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Star Wars [Saga - Phase I]

Han Solo (Endor Raid) - SW [S - P1] - Basic (’02 #37)

Name: Han Solo (Endor Raid)
Collection: Star Wars [Saga - Phase I]
Number: '02 #37
Source: Return Of The Jedi
Availability: June 2002
License: Hasbro

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The Empire prepares to crush the Rebellion with a second, more powerful Death Star. As the Rebel fleet mounts a massive attack on the dreaded space station, Luke Skywalker confronts his father, Darth Vader, in a climactic duel before the evil Emperor. In the last second, Vader makes a momentous choice: he destroys the Emperor and saves his son. The Empire is finally defeated, the evil Sith are destroyed, and Anakin Skywalker is redeemed. At long last, freedom is restored to the galaxy.

With the second Death Star almost complete, the Rebels infiltrate the Forest moon of Endor to destroy the shield generator protecting the deadly weapon. Daring and resourceful as always, Han fights his way to the shield to plant proton grenades.

In a sea of Episode II products, it’s nice to know that Hasbro showed some consideration for the Original Trilogy during the tenure of the Star Wars “Saga” line. Although it’s hard to claim that the figures were stellar, many did possess some charm while others had great sculpts. Sadly, much of these efforts were diminished by the inclusion of action features, and others were limited in how much movement you could get out of them. But it was still nice to get some very scene specific action figures that would serve to keep collectors’ appetites whetted for the future when Hasbro could change their focus back to the Original Trilogy, and create something else for us besides toys based on Attack Of The Clones. They began sprinkling in a few of these characters quite early. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel (’02 #29) and Darth Vader (Bespin Duel) (’02 #30) come immediately to mind of two examples where Hasbro had the interests of collectors at heart. But as the line moved on a few more figures were announced that would leave a bittersweet taste in the mouths of collectors. Han Solo (Endor Raid) is a good example of this, although it may feel more like this figure was a waste of plastic more than anything else. We’ll try to remain objective, but that’s a tough task because this figure just missed the mark.

When a company like Hasbro has been producing Star Wars action figures as long as they have, they often need to get creative when it comes to core characters. How many versions of a character can you make in any given outfit? In actuality, you can get quite a few variations on an outfit and it usually requires environmental pieces and accessories to define these specific scenes. That’s what Hasbro has done with Han Solo (Endor Raid). It’s basically the Han Solo (In Trench Coat) outfit with the trench coat removed and a few cool accessories added to recreate his first foiled attempt at the attack on the Endor bunker. While we all know he eventually was ultimately successful at blowing it up, this figure represents the moment when he and his team infiltrated the power cell to the second Death Star but were stopped by Imperial troops. Han Solo (Endor Raid) comes with two detonators (designed like suction cups, but weak in ability to stick) and a blaster to recreate this very scene where he’s rushing the Endor bunker to get in, place charges, and get out as soon as possible to assist the Rebel fleet in their attack on Death Star II. The figure has not been executed very well. It looks just alright and it may not cut it for many collectors. The effort is appreciated, but the execution sorely fails.

Perhaps if Hasbro avoided the action feature with Han Solo (Endor Raid), the figure may have turned out better than it did. A new Han Solo is typically a welcomed addition to a basic figure line, but the action features here are so wonky that they are detrimental to the integrity of the sculpt. Hasbro has also placed Han Solo (Endor Raid) in a widened action stance that really make the figure difficult to display unassisted. It’s certainly possible to do this as evidenced by our photo gallery, but expect that you’ll lose your cool potentially as it is trying on the patience. The action feature has been added to his right arm to simulate “quick-draw action” but as we’ve stated earlier, it’s really a waste here. Han Solo (Endor Raid) also comes with a removable best, but let us warn you now: it is a paint in the neck to remove. You almost feel like you’re going to break the action figure by trying to remove it. Han Solo has a fair likeness to actor Harrison Ford. And we suppose that had it not come with the action feature that it would be a decent, yet simply articulated, sculpt. But you’ll have to decide if this action figure is for you or not. It completes a version we technically haven’t had before until now, but we bet upgraded versions are imminent in the future. For those interestes, there are two versions of this figure: (1) white belt clip and reddish brown hair and (2) silver belt clip and corrected brown hair.

Collector Notes

Han Solo (Endor Raid)

Status: Han Solo (Endor Raid) is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 8 points

Articulation Details: swivel head, swivel left elbow, hinge-jointed right elbow, swivel left elbow, swivel left waist, swivel waist (action feature), 2 swivel hips

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: blaster pistol, 2 proton grenades

Date Stamp: 2001

Collection: 1

Assortment Number: 84880/84851

UPC: 076930848807

Retail: $4.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


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Added: February 6, 2014
Category: Star Wars [Saga - Phase I]
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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