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Added: December 11th 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison


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General Analysis

Long-armed creature at JABBA's Court, caled "Head Hunter" because of his staff with three heads.

I’ll come right out and say it. Amanaman is my favorite Star Wars figure by Kenner. I loved him so much that I used his species name, Amani, in my password and email address on back in the 90s. I was STUNNED to see such a HUGE alien on a vintage Kenner card back in 1985, and he was so heavy that the card he was on bent and bowed a little as I added him to my shopping cart. Little did I know at the time that Amanaman was extraordinarily out of scale to the actual character in RETURN OF THE JEDI. And as we’d all soon find out, Amanaman is not much different in stature or size than an average human male. (References images within Jabba’s palace prove this easily.) Still, I love the heftiness of the 1985 Amanaman action figure and how he stands out from the rest of the crowd. It also took me some time to realize as a young collector that his staff had three human heads tied to it. Then again, the back of the coin explained this too. With beautiful yellow skin accented with a deep green side-pattern and a completely green dorsal side, Amanaman is striking in many ways. He looks like he’s part snake, part lizard, and part dinosaur. And I am so glad that Hasbro made an excellent, albeit an imperfect, version of him in the POWER OF THE JEDI line. On the aftermarket, Amanaman still commands a hefty premium, not unlike his size.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: 2001's POWER OF THE JEDI Amanaman (With Salacious Crumb) Deluxe figure.

Collector Notes

Name: Amanaman

Collection: The Power Of The Force

Source: Return Of The Jedi

Release: 1985

Status: Amanaman is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 93740


Retail: $2.99 USD

Alternate Card Art Details:

• Amanaman

• Trilogo

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Major Figure Variations (loose): None

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  1. POTF-92

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