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Star Wars [Darth Vader/Revenge Of The Sith]

Captain Rex - SW [DV/ROTS] - Saga Legends (SL10)

Name: Captain Rex
Collection: Star Wars [Darth Vader/Revenge Of The Sith]
Number: SL10
Source: The Clone Wars (Season 4 Episode 7: Darkness On Umbara)
Availability: December 2013
License: Hasbro

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Captain Rex is a clone trooper captain in the 501st Legion. He serves under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, whose missions take the Jedi and his tough, free-thinking captain all across the galaxy to fight the Separatist threat.

We bet that you never expected your very first realistic version of Captain Rex would only come with five points of articulation, did you? Well, right now that’s the way it is because as of the release of 2013’s SW [DV/ROTS] Captain Rex (SL10) figure, Hasbro has yet to announce the release of the announced, but canceled Legacy Collection [2]/Droid Factory realistic Captain Rex action figure that everyone is foaming at the mouth to purchase. In the meantime, you’ll have to resort to Captain Rex from the minimally articulated Saga Legends line. There will be more “open-minded” collectors that will tell you that this line isn’t for you, but Hasbro feels otherwise. This is a line for everyone and they’re banking that our strong ties to the vintage Kenner line will sell us it hook, line and sinker. But there will be a whole gamut of collectors however that will remain strong with their opinion that Hasbro is just trying to sell everyone a bridge. Our opinion lies somewhere within the middle. We aren’t proactively supporting the line. We don’t swallow that it’s designed only for kids. And we don’t think that a budget line of action figures is what is going to patch the bleeding of Hasbro’s sinking ship that is the Star Wars line. If you’re into novelty and niche, then this is for you. And if you love terribly painted action figures, well, you’re in luck!

At the time of his release, Captain Rex is truly salt in the wound. Unable to get a solid answer out of Hasbro about the fate of the realistic Captain Rex action figure, we get the Saga Legends figure in the interim and it only makes us wish we had a super-articulated version to compare it against. If we had to be flat out honest, we would have to admit to you that Captain Rex has decent proportions and is a fair representation of the character in realistic style. Where it fails however is in the paint operations, although they aren’t nearly as bad as some of the other figures in the wave. Plus, Hasbro surprisingly expended some extra dollars to paint hash marks on the figure’s arm, helmet and legs, something we’re quite shocked to see when they totally ignore more important details in the head and body. The figure has some good enhancements for kids for sure. The kama is molded as part of the figure’s legs, so there is no separate piece to encumber that movement. That being said however, you cannot attain a hard 90 degree angle no matter what you do out of his body and legs for sitting or piloting, so this may have been a wasted way of designing his legs here anyway. Hasbro did manage to sculpt in functioning holsters for his DC-17 blaster pistols, so that was an appreciated decision.

Captain Rex is essentially an all-new figure, but technically a kit-bashed figures as it reuses the arms from 2013’s SW [DV/ROTS] Clone Trooper (SL02) figure. Some will adore this take on Captain Rex, while others will scoff at it. Again, our opinion lies in the middle. We don’t mean to come across as noncommittal in our opinion of this line, but we are lost on how to wholly assess it in terms of what we have received in the past years we have been collecting Star Wars action figures. We certainly don’t see this line revitalizing the brand. Is this the new way we will be getting Star Wars figures? Is this the new way things will be? Who knows anymore. Captain Rex may not look the best, but he doesn’t look terrible either. But limited articulation isn’t something that’s going to inspire collectors to buy them when they have been receiving super articulation for the last half a decade. To those that side with the position that Hasbro is doing this to scale back costs and direct a line at kids, well, we say that your collector line is only moments away from following suit of the Saga Legends line. We are going to see a continuation of reduced articulation and simpler paint jobs. While we want to see reduced costs, we are almost of the opinion that we would gladly pay more to get the quality we once did. They can’t sacrifice the last good thing about the Star Wars brand, can they?

Collector Notes

Captain Rex

Status: Captain Rex is essentially an all-new figure, but technically a kit-bashed figure that utilizes the arms from 2013's SW [DV/ROTS] Clone Trooper (SL02) figure. The rest of the figure is completely new.

Articulation Count: 5 points

Articulation Details: swivel head, 2 swivel shoulders, 2 swivel hips

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: removable pauldron, 2 DC-17 blaster pistols

Date Stamp: 2013

Assortment Number: A5794/A3857

UPC: 653569890843

Retail: $5.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Captain Rex


Star Wars [Darth Vader/Revenge Of The Sith] Saga Legends Wave 2
Boba Fett (SL09)
Captain Rex (SL10)
Stormtrooper (SL11)
Clone Commander Cody (SL12)

Added: January 20, 2014
Category: Star Wars [Darth Vader/Revenge Of The Sith]
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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