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Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D]

Aurra Sing - SW [TPM 3D] - Discover The Force (1 of 12) (1000th Review)

Name: Aurra Sing
Collection: Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D] (Discover The Force)
Number: 1 of 12
Source: The Phantom Menace
Availability: February 2012
License: Hasbro

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Aurra Sing is a Force-sensitive bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin. She is willing to work for anyone who can meet her price. Many aspiring hunters seek her out for training despite her reputation as a cold-hearted taskmaster.

Before Aayla Secura, before Luminara Unduli, before Shaak Ti and before Barriss Offee, fan boys everywhere had their eyes on Aurra Sing. Making a very brief cameo appearance in Episode I, she caught the eye of Star Wars fans and we began to immediately question when she was going to become part of the basic figure line. That dream came true in 2001 when Hasbro released her in the Power Of The Jedi basic figure line. We didn’t care that she looked like she was disco dancing. We didn’t care that she barely had any usable articulation and we didn’t even care that only one of her holsters was functional and included a removable blaster. We even didn’t care that her vest was too dark and that the antenna from her head was nowhere to be found. We were however thrilled to have her in plastic format and she actually looked pretty good (back in 2001 at least). In fact, Hasbro thought it was worthy of being repainted and released again as 2007's TSC Aurra Sing (SAGA 070) figure (another Walmart exclusive). There weren’t things called Wookieepedia back then to cross reference the accuracy of a figure against how that character appeared in the films. We had to rely on the rare photos that got published on the web or in the sporadic Star Wars reference book that was released in addition to our memories of seeing the film in theaters (or DVD later on). By the time the approach for action figures had changed when collectors demanded super-articulation for every last one, only then did we start realizing just how much work that 2001 Power Of The Jedi Aurra Sing figure needed. Hasbro made us wait a very long time for the upgrade. But she’s made, she beautiful and you’re going to love it.

Aurra Sing is almost super-articulated. She doesn’t come with ankle joints and yes, we can already feel the air get sucked out of the room. Please don’t let this deter you from enjoying this figure. Aurra Sing is an artistic triumph and we couldn’t be happier with the final results, well, except for one small misstep. (More on that in a moment.) The sculpt is breathtaking and Aurra Sing is flawlessly proportional. She has all of the sexy curves she needs and interestingly, Hasbro draws your attention to it as they've allocated her body articulation up around her chest. She doesn’t have waist movement as we know it. It’s chest movement for this figure. (Yes, that does sound funny and we're not trying to sound or be perverted.) The important ball-joints can be found in the shoulders, elbows and knees and the rest of the articulation (except for her portrait) are all swivel movement. Her head has been designed with the standard ball-socket joint and has a fair amount of movement. Aurra Sing’s paint job is excellent. Her skin tight outfit looks a little too red. In the film it looks orangey-red (and even the Power Of The Jedi figure looked this way also). There isn’t any dirt on her belly and her appearance is rather clean. Her arms and legs are athletically thin and her fingers are extra long and very delicate looking. The great part is that they’re very functional to hold her weapons. (Thank the Maker!) And her massive ponytail is loaded with details. You’ll find various adornments and braids and lots of silvery highlights – all things that give Aurra Sing her truly bizarre and eerie look. The expression on her face creeps us out. The shadowing in her eyes is a masterful accomplishment. We’re very proud of this figure on all levels and you’ll be too! We'd even bet the fine folks at Hasbro are grinning from ear to ear over this figure.

Alright. We mentioned one thing that bothers us. Hasbro managed to include the antenna that protrudes out of her cranium. When you look at Aurra Sing face to face, it looks fantastic. However, when you look at her from side view, you actually see just how thick it is. It's distracting. If you own the 2010 TCW Aurra Sing (CW11) figure, then you know what to expect here. It looks great sometimes, but not always. This is the only detraction preventing us from giving this figure a perfect score. We’d much rather have seen Hasbro included a thin plastic post (that’s removable) to insert into her head instead. Heck, anything else in theory would seem to be more favorable than the approach Hasbro took. We feel that another route would have led to a much more authentic appearance. The figure is still incredible of course. Aurra Sing is loaded with accessories! In addition to her extra long rifle, she also comes with two smaller blaster pistols that can be stowed away in her functioning holsters. Fans of well-made holsters will love to know that Hasbro designed Aurra’s with real straps that go around both of her thighs. It’s awesome! (By the way both her vest and holster/belt combination can easily be removed.) First seen with Sideshow Collectibles' Aurra Sing (Bounty Hunter) Premium Format Figure exclusive, the Hasbro version of her now comes with the briefcase and three lightsaber hilts. It’s a stunning accessory and adds a ton of value to this almost $9 basic figure. (Didn’t Hasbro say they couldn’t afford all of these accessories with their basic figures anymore?) You can display the case opened on the ground, or it can snap shut and be placed in her hand to be carried. Aurra Sing is unequivocally the greatest figure in the Discover The Force promotion. Do not miss out on her. You’ll be forever lost if you do.

Collector Notes

Aurra Sing

Status: Aurra Sing is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 12 points

Articulation Details: ball-socket head, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 ball-jointed elbows, 2 swivel wrists, swivel chest, 2 swivel hips, 2 ball-jointed knees

Accessory Count: 9

Accessory Details: long blaster rifle, 2 blaster pistols, removable vest, removable belt/holster combination, storage case, 3 lightsaber hilts

Date Stamp: 2011

Assortment Number: 38604/38601

UPC: 653569695646

Retail: $8.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.


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Added: February 17, 2012
Category: Star Wars [The Phantom Menace 3D]
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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