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Added: August 21st 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison


(Hoth Outfit)

Detailed Visual Analysis

Leia (Hoth Outfit)

General Analysis

Leia (Hoth Outfit) is another example of an action figure I cannot recall owning as a kid, but somehow ended up in my collection somewhere else along the line. Interestingly, both my brother and I cannot remember playing with or holding a single Leia blaster as kids. And it took me years before I added a completed Princess Leia Organa figure to my collection as an adult, with the vintage Kenner Leia blasters completing the figures. Although based on her appearance on Echo Base, we had to utilize this version of Leia (Hoth Outfit) for our various Bespin dioramas and play scenes. Sure, we couldn’t eliminate her vest or boots, but the rest of the outfit was nearly identical. Much too tall, much too broad, and entirely not pretty enough, I never found that this figure meant a whole lot to me as an adult collector. I know she is a necessary release, but I wish Kenner made her a little more screen-accurate. There are two variations of this figure, and they focus on hair color: light brown and dark brown. I think the lighter brown hair version looks best. Hasbro released quite a few versions of this character in the modern line, and we're struggling whether the latest (and simpler) version is the best yet.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: 2010's THE VINTAGE COLLECTION Princess Leia Organa (Hoth) [Leia (Hoth Outfit)] (VC02) figure.

Collector Notes

Name: Leia (Hoth Outfit)

Alertnate Names: Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit), Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)

Collection: The Empire Strikes Back

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Release: 1981

Status: Leia (Hoth Outfit) is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 39359


Retail: $1.99 USD

Alternate Card Art Details:

• Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)

• Trilogo

• Packaging features alternate image not used anywhere else in the Kenner line.

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Figure Release Information

Major Figure Variations (loose): None

U.S. Card Back Release Information (confirmed to exist)

  1. ESB-41A
  2. ESB-41D
  3. ESB-45A
  4. ESB-47
  5. ESB-48A
  1. ROTJ-48
  2. ROTJ-65B
  3. ROTJ-77A
  4. ROTJ-77B

U.S. Card Back information derived from the Kellerman Book Matrices and confirmed samples

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