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Added: December 19th 2013
Category: Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Name: Yoda (Holiday Edition)
Type: Jumbo Kenner Vintage Figures
Number: Item No. 80384
Edition Size: Limited Edition
Source: Expanded Universe (Lucasfilm's 1981 Greeting Card Designed By Ralph McQuarrie)
Availability: December 2013
License: Gentle Giant Ltd.

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In 1981 Lucasfilm commissioned famed Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie to design their annual company holiday card. The front of the card features Yoda in a festive Santa outfit, while on the card interior an alternate drawing of the Jedi Master is depicted. Two different versions of this card where [sic] available. One blue and one white. Now for the 2013 Holiday Season Gentle Giant Ltd. offers the Yoda (Holiday Edition) Jumbo Action Figure!

Christmas comes a bit early this year in more ways than one with the Premier Guild Exclusive Jumbo Vintage Kenner Holiday Yoda figure. Not only is the figure itself a memento for the holiday Christmas season, Yoda comes with a few gifts of his own as a special treat to faithful supporters of the line. We’ll get to the Yoda figure in a moment, but it’s perhaps what’s inside of his sack that will pique the interests of collectors of other formats the most. Inside collectors will find a micro-scaled version of the Star Wars Boba Fett Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure, the very first commercially available figure from the line. It sort of celebrated the successful run Gentle Giant Ltd. has endured with the line as well as give something extra special to those that love everything “vintage” based. Boba Fett arrives at about two inches tall and FULLY ARTICULATED, is perfectly proportioned to the original 3.75” Kenner figure and comes in an easily re-sealable clamshell package. The removable card back is also fully decorated on the front and the back and to top things off, Gentle Giant Ltd. also included a micro version of his blaster. What more could you possible is for this Christmas season? We’re hard pressed to think of anything better.

Also included in Yoda’s sack are micro versions of some other Gentle Giant Ltd. products, including the Ree-Yees Mini Bust and the Han Solo statue. All of the collectibles that come in the sack are in complete scale to the Yoda figure. We’re simply amazed at just how much detail went into this holiday collectible how much time the folks at Gentle Giant Ltd. spent thinking of a way to treat long time collectibles to something so very special like this. It’s unbelievable that the “accessories’ in this set will completely overshadow the main collectible in this set: the Yoda figure. But that’s exactly what is going to happen. Anything remotely vintage Boba Fett receives feverish attention from the collecting community. Is Gentle Giant Ltd. perhaps teasing a micro scaled collection of the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figures line? Is this a tease of what’s to come? How amazing would that be? It seems that Gentle Giant Ltd. are truly full of surprises and that collectors can bask in the fact that their best interests are in mind with this wonderful licensee. Now that we’ve raved about the secondary portions of this set, let’s talk about the Yoda figure.

Yoda is a repaint and reuse of 2013’s Yoda, The Jedi Master figure. He has been donned in a Santa Suit which includes a removable Santa hat, coat and belt. For good measure, Gentle Giant Ltd. also included hi infamous gimer stick to compete the look. If you recall, this is actually a McQuarrie Concept inspired figure. Based on Christmas card art, we have already seen this version of Yoda released in Hasbro’s line as well as in Sideshow Collectibles’ 1:6 Scale Figures line as Holiday Yoda. The later is a wonderful piece as well. While we aren’t big fans of bringing Christmas themed merchandise into the Star Wars line, we do appreciate the level of detail that went into this set. But in all honesty, we never felt that the classic 1981 Kenner Yoda action figure had that friendly of a smile on his face. So, it almost comes across as more “Grinch” than demure Jedi Master. We don’t say that irresponsibly because we love everything about Yoda, but look at this figure in the Santa outfit and tell us you don’t feel that something might be “out of place” here. No matter how Yoda looks in his Santa outfit, we still love this figure and especially the accompanying accessories. It is believed this will now be a highly sought after collectible thanks to the Boba Fett mini figure. Let’s see what happens.

Collector Notes

Yoda (Holiday Edition)

Status: Yoda (Holiday Edition) is a reuse of 2013's Yoda (Jedi Master) Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure. A new Santa suit including coat, belt and hat, has been woven for this release.

Exclusivity: 2013 Premier Guild Member Exclusive

Articulation Count: 5

Articulation Details: swivel head, 2 swivel arms, 2 swivel legs

Accessory Count: 12

Accessory Details: removable soft-goods Santa hat, removable soft-goods Santa suit, removable soft-goods belt, toy sack, mini C-3PO Mini Bust box, mini Ree-Yees Mini Bust box, mini Han Solo Statue box, mini Boba Fett Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure (5 parts: Boba Fett figure with five points of articulation, blaster, card insert, clamshell, figure tray)

Date Stamp: 2013

UPC: 871810010363

Retail: $89.99 USD

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