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1:6 Scale Figures

Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor) - Militaries Of Star Wars - 1:6 Scale Figures

Name: Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor)
Collection: Militaries Of Star Wars
Number: Item #2110
Edition Size: 4500 (Regular)
Scale: 1:6 Scale Figures
Source: Return Of The Jedi
Availability: April 2007
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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The men and women of the Rebel Alliance were fiercely dedicated to the principle of freedom, and would lay down their lives to win their objectives. Some were Imperials disillusioned with their government's tyranny. Some were from worlds subjugated by the Empire. In stark contrast to the faceless anonymity of the stormtrooper ranks or the precision drilling of Imperial Academy training, Alliance troops were aggressively individualistic and much more rag-tag.

Sideshow Collectibles was the first Star Wars licensee to present high-end collectors with 1:6 scale Rebel Commando figures. A core character back in the Kenner days in 3.75” scale, it’s quite surprising that Hasbro didn’t release a 12” version of this character somewhere along the way. They thoroughly considered how to bring these characters into the 1:6 Scale Figures line. Because the Endor Rebel soldiers were so many varying styles of outfits, Sideshow Collectibles figured it would be best to release three of these style at once, and ultimately sell them together in a special bundled set for the eager and early bird collectors that wanted all of them at once. Ultimately, Sideshow Collectibles went above and beyond the call of duty and producing these three unique styles of the Rebel Commandos, just as they were seen in Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. The three styles included the infantryman, the pathfinder and the sergeant. Each were painstakingly created to match the onscreen characters and while all are excellent, we’re particularly taken with the Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor). We can’t identify him easily like we can with Nik Sant, but we feel that the infantryman turned out the best and wins the “most favorite” spot for us.

All three Rebel Commando 1:6 Scale FIgures have excellent portraits, but we feel that Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor) has the most realistic and best looking head sculpts of all. His expression is as generic as it could possibly be and there is enough sincerity in his eyes and wrinkle in his forehead to prove that this is a dedicated soldier of the Rebel Alliance. When a collectible character is produced at this scale, the collector sees things for the very first time that he didn’t know existed beforehand. For example, did you know that many of the Endor Rebel soldiers wore anoraks (the hooded wet weather gear)? We didn’t. Of course in retrospect it makes sense and hindsight is 20/20, but it cool to visually see things like this because it puts more perspective of the character in focus and in turn you gain a new appreciation for how much development went in to creating these characters in the film, and subsequently in collectible format. Things like the detailed pouches hanging from his belt to the individual gator wraps over his boots just prove how much research went into the development of this 1:6 Scale Figure. And lets’ not forget about the mixed media of his helmet which incorporates both plastic, metal and soft canvas. How can anyone not be impressed with small accessory like this that utilizes so many different materials to ensure authenticity? We couldn’t be happier with the way he completely turned out.

Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor) is the only figure of the three made that isn’t a Sideshow Exclusive. Limited to an edition size of 4500 pieces, Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor) has the greatest production run of all three Rebel Commando 1:6 Scale Figures. He’ll likely end up being the easiest one to acquire for your collection as he will have the widest range of availability, but it’s important to note that if you trust our opinion, we think he turned out the best of all three. Sure, “Nik Sant” (Rebel Commando (Sergeant: Endor)) has the greatest novelty, but we would have rather seen him produced in Biker Scout disguise rather than a Rebel Commando. Oh heck, we would have preferred both versions. But the other two Rebel Commando 1:6 Scale Figures were released as Sideshow Exclusive versions and each has lower production runs. Bottom line, while all three are excellently designed 1:6 Scale Figures, perhaps the most important trivia fact regarding all three is that they opened the door for the Militaries Of Star Wars line. We love that Sideshow Collectibles opened this facet of the 1:6 Scale Figures line with three characters that have never been produced in this scale before now. We think it’s risky, it’s brave, and we totally commend Sideshow Collectibles for taking the chance on them. Because they did a fantastic job on this trio. We hope they continue to delve into more first time offerings in the future.

Collector Notes

Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor)

Announcement Date: September 28, 2006

Pre-order Date: October 5, 2006

Status: Rebel Commando (Infantryman: Endor) utilizes the male Art S. Buck (tall) body type with an all-new head, hand attachments, clothing and accessories.

Articulation Count: 31 points

Articulation Details: ball-socket head, ball-jointed neck, double ball-jointed shoulders, double ball-jointed elbows, double ball-jointed wrists, double ball-jointed torso, ball-jointed waist, ball-jointed hips, swivel upper thighs, double ball-jointed knees, 2 swivel shins, 2 ball-jointed ankles, 2 swivel feet

Accessory Count: 22

Accessory Details: pants, hooded anorak, undershirt, vest (with rank bar on left shoulder), detailed belt (with three pouches), tactical boots, gator wraps, bandolier (with 3 removable special ops equipment pieces), Endor Rebel Commando helmet, Endor Rebel Commando hard-pack, Blastech A-295 blaster rifle (with sling), display base (3 parts)

Sideshow Exclusive: N/A

Retail: $59.99 USD

UPC: 747720207912

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: December 1, 2013
Category: 1:6 Scale Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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