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The Nielsen Streaming Charts For Ahsoka - Week 5

It’s time yet again to look at the Nielsen Streaming Charts! How is Ahsoka faring with episode six added to the charts? Not all that much has changed actually! Click through for more!

The Sabine and Ezra reunion scene we should have had instead

In case you forgot: in episode six of Ahsoka the heroes finally made it to the other galaxy, Sabine as a prisoner of the villains and Ahsoka riding inside the mouth of a space whale, we had our first meeting with Thrawn and later Sabine and Ezra reunited, and did not share a hut, because Dave Filoni is boring.

The ratings for Ahsoka are relatively stable, in fact, Ahsoka added a few views this week, but as usual it’s impossible to say if that is down to more people watching the latest episode or if more people watched the previous episode with Hayden Christensen. But overall the ratings are up a bit, but not by all that much. Ahsoka is still the 2nd least watched Star Wars series on Disney+. With a comfortable lead over Andor and now seriously lagging behind The Book of Boba Fett, which, at this point in its release schedule, had turned into The Mandalorian season 2.5 with its fifth episode all about Din Djarin.

Here are the details:

Ahsoka: 570 million minutes, episode 6 length 46:25 = 12.37 million views
Obi-Wan Kenobi: 860 million minutes, episode 6 length 48:21 = 17.78 million views
Andor: 418 million minutes, episode 7 length 50:11 = 8.33 million views
The Book of Boba Fett: 744 million minutes, episode 5 length 50:03 = 14.86 million views
The Mandalorian S3: 878 million minutes, episode 5 length 41:03 = 21.39 million views

Ahsoka added 800k views compared to last week, a small uptick. Which puts Ahsoka in 3rd place on the original series streaming charts, but Ahsoka still never once made it into the general top 10 charts.
Contrary to what some people say on YouTube the Ahsoka ratings are not a disaster with these numbers, and at least thus far viewership has not eroded either, ratings are pretty much stable. But as mentioned previously it’s also nothing to get excited about or to celebrate. Ahsoka firmly remains in 4th place overall in the Star Wars series hierarchy, seriously lagging the top performers. Ahsoka barely reaches 58% of The Mandalorian’s performance the same week in its third season which only aired a few months ago. Which means a pretty big number of fans never decided to even give Ahsoka a chance and never tuned in in the first place, because this number has been pretty much constant throughout the season so far.

Obi-Wan Kenobi will make its last appearance this week, since episode six was also the season finale. It has to be pointed out that the finale was not the most watched episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi, meaning some people didn’t even bother to see how the “rematch of the century” turned out. But overall Obi-Wan Kenobi was a ratings success and about 18 million people per episode tuned in each week.
The Book of Boba Fett would further gain views next week when Luke made his return. Andor had reached its pretty stable audience numbers by now, with a little more than 8 million views, making it pretty niche, only reaching 39% of The Mandalorian’s audience, so almost 2/3 of all potential Star Wars fans on Disney+ never bothered with Andor.

What else: Elemental is still the most watched movie and its ratings are pretty good still, it’s the #1 movie with a huge gap. The Little Mermaid is still the #2 movie, but it’s been a slow week for movies and it has about 1 billion (!) less minutes viewed than Elemental, The Little Mermaid does not seem to have much legs on streaming. Elemental is already the much more successful Disney / Pixar movie on Disney+ than The Little Mermaid. Other than that it’s the usual Netflix domination, but the other streaming services ever so slowly manage to get their content into the charts as well, with Paramount and Max especially having multiple entries now as well, but often it’s also shared content with Netflix, so it’s not exclusive to just one service. And Amazon Prime makes one of its rare appearances with The Wheel of Time.

Things will get interesting in the next two weeks when we will find out whether or not Samba TVs very lacklustre finale numbers for Ahsoka are supported by Nielsen’s numbers or not. As mentioned previous week Samba TV found that the finale had lost almost one third of the premiere viewership. But overall Nielsen is considered to be the more accurate service, so their numbers have more weight.

The Nielsen Streaming Charts


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