Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) - TBS [P3] - Six Inch Figures (100)

Added: November 5th 2019
Category: Black Series [Phase III], The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Name: Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
Collection: The Black Series [Phase III]
Number: 100
Scale: 6"
Source: A New Hope
Availability: December 2019
License: Hasbro

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On Yavin 4, the Rebels hold a ceremony to award the heroes who bravely fought to destroy the Death Star. Luke Skywalker receives his medal for bravery from Princess Leia.

It’s an awesome thing for The Black Series [Phase III] 6” collector base that Hasbro doesn’t ignore the wonderful characters from the Original Trilogy. They still incorporate them into the line regardless of the new and current Star Wars Entertainment. It’s a gift that collectors should not take for granted. Although entering the line at a relatively sluggish pace, Hasbro consistently adds new characters from the first three Star Wars films, and they always turn out to be the most popular characters in the wave. Without a doubt, 2019 is the year of Luke Skywalker. Whether a concerted effort is in place to indirectly undo what Lucasfilm did to his character in The Last Jedi, or an innocuous celebratory focus on the Star Wars saga’s greatest hero, Luke Skywalker is getting high-level attention in the Hasbro action figure line. The focus on Luke Skywalker action figures in both The Vintage Collection and The Black Series [Phase III] 6” line is pleasantly flabbergasting. We’re having difficulty remembering a time in the Hasbro Star Wars line, aside from The Power Of The Force “2” era, where we received so many different iterations of Luke Skywalker in such a short period. Understand our point on this. It’s a fantastic problem to have. Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) is a bit of a surprise in The Back Series [Phase III] 6” line. Although Hasbro tackled many of his outfits already in the 6” line. And they’re getting to the bottom of the barrel. Too bad they celebrated their 100th TBS6 [P3] figure by misspelling his name twice on the packaging. Not to worry, the figure turned out fantastically. You may take exception with some of the deco, but overall, Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) shows collectors how much Hasbro achieved in the 6” scale. And they’re going to love what they did with this character.

We honestly believe that Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) might be the best-looking Luke Skywalker figure in the 6” line to date. Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) is another great release, but this one might be better. Hasbro captured a near-perfect likeness of actor Mark Hamill’s youthful features and developed a stunning action figure that should please fans of this line. You can utilize this figure in displays based on The Star Wars Holiday Special’s animated short, promotional images of the first Star Wars film, or at the climax of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) offers collectors a stellar interpretation of Luke Skywalker in his unforgettable yellow jacket, brown pants with yellow blood stripe, and solid black shirt. It’s a style, unlike any other outfit Luke Skywalker wears. And it’s one of our favorites. It’s probably one of your favorites also. Hasbro designed this figure with a removable jacket shell. We’d love to get a version of this figure where the arms aren’t covered with the yellow jacket. It would be a nice transitional version of the character donning this outfit. Although you can remove the jacket shell, Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) doesn’t look right without it. The figure also comes with the long-barreled blaster rifle (the one Princess Leia Organa uses in Episode IV) and a medal of honor. The blaster fits well into his functioning holster. It’s very thin, so be careful when installing it into the holster.

The medal of honor is a nicely tooled accessory as well. It doesn’t hang as flatly as we had hoped against his chest, but with a little patience, you can get it to lay correctly. Not included here is a lightsaber hilt. It would have been nice to include that accessory for collectors, but Hasbro thought against it. However, The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Yavin) (VC151) figure comes with the lightsaber hilt. It's redundant to say at this stage of the game that a 6” figure has an incredible articulation system. It’s the standard for all figures Hasbro produces in this scale. If you’re going to purchase a 6” figure, you’re going to be blown away by the range of movement the figure offers. There’s no other way to describe this anymore. The same is true for Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony). He can attain a wide array of poses and have excellent movement. He looks incredible, brandishing his blaster, or holding his medal. Admittedly, you can’t do a whole lot with this figure, but we also don’t have too many other figures from this scene, either. Another release that includes this figure is a convention exclusive called “Skywalker Strikes.” Hasbro has gone out of their way to make this as universally available as much as possible, and numerous Fan Channel outlets are offering it both online and in-store and retail for about $10 more than the standard release. In short, Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) is one of the highlights of 2019. We hope Hasbro makes the other characters from this scene too.

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Collector Notes

Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)

Status: Luke Skywalkwer (Yavin Ceremony) is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 28 points (17 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), hinge-jointed neck (1), ball-jointed left shoulder (2), ball-jointed right shoulder (2), ball-jointed left elbow (2), ball-jointed right elbow (2), ball-jointed left wrist (2), ball-jointed right wrist (2), ball-jointed torso (2), ball-socket left hip (1), ball-socket right hip (1), swivel left thigh (1), swivel right thigh (1), double hinge-jointed left knee (2), double hinge-jointed right knee (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" left ankle (2), ball-jointed/"rocker" right ankle (2)

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: blaster, medal of honor, jacket shell

Date Stamp: N/A

Assortment Number: E4086/E4071

UPC: 630509876525

Retail: $19.99 USD

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