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UPDATED: Star Wars Spoilers From Star Wars Celebration Day 1

As usual Star Wars Celebration also revealed several things not meant for the vast number of fans out there who could not afford a ticket or the trip to London! But as usual very kind people do post the spoiler material on Reddit and other places! So let’s talk about the Acolyte trailer that was screened at Celebration and the first few minutes of The Mandalorian Chapter 23 screened at one of the panels that heralds the return of a very important character and name drops someone very important. A first glimpse at Skeleton Crew was also provided! And we also got a short Andor season 2 teaser! Only read this article if you like spoilers! You will be absolutely spoiled if you click! So only proceed if you want to know more!

Updated with some additional info, Skeleton Crew trailer also added!

Carrie Ann Moss in The Acolyte in true potato cam leaker guild style

Ok, let’s briefly chat about the Acolyte teaser first, a somewhat incomplete potato cam version was posted on Reddit.

As you know this is set during the High Republic, with the Jedi still in their prime, the teaser features a Jedi class room with one of the instructors teaching to the many young padawans. We also see Carrie Anne Moss as a Jedi sitting in a bar when she gets attacked and we see a really well choreographed Jedi martial arts scene, this felt like Trinity in Star Wars. So The Acolyte, thus far, looks promising, you also get to see many, many aliens and other things that make Star Wars, well Star Wars.

You can check out the potato cam trailer on Reddit!

The first few minutes of the next The Mandalorian episode were also screened. And it features none other than Moff Gideon contacting Elia Kane (aka Little Miss Honeytrap, the woman who fried Pershing’s brain) and they briefly talk over holo about how the pirate attack on Nevarro failed, revealing that Gideon had his hand in that. Then Gideon proceeds to an Imperial Remnant Shadow Council meeting where we get to see holograms of various high ranking Imperial officials, among them also the father of General Hux. We also apparently get to see more “proto Snokes” in vats and more Stormtroopers, indicating that Gideon and the others are still working on the cloning project and have considerable resources. Thrawn gets name-dropped, his second in command made it back to the galaxy, he is present at the council (as a hologram too) but Thrawn himself is still missing, it is evident here that season 3 will be used as a set up for Ahsoka coming later. Gideon then requests three Praetorian guards (helmets of them were leaked before by Making Star Wars, so we have photos of the helmets), various TIE bombers and Interceptors, as Gideon wants to deal with the Mandalorians now.

A teaser trailer for Skeleton Crew was also shown, this series, starring Jude Law and various teen (or younger) actors who get lost in space (something along that line) will also come later this year. And as expected the space pirate first seen in The Mandalorian season 3, Vane, the only one who was smart enough to retreat, will make an appearance on the show! One of the teens on the ship will be a young Max Rebo, well, not Max Rebo, but a member of his race.

You can see screenshots from the teaser on Reddit here!

A Skeletron Crew trailer posted on Twitter was unfortunately copyright claimed by Disney, so still pictures is the best we have for now.

UPDATE: a super potato cam version of the trailer was reposted on Reddit! Watch it here!

And well… it does look very rough, now the teaser does not reveal anything about plot but it just looks… very boring. But I will reserve judgment until the first episode is released.

An Andor season 2 teaser trailer was also screened, which offered short tidbits, we see all important characters return and in one scene Bix and Cassian seem to be getting really close (finally). But it really does not give away anything at all. Syril receives an ominous warning, Mon Mothma is still pulling strings in the background, we see Vel and Cintra and Luthen and of course, as mentioned Bix and Cassian who seem to be getting ready for a close encounter of the intimate kind, Dedra is seen, as well as Kleya, even the Imperial doc who invented the alien death scream torture device is in the teaser and yes, Syril’s mom is also still around.

They will be filming Andor through August and then it’s roughly 12 months of post production, they are hoping for a late summer of 2024 release date for season 2!

Check out the somewhat decently filmed trailer here on Reddit, the person who took this footage must not be a member of the potato cam leaker guild!

To quote Palpatine: “Dew it!!!”

UPDATE: in the meantime Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads Mikkelsen who played Jyn Erso’s father in Rogue One) has been revealed to be Thrawn in Ashoka, he also voiced the character in Rebels. An image of him in Ahsoka leaked on Reddit, from the Celebration exclusive Ahsoka trailer. This once more proves that actors are lying all the time since Mikkelsen denied his involvement only recently!

David Tennant (aka Doctor Who, both the 10th and the 14th Doctor) voiced a droid in Ahsoka, reprising his role from The Clone Wars.

And that’s it. What do you think about it all? Do you like the reveals? Are you excited? Or does it not interest you?

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