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The Original Trilogy Collection

Lobot - OTC - Basic (OTC #20)

Name: Lobot
Collection: The Original Trilogy Collection
Number: OTC #20
Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Availability: July 2004
License: Hasbro

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Lobot works with Lando Calrissian, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City and an old friend of Han Solo. Lobot has a device implanted in his head that connects him to the city's computer system, helping him to monitor the city's operational systems. When the evil Darth Vader arrives at Cloud City to capture the Rebels, jeopardizing the city's future, Lobot assists Lando in helping the Rebels escape.

For a Star Wars action figure that has been a peg-warmer since its original 1981 release, Hasbro sure likes to get out multiple versions of Lobot into the basic figure line. it’s something we haven’t been able to figure out really. Perhaps the much heckled “disco” version of Lobot from The Power Of The Force collection is the impetus for creating an all-new sculpt for The Original Trilogy Collection years later, but who really knows. We’re fond of the character in general and we’re very happy to see an excellent all-new sculpt with accurate coloring and proportions for the very first time in any Star Wars basic figure line. Lobot is a Star Wars character who spoke his “dialogue” in Episode V by reading his eyes and his expressions. Who could forget his body standing completely still yet his eyes shot to the right (our left) to get a glimpse of Lando and read his thoughts about Darth Vader’s newly altered plan? As a kid, we wanted to know more about Lando, but were never given the chance. So we had to make up our own stories about him when playing with the Kenner action figure of him.

As an adult collector, there are more reasons to “play” with him than ever before because Lobot has been given a few extra bells and whistles for this release. Its these exact enhancements that make Lobot a completely worthwhile purchase, even if you have 1998’s POTF2 release or even just the 1982 vintage release. He doesn’t come with a blaster this time, but Lobot does come with a comlink, data pad and removable cyborg head unit. (The removal of the latter accessory makes Lobot the creepiest action figure in the entire line!) What’s extra special here is that the comlink and the data pad interact with each other. You can plug the comlink into a hole in the data pad that keeps it in an erected position. It makes Lobot look like he’s ready for the office or something. (It honestly looks really cool.) On it is a screen capture of Cloud City in a purple color and then the other details of it give it a personal computer appearance while still feeling like its from a galaxy far, far away from ours. It looks rather fantastic adds incredible value to a rather static action figure.

Lobot is a completely all-new action figure with ten points of articulation. Most of his articulation is in the upper body, so he really lacks it in his legs. This version of Lobot won’t do much for any action displays, but because he didn’t deviate that much from a straight pose, you’re really not missing much by his lack of lower body articulation. Lobot has a brilliant head sculpt. The action figure looks a few years younger than his onscreen counterpart, but the likeness is quite impressive. His costume is perfectly replicated and the color palette has been painstakingly matched to be accurate to the film. No matter your opinion of this character, Lobot is a remarkable addition to any collectors’ stash. Certainly Hasbro will bring us a definitive version of him at some point, but this one is a fine execution by Hasbro. It’s really amazing how far Hasbro has come to get details like height and proportions so close too the mark. Lobot is a perfect example of this and we’re happy that they give less popular characters this much attention to detail and extra “Expanded Universe inspired” accessories. We never thought we’d get additional parts added to Lobot like this.... and certainly not with a removable cyborg head piece. So we count ourselves fortunate. You should too.

Collector Notes


Status: Lobot is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 10 points

Articulation Details: swivel head, 2 swivel shoulders, 2 swivel elbows, 2 swivel wrists, swivel waist, 2 swivel hips

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: data pad, comlink, cyborg unit

Date Stamp: 2004

Assortment Number: 85060/84715

UPC: 076930850602

Retail: $4.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


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Added: January 19, 2013
Category: Original Trilogy Collection, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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