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Lucasfilm - An Ongoing Comedy Of Errors

Chances are you have heard of that Damon Lindelof Star Wars movie set to be released in late 2025. The movie has a director, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a Pakistani woman who made documentaries about trans people in Pakistan (plus a few other documentaries) and directed two Ms. Marvel episodes (so, zero actual blockbuster movie experience), the movie is said to have found its two leads: two poc, male and female. The movie is supposed to be set in the post sequels era, i.e. it exists in the continuity of the sequels. Now while Lucasfilm, wisely, hasn’t officially announced anything, a reputable source, Jeff Sneider, spilled the beans about the Lindelof Star Wars project a while ago and he added more and more details as time went on. But now the story has taken a not very surprising turn….. Click here to read more!

A Lucasfilm producer – symbol photo

Damon Lindelof has quit the project.

But the director remains attached to the project. When Lindelof was asked about his Star Wars movie only a few days ago he said this about the movie: “If it can’t be great, it shouldn’t exist.”

As it turns out Lindelof exited the project already in mid February and apparently he came to the conclusion that the movie would not have been  great. So he and his co-writer quit. I do applaud him for that. A terrible Star Wars movie could have seriously hurt Lindelof’s career and name, who is already attached to some pretty lousy movies. If only he had quit the terrible Star Trek or Alien movie he wrote too… (he was brought on to fix the mess written by others before him, to be fair, Lindelof has written some well received tv shows and he will of course forever be remembered for LOST).
But Lucasfilm keeps trucking on, they have found new writers who now work on the movie and are tasked with revising the script by Lindelof. Well, good luck with that! Any Star Wars movie set in the sequels continuity will certainly be a huge hit with audiences worldwide!

Above The Line has the exclusive scoop, go there to read some more about the latest Star Wars movie travesty.

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