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Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype, The - R - Vehicles

Name: Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype, The
Collection: Rebels
Number: N/A
Source: Rebels
Availability: October 2014
License: Hasbro

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The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype is equipped with twin laser cannons and provides speed and maneuverability in space chases and battles. The Inquisitor flies this ship to track down Jedi and blasts them with twin laser cannons if they try to escape.

While we’ve only experienced the beginning of the Rebels television show, it’s already evident that there is a heavy reliance on the inspiration of characters and vehicles from either concept art and/or the actual films themselves. The themes and imagery are prevalent beyond belief. And this is a great thing. Any strong connection to the Original Trilogy will immediately grab the older collector market, but it hopefully will also be a seed planted in today’s generation so they can better understand what made the original Star Wars films ahead of their time and the best of them all. So now that Rebels is serving as the latest catalyst to spark the attention of new watchers (as well as longtime Star Wars fans) and keep us all occupied until Episode VII hits theaters December 2015. But will it grab all that Disney hopes it will? We think it just might. It goes without saying that the Hasbro Star Wars line was plummeting in quality halfway through 2012, all of 2013 and most of 2014, but we see glimmers of hope, especially in the Rebels line, that an unexpected S.O.S. has been thrown out to collectors and that good change is on the way.

Remember how in the Star Wars [Yoda/Attack Of The Clones] and Star Wars [Darth Vader/Revenge Of The Sith] lines that the Class II/midsize vehicles line took a whole new approach. The vehicles were dumbed down to the point of almost being offensive. And Hasbro produced all-new sculpts of great vehicles they already had tooled better versions of, much to the confusion of the collecting community. We recap all of these details to say that it looks like the approach to these vehicles has been changed again. The full scale range that we had gotten used to for years definitely hasn’t returned fully back to normal yet, but we nevertheless see some different methods being employed which should make collectors somewhat relieved, if not happy. The Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype is one of these vehicles that feels like a breath of fresh air. It gives us a little ray of hope that maybe the Class II vehicle size is on the mend and that Hasbro will be making vehicles of this caliber with a little more finesse and better quality. Still a bit too small as far as scale is concerned, there is however no doubt that The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype vehicle feels and presents itself as much better quality than what we have received in the aforementioned lines.

The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype looks just like Darth Vader’s TIE fighter. It’s a smaller scale than the standard TIE fighter (which would be actually be close to screen accurate). Four of its wing panels are articulated with hinge-joints and you can easily create many different looks for the vehicle based on how you position these panels. Both the exterior and interior of the wings have been recreated to mirror the details of the TIE fighters seen in A New Hope and the other Star Wars films. A button underneath the cockpit allows you to fire both projectiles at once. It’s actually a very cool feature. This vehicle comes with a very basic decal sheet to add red lines and triangles to it. These accents are so tiny that we really don’t understand why Hasbro didn’t paint them on the vehicle instead. Applying these extremely tiny stickers is maddening, especially for adult hands. The interior of the cockpit is quite exquisite. There is a ton of seating space inside of it and we’re impressed with the level of detail Hasbro tooled for it. And honestly, the detail throughout the entire vehicle is very well done. The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype is another nod to the Original Trilogy. We believe it will be a hit for most Star Wars collectors out there.

Collector Notes

Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype, The

Status: The Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype is an all-new vehicle.

Features Count: 3

Feature Details: figure fits in cockpit, wings open and close, firing missile launchers

Accessory Count: 2

Accessory Details: 2 projectiles

Date Stamp: 2014

Assortment Number: A8817/A2174

UPC: 653569990475

Retail: $22.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: October 19, 2014
Category: Rebels
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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