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March 2005

Star Wars Tops LOTR & Harry Potter
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     This story over at CNN explains what we all know already...after all we spend countless dollars on the films...that Star Wars is the highest grossingmovie franchise ever...more than Harry, more than Frodo, evenmore than all 21 ofthe James Bond movies!

Visual Guide Update - Revenge of the Sith
[Chuck| 03/31/05]

     In another addition to the Revenge of the Sith Visual Guide, Yoda makes his first appearance. He's sporting a handy blaster cannon with a launching missle. Keep checking back as the Revenge onslaught continues right on through April 2nd. Alliance Collectibles has Yoda and the rest of the gang ready to ship for the April 2nd launch!

Visual Guide Update - Revenge of the Sith
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Next up...General Grievous! The fearsome general of the dorid army comes complete with a 4 lightsaber attack action feature, a blaster and 4 unique lightsabers! Check him out in the ROTS Visual Guide or by clicking on the thumbnail below. Thanks to Alliance Collectibles for helping us get these guides cranking!

Wal*Mart Episode III Page
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Wal*Mart's Episode III page is up and running...bookmark it now to make shopping on April 2nd a breeze!

500th Figure - Darth Vader Revealed
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Those cool guys over at Galactic Hunter have an image of the long awaited 500th Darth Vader figure with meditiation chamber...Click here to get a look!

Visual Guide Update - Revenge of the Sith
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Next up...the Royal Guard in his red armor..take a close lookright here or by clicking on the thumbnail below. The Royal Guard comes with multiple points of articulation, a stand, a pistol and blaster and has incredible detail under those robes!

Visual Guide Update - Revenge of the Sith
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     The Revenge of the Sith Visual Guide will get a hug boost today with a ton of new stuff to get you ready for April 2nd...check out the General Grievous Bodyguard below...and don't forget to make Alliance Collectibles you source for April 2nd shopping.

Alliance Collectibles News Flash!
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Alliance Collectibles is armed and ready to battle the Emperor with tons and tons of Revenge of the Sith merchandise in stock and ready to ship on April 2nd!! Jedi, Army Builders, can find it all there...Head on over and place your order before somone else gets what you want! Contest
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Our great buddies at BeJedi are holding a contest for a bunch of Real Stands...perfect timing since we'll all be getting new figures in the next few days...head over and enter and then stay tuned becasue this is the 1st of a series of contests that they'll be holding!

Entertainment Earth Super Store
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     Did you bookmark the Entertainment Earth EIII Superstore yet? Why not? April 2 is only days away and you'll need to have the computer ready to shop till it drops...Bookmark it today and get ready to shop!

LucasArts New EIII Site!
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     The official site for the Star Wars: Episode III EIII Superstore video game is up at Lucas Arts...head on over to get a look at the site adn all the creat sreenshots and game information for the ultimate in Star Wars video games!

Action HQ Announcement!
[Pete | 03/31/05] -bringing the Best to you FIRST with tons of Episode III Revenge of the Sith collectibles and merchandise! They have in the 3.75" figures (lots), Deluxe figures (3 styles), Battle Vehicles (3 styles), Assault Vehicles (4 styles), Forece Battler Figures (4 styles), Unleashed (3 styles), Galactic Heroes (1 style), Battle Arenas (5 styles), Micro Battle Sets (2 styles), Deluxe Gunship (8 styles), Action Assortment (4 styles) and Lego (11 styles). Stock will be limited and we do expect to sell out of certain assortments so put in your order early.

Free Shipping at Code3!
[Pete | 03/31/05]

     It's no April Fools joke...Code3 Collectibles is offering FREE shipping on anything in stock on April 1st only! Head on over and get that Slave I or Skywalker Ranch firetruck you always time is better than free shiping time!

Visual Guide Update - LEGO
[Pete | 03/30/05]

     Today the LEGO Visual Guide gets a boost with the addition of the Landspeeder and A-Wing. Click the thumbnails below to take a closer look!


More UK Finds
[Pete | 03/30/05]

     Woolworths stores in the UK continue to roll out the Revenge of the Sith figures. Click on the thumbs below to check out what Alan found this week...and click here and here to see some spoiler sensitive figures.


Update: Here are pictures of Chewbacca and a minor spoiler Clone Trooper.

Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
[Chuck | 03/29/05]

     Another update to the Vintage Foreign Visual Guide. This one nearly closes out the Top Toys line of figures from Argentina. Only the mighty Chewbacca remains, and we are still on the hunt for the elusive wookie. Again, many thanks to forum member Doug Fulford for supplying these hard-to-find images taken from his personal collection. Good luck finding that wookie!

Target Star Wars Page
[Pete | 03/29/05]

     Target is getting all hyped up for the release of the Revenge of the Sith stuff on April 2nd...Check out thier Star Wars page right here!

Visual Guide Update - Power Of The Force 2
[Mike | 03/28/05]

     Todays Visual Guide update is a small addition to the POTF2 Guide. We have added the POTF2 Imperial Speeder Bike with Biker Scout to the Guides.
     Check them out by clicking on the images below:


Hasbro - Exclusives Update
[Pete | 03/28/05]

     Hasbro has updated their main page with plenty of links to the information about the exclusives that will be happening at Wal*Mart, Target and Toys R Us on April 2nd!
     The Wal*Mart section covers all the details about Midnight Madness, the 40 hours of Star Wars and the Early Bird Set that will be in stores and online!
     The Toys R Us section talks about all the big parties that will be taking place around the country, including the biggest of all in Times Square and it covers the details about the Holographic Yoda!
     The Target section reminds everyone that there are a very limited number of the exclusive Darth Vaders up for grabs and the strict limit is 1 per person!
     Read it all for yourself right here!!! Oh, and by way...don't forget to check out the details on breaking the Emperors Code for a special prize and check out the site design enhancements!

Early Bird Set Confirmed by CNN
[Pete | 03/28/05]

     CNN's latest article on Hasbro and Revenge of the Sith goes into further detail on what we can expect from the Early Bird sets at Wal*Mart. The sets will be an enpty box with a certifcate inside that will be redeemable for the four Star Wars action figures originally available in 1977: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2D2 and Chewbacca. Only 50,000 sets are being made!
     Hasbro's Eric Nyman also warns that the paackaing on the Lava Vader, Holo Yoda and Early BIrd Set should not be thrown away as there are hidden symbols on all three of them needed to crack the code at Hasbro's web site for a special prize!
     Excited?? Read more right here!!

New Jedi Temple Poll Starts
[Mike | 03/28/05]

    We have a new Jedi Temple Poll. We are now down to less than 5 Days and counting for the Official release of Revenge Of The Sith merchandise. There is no doubt that the Merchandising Juggernaut for E3 has been stepped up so as to take full advantage of the Last Star Wars Movie to be made. So the new Poll Question is: How much do you plan on spending on April 2nd? After you voted make sure to head over to our forums and share with everyone your list of what you want to grab on April 2nd by clicking HERE! Not a member of our forums? Well It's easy to join, just REGISTER!
    The last poll asked how to what extent you have been spoiled for Episode 3. Surprisingly it seems people just can't wait for May 19th, as they have been spoiled at least somewhat. Here are the results:

  • Spoiled Beyond Repair - 68 Votes
  • Spoiled A Little - 58 Votes
  • Watched Trailers Only - 19 Votes
  • 100% Spoiler Free - 12 Votes

  • The New TPU is Online!
    [Pete | 03/28/05]

         Pete wries in from the brand new The Private Universe to announce that the new site design is done and that they are back on-line! Head on over and take a look around. Congrates to Pete and the staff on the new look and MTFBWY.

    Visual Guide Update - Saga
    [Pete | 03/27/05]

         A minor update to the 2003 Saga Visual Guide is the Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett in his blue gear to compliment the one already in the guides of him in his green below for a closer look.

    Visual Guide Update - POTJ
    [Pete | 03/27/05]

         Another minor update with the likes of Eeth Koth to the POTJ Visual Guide to round out all the basic figures in that section. Take a closer look by clicking on the thumbnail below.

    Brian's Toys Newsletter #300
    [Pete | 03/27/05]
 latest newsletter is full of good stuff including Star Cases for the ROTS figures, giant Pez dispensers, bust-ups theC-3PO mini-bust and more! Click here to read the entire newsletter!

    ROTS Checklist On-Line
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         Alright...the big night is less than a week away and you're going to need to head out to Midnight Madness well prepared! Have no fear...the Jedi Temple Archives Revenge of the Sith Checklist is on line and ready for download and printing! Click the image below and you'll be all set! ...Well, except for getting some rest and drinking plenty of Coke to keep you going!

    Visual Guide Update - Episode 1
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         Today the Episode 1 Visual Guide tis updated with the FAO Exclusive Faamba and Gungan Warrior. The largest beast of all time comes with "Real Feel" skin so you never have to try to pass the Trade Federation blockade to go pet one of these domesticated beasts!


    Celebration III - Star Wars in 30 Minutes
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         That's right....they're back...thefolks that brought you the same at CII will be giving you the the OT in 30 minutes flat...all without missing a beat! Read all about it right here and if you will be in Indy, do not miss out on this one fantastic show!

    Celebration III - Master Replicas Exclusive
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         The cool guys over at Galactic Hunter have uncovered the Celebration III Master Replicas is a black chrome Obi-Wan scaled replica and is limited to just 3, more here.

    Entertainment Weekly Covers Saga
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         We know that you have not read enough about the Star Wars Saga yet, so this April 1st head out to your newsstandand pick up the latest magazine in one of 6 different Star Wars covers! All the details are right here.

    Entertainment Earth - Lightsaber Battle Game
    [Pete | 03/26/05]

         We hope you have been practicing your Form III skill becasue Entertainment Earth has the band new SW EIII Lightsaber Battle Game in stock and ready to yours now so you can help the Jedi defeat the Emperor on May 19...we hope.
         Also, don't forget to bookmark the Star Wars Episode 3 Super Section of the site for easy access to all and more of your Episode III needs!

    Visual Guide Update - Clone Strike Miniatures
    [Mike | 03/25/05]

         Todays Visual Guide Update is an addition to the Clone Strike Miniatures Visual Guides. Today we add 3 more miniatures to the guide, 1 from each faction. Saesee Tiin (Republic), a Super Battle Droid (Separatist), and a Klatooinian Enforcer (Fringe) are added.
         Check out the images below, and then head on over to the Clone Strike Visual Guide to check out their stat cards.


    Alliance Collectibles - Battle Packs
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         Alliance Collectibles has some more great stuff up for Pre-Order...the Battle Packs!! Cool sets of figures that feature characters in either the Sith vs. Jedi or the Jedi vs. Separatists!! These packs feature the likes of Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan with Snap-On Clone Armor, Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul and more!
         Also up for pre-order is the Medicom Japanese exclusive 13" Real Action Hero Episode VI Darth Vader! All readers of JTA can get these and a Comm Tech Stormie at a special price by clicking here and placing an order...but hurry up...the cool deal on these things is only good until April 4th!

    Hasbro - Micro Vehicle Multi-Packs
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         The Hasbro update of the day is about the Micro Vehicle Multi-Packs. The 2nd wave includes the A New Hope - Trench Ambush Set, The Empire Strikes Back - Battle of Hoth Set and Return of the Jedi - Bounty Hunter and Sith Set.

    Max Contest
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         Our pals at are having a contest for a 2nd Edition Silver Darth's simple to enter, so click here, read about it and enter away!

    Early Bird Set at Wal*Mart
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         According to this article over at Rebel Scum, Wal*Mart will be offering mail-in certificates for an Early Bird set that will be in the $30 price range! Keep your eyespeeled for more info on this neat promotion!

    Hasbro - 12" Figures Wave 2
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         Today Hasbro has info and pics of the second wave of the 12" figures. This wave includes Shaak Ti and Barriss Offee Click here to see the pics and read all about them!

    Alliance Collectibles Pre-Orders
    [Pete | 03/25/05]

         With April 2 just around the corner Alliance Collectibles has all you'll need to avoid those nasty crowds and long lines...Basic figures, deluxe figures, ships, Unleashed and more are all up for pre-order...head on over now and reserve your stuff now so that you don't get left behind!

    Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
    [Chuck | 03/24/05]

         Updated, the Vintage Foreign Visual Guide is. Join the ranks of the Visual Guides, Master Yoda has. Look him up, you will...

    Visual Guide Update - Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 03/23/05]

         We're rounding out the Villians of the Dark Side Bust-Ups today with the additions of Count Dooku, Darth Sideous, Royal Guard and the Stormtrooper. Click the thumbnails below or right here to take a closer look!



    Charity Auction For Hasbro Children's Hospital
    [Mike | 03/23/05]

         The fine people at Hasbro have dropped us an email pointing out an auction for a very cool piece. Hasbro has put up for auction a Rubies, Limited Edition Darth Vader Helmet. The helmet is a LFL licensed product, and was limited to a run of 5,000. However what might be the best part of this auction is that the base is signed by George Lucas.
         The auction is currently live now and will run through April 7th. On April 7th at 11:00 p.m, online bidding will halt, and the item will then be taken to the My Little Pony Friendship Ball on April 9th. There the highest online bid will be become the starting bid for the Helmet. Can't make it to the Ball? No problem, absentee bidding is available. The best thing about this auction is that it goes to help kids. All proceeds from the Friendship Ball and the Auction will go to The Center for Special Children at Hasbro Children's Hospital. What can be better than that?
         To sign up and read the full details of this auction make sure to head on over to the where the auction is being held at, by clicking on the image below:

    More UK Finds
    [Pete | 03/23/05]

         Alan writes in again to saythat he is having a lot of luck at the Woolworths stores in the UK when it comes to finding Revenge of the Sith is just part of what he scored. Thanks Alan!


    Hasbro - Titanium Series Wave 2
    [Mike | 03/23/05]

         Today Hasbro has info and pics of Wave 2 of the Wal-Mart Exclusive Titanium Series Vheicles. This wave has a total of 8 vehicles in it and they will be a Wal-Mart exclusive.
         Click on the image below to check them out! Coupon!
    [Pete | 03/23/05]
 is offering a rare promotion for all orders placed through When checking out on the website, simply type in the coupon code "CRAZY50" and you’ll receive $10 off your next order of $50 or more! We want to encourage all of our customers to place orders before the Episode III rush!
         Take advantage of this special offer soon as it is only good until March 30th! It’s just one of our ways of thanking you for doing business with Brian’s Toys!

    Hasbro - Clone Wars Updates
    [Mike | 03/22/05]

         Hasbro has a couple updates for us today. First is the Republics AR-RT which many will recognize as the pre-cursor to the Original Trilogies AT-ST. Also today hasbro hsa officially announced the release of the Clone Wars Commemorative DVD Collection.
         Make sure to stop by and check them out!

    Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
    [Chuck | 03/22/05]

         The Vintage Foreign Visual Guide updates again with the evil Darth Vader, another great bootleg-looking figure from the Top Toys line.

    Entertainment Earth - Han Mini-Bust
    [Pete | 03/22/05]

         Entertainment Earth has added the Gentle Giant Han Solo Mini-Bust to the site for pre-order. Reserve yours today!

    Clone Wars Chapter 21
    [Pete | 03/22/05]

         Didn't get enough of the Chapter 21 of the Animated Clone Wars series? Hyperspace members only need to head right here to catch it again and again! Then, don't forget to pick up your copy of Clone Wars Volume 1 DVD at the Star Wars Shop! Prepares For Episode 3
    [Pete | 03/21/05]
 has gotten a new Home Page today. Now you get a title page, and when the page loads you are treated to one of 8 pics. Well 8 that we know of so far, Each characters page is introduced with music from the Star Wars Saga, and then a loop of what sounds like a Lava flow/eruption. There is also a ton of new content in the form of short descriptions, images, and more for Episode 3. We have screen captured the 8 characters we found so far, if anyone finds any others let us know. Our screen captures do the actual site no justice so make sure to head on over and check it out!


    Clone Wars Animated Series
    [Pete | 03/21/05]

         I'm sure no one forgot, but tonight at 7:00 eastern the 12 minute Chapter 21 of the Animated Clone Wars series will aire on the Cartoon Network...don't foret to tune in, and then watch it again over at the Official Site!

    Hasbro - Deluxe Figures
    [Pete | 03/21/05]

         Hasbro adds another update today...Deluxe Figures in the likes of Yoda, Vulture Droids, Clones and Darth Vader are what's on tap.

    Visual Guide Update: Rebel Storm Miniatures Guide
    [Mike | 3/21/05]

         Today we update the Rebel Storm Miniatures Guide with the addition of 9 Minis and their stat cards. That's 18 images total. Check out the figures below, and head on over to the Guide to check out their stats cards:


    Hasbro - Attacktix
    [Pete | 03/21/05]

         Hasbro has images and descriptions of a cool Carry Case to store and display all yout Attacktix all about it by clicking below.
         And don't forget to check out the Atacktix Battle Masters Boga and AT-RT right here!

    Visual Guide Update - Mini-Busts
    [Pete | 03/20/05]

         The latest addition to the Gentle Giant Visual Guide is the ugly brute of a Gamorrean Guard...he's not that bright of a creature, but Gentle Giant did a bang up job on recreating it's likeness...check it out below!

    Visual Guide Update - Playskool Bounty Hunters
    [Pete | 03/20/05]

         We've already stated to expand on the number of images in the Playskool Visual Guides. Today the Bounty Hunters have been added...who can possibly be threatend by these guys. The wave includes Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, IG-88, 4-LOM and Zuckuss...check them out right here.




    Brian's Toys Newsletter #299
    [Mike | 03/20/05]
 has posted their latest newsletter:

         Featured Item now in stock is Illusive Concepts Darth Vader Revealed for $1,999.99. Also now in stock, over 100 Vintage G.I.Joe vehicles, Saga Action Fleet, Family Guy Series 2 and DC Direct Green Lantern Figures.

         To check out the entire newsletter, click HERE.

    Visual Guide Update - Clone Wars Maquettes
    [Pete | 03/19/05]

         Today we are adding 3 of the Clone Wars Maquettes to the Gentle Giant Visual Guides. The pure evil Asajj Ventress, Obi-Wan in his clone trooper gear and an ARC Trooper Captain join the ranks of this cool series of statues produced by Gentle Giant. Click below to check them out!


    Holographic Yoda News
    [Pete | 03/19/05]

         The Revenge of the Sith Holographic Yoda was spotted at by the folks over at Galactic Hunter...Click here to see the listing.

    Galaxy of Stars Update
    [Pete | 03/19/05]

         Richard Leparmentier who played General Motti has been added to the impressive lineup of Star Wars folks who will be signing at the Galay of Stars this April 16 in Somerset, England!

    Visual Guide Update - EIII Droid Tri-Fighter
    [Mike | 03/19/05]

         Tonights update features another addition to our Episode 3 Visual Guide. The Droid Tri-Fighter is a new weapon of the Trade Federation and features missiles, cannons, and little droids called Buzz Droids that attach themselves to enemy ships and rip them apart.
         Check out the images below.


    Han Solo Mini-Bust At
    [Mike | 03/18/05] now has the Han Solo Mini Bust for sale at the site. They also have the Sculpted 3-D Star Wars theater posters up for order. To check them out and order yours click on the thumbnails below:

    Han Solo Mini Bust       Sculpted 3-D Poster: A New Hope Version A
    Sculpted 3-D Poster: The Empire Strikes Back Version A       Sculpted 3-D Poster: Return of the Jedi Version A News!!
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

         The cool folks over at Be Jedi have a few cool new features that we are sure you'll want to take advantage of.
         First if you ever wanted to check off your own Star Wars Comic collection for completeness or put it in order, this is the time to do it! During the last five weeks, has been gradually making its Comic Charts public and so now they’re up completely for your perusal! The entire Dark Horse comic collection has been arranged in a chronological reading order, retaking four big eras and the collection of non-canonical stories: including The Old Republic Era, The Rise of the Empire Era, The Rebellion Era, The New Alliance Era and Infinity and others
         Next to that one of their readers got his hands on the Region 1 DVD of the Clone Wars cartoons and has reviewed it; if you ever needed some arguments to buy this DVD, Embra has just delivered them. Find the article right here!

    Gentle Giant Bust-Up Pack-Ins
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

         Gentle Giant was kind enough to send us some more information on the Amber Chewbacca pack-in along that was at Borders in the Clone Wars Vol. 1 TPB, along with some news of other pack-ins. If you like collecting the Bust-Ups then be on the lookout for the Crimson Tide TPB with a Royal Guard and an exclusive Holographic Darth Sideous bust up. Star Wars: Empire included a Darth Vader from Series 2 at Hastings stores who alao carried the Star Wars: Infinities that came with a Series 2 Stormtrooper.
         Check back from more information as it becomes avaliable and check out the images of the Bust-Ups below.


    Episode III a "Tearjerker"
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

        George Lucas himself said it...want to know why? Head on over to to read about some of his thoughts about the movie!

    ActionHQ Announcement
    [Pete | 03/18/05] is bringing the Best to you First. Star Wars Episode III - 4.75" figures, Deluxe figures, Battle Vehicles, Assault Vehicles, Battlers, Unleashed, Galactic Heroes, Battle Arenas, Micro Battle Sets, Deluxe Gunship and Action Assortments will be available on April 2nd! Head over to today!

    Hasbro - Call Upon Yoda
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

         Another update from Hasbro...this time it is about Call Upon Yoda complete with over 500 phrases for storytelling, trivia and wisdom. Click the Yoda below to check read more...

    Star Wars Sheets
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

        Remember the good old days when you had your nice Empire Strikes Back sheet to cuddle up in? Well, those days are back as Dan River is coming ot with a whole new line of Star Wars Sheets! They will come in designs called Dark Side, Galactic Heroes, and Lightsaber Duel and you can read all about them right here.

    Celebration III - Collecting Panels
    [Pete | 03/18/05]

        The Official Site has announced a huge array of collecing forums that will be taking place at Celebration III. Topics and forums will include Preserving and Storing a Star Wars Collection, Displaying Your Star Wars Collectibles, Vintage Action Figure Collecting, Origianl Comic Art Work, Autographs, Lily Ledy, International Collecting and more! Read about all the forums right here.

    Visual Guide Update - Clone Wars
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         The Clone Wars Commemorative DVD Collection 3-packs have been added to the Visual Guides. The Jedi Force Pack and Sith Attack Pack come with previouslly released figures and their accessories, but in a neat package style that is fit for display...head on over to the Clone Wars Visual Guides to check them out in full, or just click on the thumbs below to get a nice overview of the sets.


    Gentle Giant CIII Exclusive - Sandtrooper Mini-Bust
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         Gentle Giant has given their site a new look and along with it the announcement that the Celebration III exclusive will be the Sandtrooper Corporal mini bust!! And that's not will be followed up later this year with the Sandtrooper Sergeant and Sandtrooper Squad Leader!! Edition size on the Sandtrooper Corporal will be just 2,500 and is not yet set for the other two.
         Also unveiled is the Han Solo from A New Hope that was featured at Toy Fair this past February...Click here for a recap from Gentle Giant...It promises to be an exciting year, and we have not even seen they have on tap for ROTS yet!

    Toys R Us Sold Today
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         Toys R Us was sold today to a group of investors by KKR Group, Bain Capital and Vornado Realty Trust for $6.6 billion, plus the assumption of about the deal over at CNN.

    Visual Guide Update - POTF2 A-Wing Fighter
    [Chuck | 03/17/05]

         Todays update takes up back a few years as we fill some holes in our older guides. The Power of the Force 2 guide gets a new addition today with the first rehash of the A-Wing Fighter.


    2005 Hyperspace Kits Revealed!
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         The word has been announced...if you have been wanting to know what will be in your 2005 Fan Club Kit you needn't wait any longer! The kit includes the likes of the customary letter from George Lucas, a ROTS ceiling dangler, coupons for merchandise and more...Click here to read the full story.

    Rick McCallum at Celebration III!
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         The Official Site has anounced that Rick McCallum will be at Celebrations III to conduct some interviews, participate in some Q&A sessions and to reveal a special surprise! Read more about his visit right here.

    Clear Amber Chewbacca Bust-Up
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         It was found on eBay and confirmed by Gentle Giant to be a real product. The Clear Amber Chewie is part of a promotion at Borders Books and will be packed with the Clone Wars #1 TPB and a clear Yoda...Check out the auction for it right here!!

    Midnight Madness!
    [Pete | 03/17/05]

         Our pals over at Rebel Scum have a full list of stores that will be participating in Midnight Madness this April 2...sad to say, Brcelona is not on the list, but chances are there is one near you...see the full list right here.

    Playskool Visual Guide Open!
    [Pete | 03/16/05]

         All know you like them, even if they are we open our Playskool Visual Guide with the "A New Hope" Wave of Galactic Heroes. Don't worry, there's much more to come and we'll have frequent updtes, so keep checking back to see what's new!


    ROTS Scored in the UK
    [Pete | 03/16/05]

         Alan writes in to let us know thtthe chain store in the UK he works for got the go ahead to put out the Revenge of the Sith...he even scored some for himself..just check out the pics below, and then, if you live in the UK head out and start looking for those figures!


    More ROTS Galactic Heroes
    [Pete | 03/16/05]

         The Cargo Bay has some more of the Revenge of the Sith Galactic Heroes in their database...we found that we can also expect to see these sets filling up the pegs this May:

  • Chewbacca and Clone Trooper
  • Mace Windu and Kit Fisto
  • R2-D2 and Super Battle Droid

  • Hasbro - Blasters
    [Pete | 03/15/05]

         Hasbro has thier daily update it is for the Revenge of the Sith Blaster Assortment.

    Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
    [Chuck | 03/15/05]

         As our Visual Guide updates continue, everybody's favorite OT Jedi, Luke Skywalker, is our next addition to our Vintage Foreign Visual Guide. Like the other Top Toys figures, this one has subtle differences to it's Kenner counterpart. So, check out our comparisons before you seek this one out.

    Entertainment Earth - Danglers!
    [Pete | 03/15/05]

         So, you can't get enough of the cute little Galactic Heroes? Entertainment Earth has the Galactic Heroe Danglers in the system...Pre-order yours today!

    More Lava Vader News
    [Pete | 03/15/05]

         Our pals over at Rebel Scum are reporting some disturbing news about the quantity of Lava Vaders that will be at each Target on April 2...just 35 per store...Click here to find out how they will be handed out.

    New Books From DK
    [Pete | 03/15/05]

         The Official Site two new fantastic books will be published through DK Books this year...Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide, explores the entire Star Wars Saga with images and Star Wars: Complete Locations -- Inside the Worlds of Episode I to VI checks out the world of Star Wars with the awesome 3D illustrations that we have all come to know so well.


    Hasbro - Lightsabers
    [Pete | 03/15/05]

         Hasbro has articles and images up of both the Basic Lightsabers and the Electronic Lightsabers..including the Anakin and Vader sabers that changes blade colors!

    Clone Wars Poster At
    [Mike | 03/14/05] has the Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume II Exclusive Poster up for sale right now. Also they have added a few new items to their stock list. They are also now offering a Star Wars: Crimson Empire book and exclusive bust-up set exclsuive to as well as a couple coaster sets. Click on the images below to check them out and order yours.

    Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume II Exclusive Poster       The Simpsons Bart Wars       Star Wars: Crimson Empire
    Episode III Darth Vader Coaster Set       Episode III Sith Coaster Set

    Visual Guide Update - Unleashed Obi Wan
    [Mike | 03/14/05]

         Yesterday we had the Episode 3 Anakin Unleashed, well today we have the counterpart to that figure in Obi Wan Kenobi. Just as with the Anakin figure, Obi Wan is also engulfed in lava, and is using the force to keep it at bay.
         Click on the image below to check out Obi Wans Unleashed figure:

    Episode III Trailer on Line for All To View
    [Pete | 03/14/05]

         You mean you still didn't catch the Revenge of the Sith trailer? Well, now it is up for all to see...just go to or click here to view the trailer or to see a video series about the making of Episode III click here and enjoy!

    Star Wars Weekends Collectibles
    [Pete | 03/14/05]

         The Official Site has images and description up of what you can expect to find down at Disney this year. Starting off the list are pins, watches, t-shirts and more...head over to the Official Site for the full scoop.

    Visual Guide Update - Gentle Giant Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 03/13/05]

         Following up on this weeks earlier update of the Villians of the Dark Side Bust-Ups, tonight we add the other bust-up that had the honor of also having a chase figure...Darth Maul. Allicance Collectibles has this wave and the chases in stock now..stop in and take a look.


    Visual Guide Update - Unleashed Anakin
    [Mike | 03/13/05]

         Words spoken from a betrayed and heart broken Obi Wan while dueling his one time friend and pupil, Anakin Skywalker. Todays Visual Guide update is from our Unleashed Guide, and it features Anakin Skywalker captured from the moments of his duel with Obi Wan. This is only half of this particular Unleashed Figure, as the Obi Wan Unleashed (sold separately) can be connected to Anakins base to show the 2 engaged in a struggle that is more than just Friend vs. Friend, but Good vs. Evil.
         Check out the images below to check out Anakins Unleashed figure, and tomorrow we will have the 2nd half of this set.

    Hasbro - Unleashed
    [Pete | 03/13/05]

         Hasbro has an article and images of the Revenge of the Sith playskool below to check them out!

    Brian's Toys Newsletter #298
    [Pete | 03/13/05]

         Brian's Toys Newsletter #297 is below for a sample of what's inide and click here to read the whole thing!
         Kotobukiya Sandtrooper Corporal & Sergeant both now in stock for $199.99 each! Original Trilogy Bust Ups Series 3 now in stock and many Clone Wars Vehicles back in stock! GIJOE Japanese AFA collection also just in stock.

    Visual Guide Update - Unleashed
    [Pete | 03/12/05]

         Today JTA is even more unleashed than yesterday! We have added the fearsome Aurra Sing and IG-88 to the Visual Guides along with the Imperial Stormtrooper.
         But that is not all...a question has been poking around in the back of our minds about what line Unleashed really belongs it Saga, OTC or Revenge of the Sith? Well, with unique card designs and a life that spans a number of lines already we've decided that they deserve a section all their own and today we officially oen up the Unleashed Visual Guide!!
         Don't forget that Allicance Collectibles has everything you need to keep your Unleashed needs in check...head on over today and check them out!


    Visual Guide Update - Unleashed Grievous
    [Mike | 03/11/05]

         Our Update is a little late tonight, that is because we were waiting for this piece to come in. Well here it is, and he is the new Bad guy for Episode 3, General Grievous from the E3 Unleashed line. The Droid General is part alien, part droid and a force to be reckoned with as we will find out in May.
         Check out the images below. Check back tomorrow as we will have another E3 Unleashed that is burning to be seen

    Hasbro - Unleashed
    [Pete | 03/11/05]

         Hasbro has an article on how the Anakin and Obi-Wan Unleashed figures become, well, one another the image below to check it out!

    Lucas Believes ROTS will earn a PG-13 Rating
    [Pete | 03/11/05]

         George Lucas speaks out to further strenghten rumors that Revenge of the Sith will receive a PG-13 rating. In this story on CNN Lucas explains that "The film is much more dark ... more emotional." and that "We're going to watch him (Anakin) make a pact with the devil" . Read more at CNN.

    Entertainment Earth - Darth Vader Scale Saber
    [Pete | 03/11/05]

         Entertainment Earth has the Darth Vader 1:2 Scale Saber Replica hot off the truck and waiting to be sent to your home...head on over and add to that Vader collection!!

    Darth Vader 1:2 Scale Saber Replica

    ActionHQ Announcement
    [Pete | 03/11/05] is bringing the Best to you FIRST in PreOrders for 1/6 scale Real Action Hero Ep IV Darth, Character Magnets Series 2 include Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Maul, Clone Trooper, Greedo, Royal Guard, Scout Trooper and a "Secret Version", Lightsaber Pendents and more! Head over to today!


    Clone Wars Commercials - Part 2
    [Mike | 03/10/05]

         Last night we posted a Video Capture from Cartoon Network of the first of two Clone Wars Commercials they have been running. Well tonight we have the second commercial for you to view. Right Click and "Save Target As" to download and view the Commercials.
         When your done checking out the video, we have screen captures of the video in our Forums, check this THREAD out to peek at the screen caps.

    Entertainment Earth - Bounty Hunter Bust-Ups
    [Mike | 03/10/05]
 now has the Star Wars Bust-Ups Series 3 6-Pack up for sale. To check them out and order yours click on the image below:

    Star Wars Bust-Ups Series 3 6-Pack

    Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
    [Chuck | 03/10/05]

         Another Ewok makes it's way into our Vintage Foreign Visual Guide. Logray is the 2nd of seven Top Toys branded action figures from Argentina. If you are looking for something unique to collect, vintage foreign figures offer a nice change to the norm. You can use our guides as a checklist and to identify the differences from their Kenner counterparts and build your own unique collection!

    Hasbro - Force Battlers
    [Pete | 03/10/05]

         Hasbro has posted pictures and descriptions of the new Force Battlers...

    Lava Vader - Close Up
    [Pete | 03/10/05]
 has even better images of the Target Exclusive Lava Vader! Click here to go check them out!

    Hasbro - 12" Ultimate Villain
    [Pete | 03/10/05]

         Hasbro has news and images of the 12" Ultimate Villain...the 12" figure you've wanted for 28 years that changes from Anakin to Darth Vader...check it out by clicking here.

    Sandtroopers News
    [Pete | 03/10/05]

         Our pals from Sandtroopers have a few more things for you to browse through including a guide to the game play and figures of Star Wars Minatures and a great little write up about your favorite spud and mine...Darth Tater. Head on over and check it out.

    Lucas to Receive "Galactic-Achievement Award"
    [Pete | 03/10/05]

         CNN reports that George Lucas will receive the "Galactic-Achievement Award" for his achievements with the movies and the impact on our culture. Read more about it right here.

    Clone Wars Commercials
    [Mike | 03/09/05]

         Many fans I am sure have March 21st marked on their ca lenders. That is the day that Volume II of the Clone Wars Cartoon begins on Cartoon Network. In anticipation of that day, Cartoon Network has been running promo spots for the Series the last few days. There are 2 I know of, 1 of which I have been lucky enough to capture and make available for our readers. Check it out below, because of the size of the file, please right click and do a "save target as
         When your done checking out the video, we have screen captures of the video in our Forums, check this THREAD out to peek at the screen caps.

    Visual Guide Update - Revenge of the Sith
    [Pete | 03/09/05]

         The Revenge of the Sith Visual Guide gets updated today with the addition of Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter. The ship has 2 firing projectiles, wings that spring open into attack position, retractable landing gear and a partial R2 unit that pops out so you can put the astromech of your choice inside the socket! Alliance Collectibles has this and so much more in stock and ready to ship, so stop by and fill that cart up!


    Darth Vader Model Kit at EE
    [Pete | 03/09/05]

         Entertainment Earth has the Kotobukiya Darth Vader Model Kit in stock and ready to ship...this is the Year of Vader and these are sure to sell out quick, so head over to Entertainment Earth now and place your order before they are all sold out!!

    Celebration at Celebration III
    [Pete | 03/09/05]

         The Official Site has officially announced the Clebration party at CIII will be held that Saturday night...with food, fun, souvenirs, live music and more it is gong to be one good party. Tickets are $15 per person, so don't delay...Order Now!

    Galaxy of Stars Update
    [Pete | 03/09/05]

         The Galaxy of Stars convention has added more guests to the already long list of Star Wars add John Coppinger and Toby Philpott, the Jabba the Hutt Puppeteers and Senator Wookie to the list...need tickets...want to win them...head over to this page to enter a really easy contest!

    Episode 3 Poster and Poster Merchandise For Sale
    [Mike | 03/08/05]

        After checking out the news on the Episode 3 Poster, head on over to and order your poster, as well as some poster related material. Click on the images below to check them out!

    Original Double-Sided Episode III Theatrical Movie Poster       Exclusive Revenge of the Sith Movie Poster Sport Mug      

    Episode 3 Poster Revealed
    [Mike | 03/08/05]

         The Official Site has posted the Theatrical Poster for the last installment to the Star Wars Prequels. The poster is illustrated by Drew Struzan, and features the same style that started with the Special Edition Posters. Check out the article and the poster by clicking on the image below:

    Visual Guide Special Update - Bust-Ups
    [Pete | 03/08/05]

         Can't wait to get more and more Vader this year? Let's add to the temptation by adding the Villians of the Darkside Darth Vader Bust-Up and it's chase as well! Just click on the the thumbs below to take a closer look or head on over to the Gentle Giant Visual Guide to browse the entire line! Did you know that Alliance Collectibles carries bust-ups too? Well now you do...head on over and order a set today!
         ...And, what the heck, since this is a Special Update, why not throw in the 2004 New York Toy Fair Clone Lieutenant too...


    Visual Guide Update - Vintage Top Toys
    [Chuck | 03/08/05]

         Top Toys makes it's debut in our Vintage Foreign Visual Guide, starting with Chief Chirpa. Top Toys is another obscure foreign line that produced a small amount of bootleg quality figures from Argentina. Thanks to forum member Doug Fulford, we are able to add these rare items to our guides. Keep an eye out on our daily updates as these slowly work their way into the mix.

    Scaled Stock Cars At
    [Mike | 03/08/05]

         This April some of the more well known NASCAR drivers cars will be sporting graphics advertising Revenge Of The Sith. So far Dale Jarret, Elliott Sadler, and Jeff Gordon will have the new design on their cars. The designs for Sadler and Jarret will debut April 23rd in Phoenix, and Gordons will debut April 1st in Talladega.
        In true Star Wars Merchandising style, has put up for sale the 1:24 scaled versions of all 3 drivers cars, as well as a special "Revenge of the Sith Fantasy car". Also available is a 1:64 scaled version of Jeff Gordon's car. There are no pictures available for the 3 official cars, however you can take a peek at the "Revenge of the Sith Fantasy car". They are all up for order with a ship date of April 2005. They are available in limited quantities so get yours today. Click on the links below to order yours:

  • Star Wars: Ep III Program 1:24 Scale Die Cast Car
  • Star Wars Elliot Sadler #38 M&M 1:24 Scale Die Cast Car
  • Star Wars Dale Jarrett #88 UPS 1:24 Scale Die Cast Car
  • Star Wars Jeff Gordon 1:24 Scale Die Cast Car
  • Star Wars Jeff Gordon 1:64 Scale Die Cast Car

  • Hasbro - 12" ROTS Figures Revealed
    [Mike | 03/08/05]

         Hasbro has posted new pics of their soon to be released 12" line. Grievous, Sidious, and the E3 styled Clone Trooper are on tap for todays update.

    Hasbro - Even More Basic Figures
    [Pete | 03/08/05]

         Another update at Hasbro! Today it is Collection 2,Wave 3 of the Revenge of the Sith basic figures! Remember spoilers apply here!

    Anakin Lightsaber for Charity
    [Pete | 03/07/05]

         We are sure that you have heard the news by now...Katie, the 6 year old daughter of Albin, the fouding father of the Fighting 501st, has been diagnosed with a glioma brain tumor located in the pons of the brain stem. The Fighting 501st is well known for their charitable acts and now others are helping in return. Federation Toys has put up for auction an Anakin Skywalker Signature Edition Saber to help the cause. Please take a look at the auction and lend a hand if you can.

    Visual Guide Update - General Grievous' Wheel Bike
    [Mike | 03/07/05]

         Continuing our Visual Guide Updates, we have a special one today. Episode 3 product is leaking out all over the place, so we have been able to get our hands on General Grievous' Wheel Bike. The bike is a pretty neat toy. The spiked wheels spin independent of one another. When the Droid General doesn't need to spin around, the bike has walking claws to traverse tougher terrain. The bike also features a spring loaded cannon that fires a projectile.
         The Wheel Bike also comes with a General Grievous pack in. Check out the images below.


    Hasbro - More Basic Figures
    [Pete | 03/07/05]

         The updates keep on coming from Hasbro! Today it is Collection 1,Wave 3 of the Revenge of the Sith basic figures!

    Hasbro Product Catalog
    [Mike | 03/07/05]

         We have some High Quality Scans of the Product Catalog that will be packed in with the Vehicles that will be available April 2nd. To check them out click on the thumbnails below:


    Hasbro - More Basic Figures
    [Pete | 03/06/05]

         Hasbro now has images and descriptions up of four more figures from the Revenge of the Sith Basic Collection 2, wave below to go and check them out!

    Brian's Toys Newsletter #297
    [Pete | 03/06/05]

         Brian's Toys Newsletter #297 is below for a sample of what's inide and click here to read the whole thing!
         Gentle Giant IG-88 mini bust now in stock for $49.99. The latest wave of Unleashed figures including Aurra Sing, IG-88 and Stormtrooper are now in stock for $29.99 each or the set of 3 for $69.99. Also in stock an Interactive R2-D2 sealed in factory box, Kotobukiya Clonetroopers and lots more vintage AFA figures. New collection of AFA GIJOE figures also just in stock. Family Guy series 2 and 3 is now available for pre-order.

    New Contest at
    [Pete | 03/06/05]

         Our pals at Max Rebo have anew contest happening where they are giving away two General Grievous action here to enter!

    Rubies Costumes at Sandtroopers
    [Pete | 03/06/05]

         The folks over at Sandtroopers did some S.C.A.L.P. Recon work this weekend and they uncovered a bunch of this years Rubies Halloween costumes. Click here to read up on the event and see the pictures!

    Visual Guide Update - R4-G9
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         Concluding our 1st full week of daily updates, today we add the Revenge of the Sith preview R4-G9, Obi-Wan's personal astromech designed by the fans! Don't forget to head over to Alliance Collectibles to stock up on all your ROTS needs!


    Hasbro - More Basic Figures
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         Hasbro now has images and descriptions up of four more figures from the Revenge of the Sith Basic Collection 1...this time from wave two of the below to go and check them out!

    Tri-Droid Fighter Found!
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         Here are some boxed images of the Tri-Droid Fighter that was found at retail!! To some stores April 2 just does not mean a thing...but does that matter to us? Not if you're the one to make the score! Thanks to Orlandu_Xian for sending in the pictures!

    Clone Wars Season II at Hyperspace
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         All Hyperspace members will have the chance to see the next Animated season of the Clone Wars even if they can't watch the Cartoon Network. The Official Site reports that right after the showing of each episode on the Cartoon Network, that episode will be at Hyperspace to download for your viewing pleasure!
         It will also be up for a short period of time at in a smaller version so that non-Hyperspace members can view it. It all starts March 21, so mark your calanders now!

    Celebration III Update
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         The Official Site gives us word that Star Wars: Musical Edition will be on stage at Celebration III!
         With singing droids, tap-dancing stormtroopers, scene-stealing Wookiees, the Imperial March burlesque . . . the Star Wars: Musical Edition at Celebration III will be like a little bit of Broadway got mixed up with the galaxy far, far away, then traveled to the Saga Stage at the Indiana Convention Center..
         Dates and times are still to be announced, so keep ckecking back with the Official Site and for more info!

    Revenge of the Sith Promotions!!
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         We hope you like to eat becasue beginning April 2 there will be Revenge of the Sith promotions galore!! Burger King, Masterfoods (M&Ms, etc.), Pepsi, Cingular, Frito Lay and Kellogs will all be having some great promotions to pump up the hype for ROTS...The Official Site has all the belly filling details, so head on over are read up!

    Magna Comics Star Wars Stlye
    [Pete | 03/05/05]

         Combining freeze frame shots into a comic format is what Magna is all about...this year, coming to the UK, Germany and Japan will be versions of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi...with even more to come, including the Clone Wars. Read all about it at the Official Site.

    Visual Guide Update - The Droid General
    [Mike | 03/04/05]

         The Droid General, General Grievous has been added to our Visual Guides today. In Revenge Of The Sith, Grievous is the leader of the Separatist Droid Armies, and is also a formidable foe against the Jedi. Make sure to check out Alliance Collectibles to pick up the entire preview wave!


    Models Galore at Entertainment Earth!
    [Pete | 03/04/05]

         Hot off the truck at Entertainment Earth are a bunch of the highly detailed models we have all be waiting for from AMT/ERTL. In stock and ready to ship are the X-Wing, AT-AT, Snow Speeder, Millennium Falcon, AT-ST and Star Destroyer!! These are easy enough for the model novice to put together and will add something special to the collection when you add your own finishing touches! Head on over and order yours today!

    Hasbro - Mustafar Playset
    [Pete | 03/04/05]

         Hasbro throws some more information our way...this time about the Revenge of the Sith playset that we will see this sping! Want to see and read more...head on over to Hasbro and check it out...but remember, that spoilers do apply here!

    Australian Target Clone Packs in Stores
    [Pete | 03/04/05]

         Remember those Animated Clone Wars 3-packs that we saw images of not too long ago? Well, if you live Down Under, or have a buddy that does, head on out to your local Target to pick up a set for yourself as reports are that they are in stock!! Thanks to Rik for the tip!

    Republic Commando Maquette At
    [Mike | 03/03/05]
 Has added a bunch of new stuff to their site today, the first of which is an awesome Maquette that is exclusive to The Exclusive Republic Commando Maquette is "inspired" from the newly released LucasArts title, Republic Commando. The Maquette is limited to 400 pieces and is only available to Hyperspace members, so make sure to get yours quick!
         The also added the Exclusive Star Wars: Episode III iPod Cover to it's listings. This thing is bad ass, and a must for any Star Wars fan with an iPod. To check out the items click on the images below. Also check out the other newly added items below as well.

    Exclusive Republic Commando Maquette       Exclusive Star Wars: Episode III iPod Cover       Limited Edition Framed Film Cell from Star Wars: A New Hope
    Limited Edition Framed Film Cell from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back       Limited Edition Framed Double Film Cell from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back       "Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi Duel" Water Globe

    Visual Guide Update - ROTS Preview #2
    [Chuck | 03/03/05]

         Todays Visual Guide update features the second ROTS preview figure: Tion Medon. Click the thumbnail below for a closer look and keep an eye on our ROTS guide as it grows over the next few months. You can get this and more at Alliance Collectibles today!


    Hasbro - Large Vehicles
    [Pete | 03/03/05]

         Hasbro has images up of the ARC-170 and the Republic Gunship...

    Toy Fellas! News
    [Pete | 03/03/05]

         New In Stock!

  • Star Wars IG-88 Mini Bust $45.99.
  • Transformers Starscream 6" Statue $55.99.
  • LOTR Gandalf the White on Shadowfax 22" Tall Statue $289.00.
         We also have Plenty of other Star Wars Mini Bust and Transformers 6" Statues In Stock!
  • C-3PO Mini Bust only $39.99
  • Luke X-Wing Mini Bust only $39.99

  • Celebratoin III Update! - Time for Breakfast!
    [Pete | 03/03/05]

         Members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club and their guests are invited to meet the celebrity hosts of Star Wars Celebration III on Friday, April 22 and Sunday, April 24 at the Fan Club Lounge in the Indiana Convention Center. The breakfast costs $49.94 and includes a hot plated breakfast, an autograph from one of the celebrity Celebration III hosts, a talking Darth Vader action figure, souvenir ticket and a goody bag..
         Read all about it at the Official Site and don't forget to register before they are all sold out.

    Visual Guide Update - ROTS Preview #1
    [Pete | 03/02/05]

         OK...We admit is...we were a bit slow to jump on this boat, but that's what happens when one of the staff members picks up and moves across the ocean., as part of our daily update we're finally adding stuff to the Revenge of the Sith Visual Guide...the fearsome Wookie Warrior!! Click the thumbnail below for a closer look and ckeck back for the rest of his buddies as the week moves on...And, since you are in the mood for an army of Wookies...son't forget to head on over to Alliance Collectibles to stock up on that Wookie Army of yours!


    Jedi Knight Kenobi - 3rd Most Wanted Job
    [Pete | 03/02/05]

         There is an article on today that focuses in on a poll that asks what movie characters job would they like to steal...and Obi-Wan came in 3rd highest on the wish list...head on over to to find out why they think being a Jedi Knight is not that great of an idea...

    Rebublic Commando in Stores!
    [Pete | 03/02/05]

         The latest from LucasArts has hit the stores! Don't forget to run out and pick up Republic Commando for your Xbox or for your PC so you can start in on the full action fun of facing off with Gerneral Grievous and all his cronies!

    Hasbro - Battle Arena
    [Pete | 03/01/05]

         Hasbro has images up of two of the brand new Battle Arena sets that will be out for Revenge of the Sith...These new sets feature two 4" figures on stands that enable them to fight one another to the of the sets even connects up with the Mustafar playset. We won't show images of these here because of spoilers, but if you just click here you can jump over to Hasbro to check them out.

    Visual Guide Update - Revenge is Sweet!
    [Chuck | 3/1/05]

         With all of the hype surrounding the upcoming movie, I thought it would be nice to take you back to where it all began....Revenge of the Jedi. Today we launch a sub-guide to our Vintage MOC guide. This one is fully dedicated to the 50 proof cards that were produced by Kenner before the official title was changed to Return of the Jedi. If you are a vintage aficionado, or just want to find out exactly what I'm talking about, head over to our new Revenge guide...

    ACPin Presents: Echo Base
    [Chuck | 3/1/05]

         Our friends over at ACPin gave us their latest update: Echo Base.

    Echo Base Escape:
         When the transports retreated, the Rebel ground forces and snowspeeder squadrons covered their escape by delaying the Imperials for as long as they could. As the Echo Base defenses collapsed, the ground assault of the base by the Imperial snowtroopers have penetrated the interior. The Millennium Falcon was the last ship to deploy barely escaping the Imperial assault.

         One of the many unused and abandoned concepts from the original trilogy, the wheeled tanks were first sketched by Joe Johnston. The so-called "turbo tank" (also known as a Juggernaut) forms the armored backbone of a clone trooper force in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

    Revenge of the Sith Trailer on the Horizon
    [Pete | 03/01/05]

         Mark your calanders for March 10th because at 9pm Pacific time you'll want your TV tuned into FOX so that you can catch the full Revenge of the Sith trailer during the airing the The O.C. Of course, Hyperspace members can catch it on-line just after it airs and then it will be up for all to see on March 14 on Star!
         Need to see it on the big screen? On March 11 it will the the trailer for the new aminated comedy Robots...which, by the way, features Obi-Wan, er, Ewan McGregor as the voice of one of the characters! Read more at the Official Site.

    Celebration III Update
    [Pete | 03/01/05]

         Some more exciting news about Celebration III was released today. Your favorite Ewok and mine, Warwick Davis, will be acting as Master of Ceremonies on the Saga Celebration Stage! He will be interviewing guests, be the host for question and answer sessions and hang around to chat with fans. Read more about it right here.



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