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Added: December 13th 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Imperial Gunner

Detailed Visual Analysis

Imperial Gunner

General Analysis

One of the men who controlled the original DEATH STAR's powerful Death Ray. In one single blast, he destroyed the entire planet of ALDERAAN.

The Imperial Gunner, after Amanaman, is probably my most-favorite Kenner Star Wars action figure from my 1985 birthday purchase. What’s amazing to me as an adult is that the figure holds up just as well today as it did back in the mid-eighties. Sure, it’s red visor stripe is screen-inaccurate, but the rest of the figure is amazingly made and still looks great alongside Hasbro’s modern super-articulated figures. More commonly known as a Death Star Gunner, the source of this character is still a bit of a conundrum. And before you rush and say “he doesn’t have the radiation vest seen in A NEW HOPE so therefore he is sourced to RETURN OF THE JEDI,” let’s talk about a few points that might make you reconsider your long-held belief. If we take into account Kenner’s lack of reference materials, we can glean that maybe they only had source materials from Episode VI and not Episode IV. Judging by the reference image Kenner chose for the figure’s card back, it appears that the logic is correct. A behind-the-scenes image, the Imperial Gunner is standing next to an Imperial Probe Droid which is clearly from Death Star II. But if you read the back of the coin, the description focuses on the events of Episode IV and how “this guy” blew up Alderaan. I think the intent was to recreate the character from A NEW HOPE, yet through the eyes of RETURN OF THE JEDI. Either way, I still love this figure today. And the great news is that Hasbro is releasing an all-new version of this character in 2019’s THE VINTAGE COLLECTION lineup.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: 2019's THE VINTAGE COLLECTION Death Star Gunner (VC147) figure.

Collector Notes

Name: Imperial Gunner

Collection: The Power Of The Force

Source: Return Of The Jedi

Release: 1985

Status: Imperial Gunner is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 93760


Retail: $2.99 USD

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Major Figure Variations (loose): None

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  1. POTF-92

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