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Added: December 14th 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Han Solo

(In Carbonite Chamber)

Detailed Visual Analysis

Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber)

General Analysis

Smuggler captured by the bounty Hunter BOBA FETT and "frozen" because he owed money to the evil JABBA THE HUTT.

There were some “large than life” action figures released in THE POWER OF THE FORCE line. Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) is one of them. One of the most outstanding an exciting things (other than realizing there were new Star Wars figures at retail) about finding the final wave of Kenner action figures at Toys R Us was that they felt so much bigger than previous action figures. In many cases the figures were "supersized," but their bigness made you feel like you got so much value for the $2.99 they commanded. Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) is obviously “larger than normal” because it comes with a big carbonite block to interact with the included Han Solo figure. I remember buying these figures, opening them all up when we arrived back home, getting rid of the “unnecessary” packaging, placing them in a box and forgetting about them until ten years later. But one thing I DIDN’T throw out with my Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) figure was a piece of the bubble packaging which secured Han Solo to the carbonite chamber. The perfectly fitted “plastic tray" served as part of the carbonite block for me because it suspended him inside of it which assisted with displaying it in various play scenes (even though I probably didn’t play with this figure for more than a week after I bought it). This release is technically a terrible version of Han Solo. He’s a “no-necker” and a little bit too beefy in the chest. But the carbonite chamber, albeit screen-inaccurate, was one of the most incredible accessories that came with any Star Wars figure before or after this release. I strongly believe that Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) is a must-have figure for your vintage Kenner collection. It was a clever release for Kenner, and I am glad they made him, issues aside.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: Han Solo (Carbonite) (VC136) from 2019's THE VINTAGE COLLECTION Jabba's Palace (Adventure Set) Walmart exclusive.

Collector Notes

Name: Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber)

Collection: The Power Of The Force

Source: Return Of The Jedi

Release: 1985

Status: Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 93770


Retail: $2.99 USD

Alternate Card Art Details:

• Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) Han Solo (Emmuré)

• Trilogo

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Major Figure Variations (loose): None

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  1. POTF-92

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