) does experience a few shades of color issues, but for the most part Gentle Giant Ltd. has crafted and colored this figure quite well. The standard five points of articulation are present and the joints move quite freely. The paint operations, which have always been nicely in place in this line, are excellent here as well. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) still sports the same blue (now a seemingly unending and controversial hot topic) parka. His holster still accepts the included blaster pistol as you can utilize the loop to secure the handle of the gun in place for when not in use. (This was one of the trademarks that set the 1980 Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) action figure apart from so many others in the 80s. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) has a great center of gravity and although you cannot position him in any way you wish, you can attain some expressive body language by moving his head and arms in different configurations. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) overall is a gem in the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures line and like most we’re thrilled to own him.

The packaging is more of the same. Gentle Giant Ltd. is unable to produce a card back that is to proper scale with the original Kenner design, so they’ve redesigned it so the figure looks somewhat proportioned to it while still maintaining a significantly smaller sized product. If they did keep things to scale these figures wouldn’t be feasible to ship without exorbitant shipping charges tied to them. The card back and figure are sealed in a clamshell plastic case and it’s been designed in a manner where it can be used over and over again as needed to return the figure to storage when not in use. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) really doesn’t bring that much to the table that we haven’t already seen in this line, but we have to say that we’re thrilled to see so much devotion to The Empire Strikes Back in this lineup. When compared side by side to the 3.75” 1980 vintage Kenner figure, a few color variations are present, but for the most part Gentle Giant Ltd. has faithfully replicated this classic Star Wars action figure in one-sixth scale. We are very eager to see The Empire Strikes Back collection of figure get completed, but we’re even more interested to see where the line goes for Return Of The Jedi and of course The Power Of The Force.

Collector Notes

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)

Status: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) is an all-new figure.

Exclusivity: N/A

Articulation Count: 5

Articulation Details: swivel head, 2 swivel arms, 2 swivel legs

Accessory Count: 1

Accessory Details: blaster pistol

Date Stamp: 2013

UPC: 871810010196

Retail: $89.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


Gentle Giant Ltd.
All Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures

Added: October 24, 2014
Category: Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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