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Added: July 22nd 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Han Solo

(Hoth Outfit)

Detailed Visual Analysis

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)

General Analysis

Is it blue or is it brown? Here is the figure that is responsible for all of the trouble and confusion. When Kenner released Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) into their basic figure line, it quickly became something that all kids of the 80s wanted in their collections. Back in 1980, parka color had zero effect on our playtime, and we were able to enjoy this action figure in the purest of ways. Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) was the first (and perhaps last) action figure to come with a “functioning” holster to house his weapons when not in use. A more than fair likeness to actor Harrison Ford, the “hood up” approach to this character was probably the wisest for optimal “out in the now” play time. It made the most sense to us as kids. Just over a decade later, Kenner/Hasbro would offer us one of the worst Han Solo (based on Hoth) figures of all time, complete with the parka hood down. I am glad this figure looks so fantastic today, as long as you can accept the 1980s technology that brought him to life. With a stunning card back image and plenty of playsets to interact with, Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) will always remain one the vintage Kenner line’s most revered action figures. And he's a pivotal action figure for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK lineup.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: Han Solo from 2015's REBELS Luke Skywalker/Han Solo (MS15) Mission Series set.

Collector Notes

Name: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)

Collection: The Empire Strikes Back

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Release: 1980

Status: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 39790


Retail: $1.99 USD

Alternate Card Art Details:

• Han Solo (Hoth Battle Gear)

• Trilogo

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Figure Release Information

Major Figure Variations (loose): None

U.S. Card Back Release Information (confirmed to exist)

  1. ESB-31A
  2. ESB-32A
  3. ESB-41A
  4. ESB-41C
  5. ESB-41E
  1. ESB-45A
  2. ESB-47
  3. ESB-48A
  4. ESB-48C
  5. ROTJ-48
  1. ROTJ-65B
  2. ROTJ-77A

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