Yoda - ROTS - Basic (III 26)

Added: December 3rd 2012
Category: Revenge Of The Sith
Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Name: Yoda
Collection: Revenge Of The Sith
Number: III 26
Source: Revenge Of The Sith
Availability: April 2005
License: Hasbro

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Yoda suspects that Palpatine is behind the evil events that are destroying the Republic. On Coruscant, Yoda and the Emperor meet in the ultimate confrontation between the galaxy's most powerful masters of the Force.

When you’re a hardcore Star Wars collector, there is nothing more frustrating than a pretty good sculpt ruined by action features. Forget about the argument that these things are designed for kids for a few moments. We realize that and for all intents and purposes we don’t care. Hasbro can relegate action features to things outside of the action figure. This of course could mean weapons, display stands, environmental pieces – whatever – and save the well sculpted action figure from certain action feature doom. Take the Yoda (III 26) figure. A Collection 1 figure, this means that Yoda is itself and action feature. We are saddened by this because the likeness is rather impressive. But sacrifices were made to allow it to interact with the equally neat environmental “launching” stand that sets Yoda spinning into mid air wielding a lightsaber. Just don’t expect to see this figure again. (Editor’s Note: Hasbro resurrected this figure from the dead in 2012’s SW [TPM 3D] Movie Heroes lineup. Never say never!)

OK, so maybe that’s cool to you and it’s scarily screen accurate. But a Yoda without two independently articulated legs and ball-jointed arms is a figure we won’t ever fully accept warmly in our collections. Sure we’ll buy him to have one of everything, but beyond that he’s a frustrating “waste” of money. OK, so let’s incorporate the kids’ feelings now. They’re going to love this thing. Yoda is easily wound and with the flick of a button will be launched into the air spinning around. The bio on the card goes on to explain his encounter with Darth Sidious, but we’re a bit more inclined to believe that the “launch pad” he comes with more closely resembles a portion of the outside of the Jedi Temple where he and Obi-Wan fought off Vader’s Fist and not so much the Senate on Coruscant. Hey, that’s our opinion and we may be wrong, but that’s sort of how we feel. His encounter with the 501st Legion was extraordinarily exciting for us than his battle with Sidious, but that’s just another opinion.

The paint job is actually quite spectacular on Yoda, and we feel totally wasted on such an inferior sculpt. The likeness of Yoda is much more impressive than the 2005 ROTS Yoda (III 3) figure and the coloring of his outfit is also a bit better as well. The cape he comes with is removable and it’s oddly affixed the figure. Almost hinge-jointed (via two tiny prongs), it just basically flops around to the point of annoyance. We just don’t understand this design at all. It rarely lays nicely (or realistically) and it seems that a molded style would have worked out much better. Perhaps it was designed this way to “fly away” once the figure’s action feature is activated, but we’re not entirely sure. You’ll need Yoda (III 26) to complete your Revenge Of The Sith collection, but other than that, we’re not sure how much more this figure will offer a collector than completion of a basic figure line.

Collector Notes


Status: Yoda is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 8 points

Articulation Details: swivel head, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 swivel elbows, swivel right wrist, swivel waist, hinge-jointed "feet" (action feature)

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: interchangeable right hand with lightsaber, cape, gimer stick, action feature launching platform

Date Stamp: 2004

Collection: 1

Assortment Number: 85275/85173

UPC: 076930852750

Retail: $5.99 USD

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