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First Reaction To The Andor Series

Andor will be released on Disney+ in September. But apparently Disney has given journalists and the media access to the first four episodes. A few days ago a user posted his first impression of the series on the ResetEra forum. Leaker Bespin Bulletin thinks the user has indeed seen the series, since the same user also posted first impressions about other Disney+ shows which turned out to be correct.

So what will Andor be like? Nothing major will be spoiled here, actually nothing gets spoiled, it’s just a general impression, but still, if you want to know nothing maybe better stay away. Everyone else: please click through for a very first impression of Andor!

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So this is what user “Ramala” posted on ResetEra:

I’ve seen the first four and it’s the most serious, grounded thing Star Wars has ever done. It feels more like an English-made espionage thriller than Star Wars.

It is totally unconcerned with giving you fan service moments, and instead wants to delve into what it’s like for the bit players in this universe to wake up every morning and go about their day.

This is not space opera. It’s more space drama. It’s slow, deliberate, complex (for Star Wars) and asks the viewer to do some work. It actually humanizes roles that are traditionally cartoon evil in the SW universe.

It’s attempting to tell a grown up story, and I think a lot of fans are going to haaaate it. Both Gilroy’s presence is all over this thing. It’s got that cinema verite vibe that the core Bourne movies had going for them. Puts you in the world like never before. Whether the world can hold up to that level of scrutiny is up for debate, but it is fascinating.

In another comment “Ramala” explains why it’s a good idea the first three episodes of Andor are released all at once:

The first three are one complete story arc. A mini-movie. If they just gave you one I think they’d have a drop off from one to two.

So it seems Andor will have several arcs, not just one.

And “Ramala” also shared his thoughts about the characters in the series:

Of the first 4, Luthen and Mon Mothma are def the rebel MVPs. Andor is probably the least interesting character, but then they’ve got a long way to go to get him to the man we meet in Rogue One. There is much more interesting characterization going on on the ‘imperial’ side of things, and lemme tell you, it is fascinating to me. I kind of wish we got a whole show about that.

Luthen is the character portrayed by Stellan Skarsgard. And it looks as if Andor will be more of an ensemble show.

Some more tidbits: apparently episode length is again on the shorter side, with the first four between 30-40 minutes.

What do you think? Are you excited about Andor after reading the first impression? Do you want a more grounded spy thriller in the Star Wars galaxy with nuance? In my opinion a somewhat more grounded, less cartoony Star Wars is what that franchise needs. And it would be refreshing to get a more nuanced portrayal of the Imperial side of things as well.

ResetEra with the original comments

Bespin Bulletin for more spoilers and rumors

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