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It's Happening Soon.

Soon. We promise. More specific information coming soon!

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As all of us know very well now, it’s happening! FedEx is gearing to ship out the overwhelming numbers of Jabba’s Sail Barges from Hasbro’s first successful HasLab campaign. JTA wants to share in your joy as well, so we’ve set aside a special page for everyone to chime in with their deliveries, their pictures and anything else they might want to share. So be sure to post your experience when you receive yours! The devoted page is found RIGHT HERE. (currently comments) (Please note rules in the featured comment.)

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Jedi Temple Archives Wishes Everyone A Very Merry Christmas!

Jedi Temple Archives wishes our readers a very Merry Christmas. It was our most successful year yet, and we’re so incredibly thankful for everyone who visits our site. Take time as often as you can this upcoming year to show compassion and love for one another, always reflect what is most important when it comes to the true meaning of Christmas. We hope everyone who reads here finds much-needed peace this holiday season because we all need that in our lives. Merry Christmas!

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UPDATE - JTA Presents: Evolutions Enhancement Added

Our readers have exceeded our expectations with the new JTA Presents: Evolutions column we started this week with an astounding 5400+ unique views per article. We thank you! The only thing you need to do to keep it going is to participate in the discussion. That’s all the fuel we need to stoke the fire. (Don’t make us go “Dr. Evil” on you.) We’ve also listened to your incredible and helpful feedback already as well. By popular request, we’ve added group shots of all of the action figures together of the featured character and will be doing so going forward. Thank you for the feedback, and keep on keeping’ on! See the updated group shot image for Biggs Darklighter (X-wing Pilot) HERE and the updated group shot image for Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) HERE.

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New Column Starts Tomorrow: JTA Presents Evolutions

A new column begins at Jedi Temple Archives tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

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JTA Welcomes Two New Staff Members!

You may have seen some new names floating around our site lately. Jedi Temple Archives is thrilled to welcome Thomas Otto from Germany and Caleb Amos from the USA to our already fantastic team. Thomas and Caleb join Chuck Paskovics, Paul Harrison, Mike Taber and Colin Borden and they’re helping to round out our voice and presence in the Star Wars fan site community. Their unique perspectives and distinct voices have already enhanced our front page here. And we’re excited for what they will bring in the future. Please be sure to welcome them and say hello if you have the chance!

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Be sure you’re here 9 AM ET tomorrow for a special post. That’s all we can say. So don’t ask for any more clues.


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Jedi Temple Archives Presents: 2017 - The Year In Review

Here is Jedi Temple Archives’ 2017 Year in Review! Reflect back with us as we go through all of the breaking news, headlines, and events that made up the 2017 calendar year. At times it was a difficult and even tragic year, but it was also fun and exciting. And hopefully greater things are in store for 2018. (Hey, The Vintage Collection is returning, so it can only go up from here, right?) Thank you for being part of this ride with us. Here is to a great 2018! You can verify all of these stories in our News Archives.

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Jedi Temple Archives Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

Jedi Temple Archives wishes all of our readers a very Merry Christmas. We are so thankful for all of you and that you decide to spend your valuable time here to check out our content. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but we appreciate and respect your input on our site. We love the engagement you bring. May you have a wonderfully healthy and happy holiday and a fantastic 2018. We couldn’t do this without you.

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Stop Allowing The Hate To Flow Through You

An unfortunate turn of events that our friends at Yakface.com have experienced should have been the golden opportunity to make us all reflect on what’s important and bind us all together in solidarity, but in many ways it has disgustingly become an attack on other competitor sites instead (as evidenced by some of their readers in the comments). I am not going to be long-winded, but the absolute LIES, DECEPTIONS, FALSE NARRATIVES and outright DISGUST being posted by some of you on social media and in comments is SHAMEFUL and much of it is libelous. It’s sad that your hatred for other sites, including JTA, has made you go down rabbit holes and take attention off of what Yakface.com was trying to relay to you, and especially when most of it is false and stretched. I welcome any of you to come here and discuss your issues with us or any other site on their/our own turf. We’re certainly not going to add to the mayhem outside of what gets posted here. Don’t be such cowards. This isn’t about JTA or any other site. Let go of your hate for a moment and lift up and encourage Yakface.com, for they do great things for the collecting community.

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JTA Public Service Announcement: Cut The Crap

It blows my mind how some of our comment threads can crash and burn, regardless if it’s a heated topic or just a simple announcement that there has been a change of movie director. There is certainly a lot of overreaction to other people’s comments with some flying off of the handle, but there are also triggers that are becoming problematic and affecting the enjoyment of our readers. (more….)

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Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey. We received some incredible feedback from you! We are now going to look at the analyzed data in each of the 25 questions in the survey. You will be able to see the results of each question, a sampling of other readers’ anonymous direct free form comments and feedback, as well as our interpretation of the data and what we’re going to do to change or improve the topic at hand here at Jedi Temple Archives.We will provide a Summary, an Aim, and a Response to Feedback for every question we asked you. First up!

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UPDATE: Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey

The response to the Jedi Temple Archives Reader Survey has significantly exceeded our expectations. There’s an incredible amount of great feedback we received from everyone and we will be sharing the results shortly. We are simply overwhelmed with how many of you took the time to add the free form comments. There is a great to deal to digest (which we’re extremely thankful for – that’s not a complaint).

We had only set up this survey to accommodate 3% of our daily visits (what our traditional participation experiences have been in the past). But we are nearly quadrupling that participation percentage unexpectedly already. The long story short is that there are only about 100 spots left to take this survey and provide your feedback. The survey is probably going to end before the planned August 31st date. We feel strongly that we have a tremendously fair sampling of opinions already, but it you want to leave your own personal responses, please act now. Thank you to EVERYONE who has already participated. We look forward to doing what we can to make Jedi Temple Archives better for everyone.


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Jedi Temple Archives wants your feedback on our site! Here is your chance to tell us how you really feel about us! Would you kindly take this very simple 25 question survey so that we can get your feedback to provide you with the best site possible. We can only improve things here if we know what needs changing. We also would like to know what you think we’re doing right, so your affirmations are appreciated too! Let your voice be heard! All responses are anonymous (they may be used in a summary of the results), your participation is confidential (we won’t know who is actually participating). We appreciate it! Survey feedback will be accepted through August 31st. Thank you!

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There Is Another.... JTA Staff Member

You may have seen many of his great posts already. Here is his official welcome. Chuck and I are very happy (and relieved) to welcome zealously eager staff member Colin Borden to the JTA team. Colin actually grew up about 15 minutes from where I grew up in NJ so it’s great to have that close connection in addition to our mutual passions for Star Wars (which are pretty different mind you). By the way, his introduction to Star Wars figures was nearly identical to mine as well (see his story). Colin is a tad younger than the other older fogies here and brings a unique perspective on the Disney acquisition of Star Wars, i.e. he doesn’t loathe The Force Awakens like I do. So those who don’t like me (here and on Twitter) be glad Colin is here. Click through for a little background information on Colin and please give him a warm welcome in our comments.

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