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April 2004

Latest Guides And OTC Visual Guide Added

Posted by Mike | May 01, 2004 at 12:00 AM ET |

     Tonight we have updated our Visual Guides with the outline and checklist for the Original Trilogy Collection Visual Guide. While there aren't any images available as of yet for the OTC Guide, you can get an idea of what this line is going to entail when it starts to hit stores in the fall.
     Also, we have added a new feature tonight. The Latest Guides window, on the upper left hand corner, is a quick and easy way to reference all the newest figures and guides we have done. Just hover your pointer over the different buttons to see all the latest updates, and then click on that button to see the detailed image.
     Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to the Cast and Crew of Silent But Deadly 3, the funniest fan film I have ever seen. To check out the movie head on over to Many thanks to T'Bone of T'bones SWU for pointing this out to me!

What Do Star Wars, Christmas, & Disney Have In Common?

Posted by Mike | April 30, 2004 at 12:00 AM ET |

     Star Wars Collectibles, that's what! Today has updated their news with info on the 2004 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. This year we will be getting a Star Destroyer with Rebel Blockade Runner, Chewie with C-3PO in tow, a Star Wars: A New Hope Theater One-Sheet poster miniature, and finally Anakin Skywalker. Click HERE to check out the update.
     Also, announced some of the collectibles that will be offered at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida for the upcoming Star Wars Weekends. Everything from special exclusive pin sets to beanbag Jedi Mickeys will be available. So head over to's Star Wars Weekends 2004 Collectibles section for all the latest news!

Unified Site Contest III Winners Announced

Posted by Pete | April 21, 2004 at 01:46 AM ET |

     We're pleased to announce that we have winners in our Unified Site Contest part III. Out of 28 correct entries, random draw produced:

     1st Prize: Jeremiah Zohner
     2nd Prize: Justin Nackley
     3rd Prize: Dan Hartman

     We need you guys to claim your prizes within 7 days at either [email protected] or [email protected]      We wish to express our thanks for everyone that played, appreciation to the generous sponsors and hope you'll join us again on the next round - whenever that may be. We hope, in the process, that you also found something interesting that you didn't know about one of our participating Unified Sites!

     For those of you who wanted to get some "completion" and see where all the pieces lie just head on over to All Troops where all the links for the game pieces have been listed! Thanks again for playing!!

Battle of Carkoon Added to Saga Visual Guides

Posted by Pete | April 20, 2004 at 09:15 PM ET |

     If it is not the end of one portion of the 2004 Saga line it is another. This time we bring to you the Toys R Us exclusive Skirmish at Carkoon 4-pack. This set includes more repacks of old peg warmers in the likes of Barada, Klaatu and Nikto Skiff Guards, the Sail Barge Cannon from the POTJ Deluxe Princess Leia and Han Solo fresh from being in cold storage for a while. You can catch it all over in the 2004 Saga Visual Guides and don't forget to stop by Alliance Collectibles to pick up the latest in Star Wars gear!




     We have discovered a packaging error on the Skirmish at Carkoon's backside. While the Sail Barge Cannon, and Han Solo were all identified correctly, identification of Klaatu, Nikto, and Barada are wrong. The Guard labeled Nikto is really Klaatu, the Guard Labeled Klaatu is really Barada, and the guard labeled Barada is really Nikto. Confused? Click on the thumbnail below for a closer look.


Ultra Ewok with Attack Glider Added to VGs

Posted by Pete | April 18, 2004 at 08:15 PM ET |

     And so we present to you the end of yet another portion of the Saga line with the addition of the Ewok with Attack Glider to the 2004 Saga Visual Guides! A welcome addition to any collection, this set is worth getting a few of to start building that Ewok army that you have always wanted! Complete with his own spear and 2 rocks to drop from his glider, this is the way a line is supposed to bow out and make way for the OTC!!
     Alliance Collectibles has all the goods, so don't forget to stop in and pick up a few Ewoks for yourself!!


Battle of Endor Wave Added to Visual Guides

Posted by Pete | April 13, 2004 at 02:20 AM ET |

     After a run of nearly 2 full years the Basic Saga line that ran from April 2002 until today has finally come to an end with the presentation of the Battle of Endor wave featuring Han Solo in his AT-ST disguise, General Madine, and General Lando Calrissian. It is a pretty good way to end a line with 209 basic figures and ease into the Original Trilogy Collection.
     Alliance Collectibles, has got plenty of this wave and many of the rest of the Saga line, so don't forget to stop by and get them while the gettin' is good!


Unified Site Contest III Held Over One More Week!

Posted by Pete | April 11, 2004 at 10:28 PM ET |

     Due to popular demand and a genuine need for collectors and Star Wars fans to solve this mystery, the Unified Site Contest III is being extended for one more week! Entries MUST be in by 8.00 pm CST April 18th. Within the pages of the unified sites you will find clues to solving the greatest mystery of the Star Wars Universe: the death of Jabba the Hutt. It’s a Star Wars "Infinities" murder mystery where you assist Ephant Mon (Jabba’s trusted confidant) in determining the guilty party among a long list of underworld cutthroats, criminals and hooligans. Find the gamepieces that will lead you to the suspects, then make your determination and incriminate the culprit!      And what Unified Site Contest would be complete without a large cache of bounty to be won! Our newest contest has THREE prizes levels culminated from the generous sites and sponsors of, The Bothan Spy,, Jedi Temple Archives, Yakface’s Realm, The Custom Alliance, FFURG and!      For more information on rules, gameplay, prizes and more, visit the Unified Site Contest III gamesite...

Power of the Jedi Visual Guide Is Now Open

Posted by Mike | April 05, 2004 at 10:25 PM ET |

     Tonight, we bring yet another Visual Guide up and operational! Arguably the best Star Wars line too date, from many a collectors point of view anyway, the Power Of The Jedi line was released before the dark times of action features, and weapons made of flimsy plastic (*cough* SAGA Line *cough*). Now you can revisit this line, and view it for all it's collecting beauty. While the Guide is not yet 100% complete, we are working hard to fill in any holes we may have. To get started click HERE!

It's Time to Set Your VGs Forward!

Posted by Pete | April 04, 2004 at 02:14 PM ET |

     That's right, in addition to having set your clocks forward last night (you did remember didn't you?) it is also time to move the Visual Guides forward a bit too. The Star Wars Visual Guides have been updated with the addition of all the 2003 Unleashed and 2004 Unleashed figures plus we've added a good amount of the missing 2003 12" line! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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