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Added: July 15th 2018
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Reviewer: Paul Harrison


(Bounty Hunter)

Detailed Visual Analysis

Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

General Analysis

Well, with each new entry in our vintage Kenner archives it feels like I keep saying that the next figure is more of a favorite of mine than the last. So it should be no surprise to you that I feel similarly about Bossk (Bounty Hunter). Initially a “secret” mail-away offer, the figure eventually entered the line and became the second bounty hunter in the vintage Kenner lineup. A Trandoshan who hunts Wookiees, all we knew as kids that he was a malefactor and likely coordinated his evil deeds with Boba Fett. Bossk looked part reptilian and part mammal, and his colorful jumpsuit was as impressive as he was. The figure looked a whole lot more friendly than the onscreen character. But that didn’t detract from knowing he served under the direction of Darth Vader. Bossk (Bounty Hunter) also came with a unique blaster rifle that fit splendidly in his right hand. The figure’s left hand is virtually useless for holding anything, but if you compare it to what is in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, you'll quickly discover it’s a screen-accurate pose. Bossk (Bounty Hunter) would serve as a mainstay in my collection. Before I ever knew he was on Jabba’s sail barge, he was already in my Jabba’s palace displays and play scenarios. To this day Bossk (Bounty Hunter) remains a big favorite of mine, and I love it when Hasbro makes another new version of him for the modern toy line. Still, I don’t think that too many modern toy interpretations of Bossk (Bounty Hunter) will come too close to the original Kenner vintage figure.

Hasbro's Most Definitive Modern Counterpart: 2007's THE SAGA COLLECTION Bossk (Bounty Hunter) Vintage figure.

Collector Notes

Name: Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

Collection: The Empire Strikes Back

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Release: 1980

Status: Bossk (Bounty Hunter) is an all-new figure.

Assortment: No. 39760


Retail: $1.99 USD

Alternate Card Art Details:

• Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

• Trilogo

• Packaging features slightly-recolored artwork.

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Major Figure Variations (loose): None

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  1. ESB-31A
  2. ESB-32B
  3. ESB-41A
  4. ESB-41B
  1. ESB-45A
  2. ESB-47
  3. ESB-48B
  4. ESB-48C
  1. ROTJ-48
  2. ROTJ-65B
  3. ROTJ-77A

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