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Obi-Wan Kenobi Loses 30% Viewers With Part IV

Nielsen updated their weekly streaming charts yesterday and part IV of the Kenobi series on Disney+ was added. In the previous charts Kenobi had accumulated 958 million minutes with three episodes according to Nielsen. With part IV now added that number has gone down to 682 million minutes. A drop of around 30% compared to the previous week. Is it reason to be concerned? And how does the Marvel competition with Ms. Marvel fare on Disney+? Click through for more!

No reason to panic?

With those numbers Obi-Wan Kenobi is now more or less on the same level as early Book of Boba Fett episodes. So still pretty popular, it’s ranked #5 on the streaming charts and Kenobi is by far the most popular original series on Disney+. However, the fact that Kenobi lost around 30% viewers around the mid season point is nothing Lucasfilm should ignore.

The previous series, Book of Boba Fett, had a similar issue, it lost viewers mid season and only recovered with the Mandalorian / Luke Skywalker episodes. So chances are that Kenobi will gain viewers again when Darth Vader takes a more active role in parts V and VI and especially when Vader and Kenobi clash in the series finale.

According to Samba TV, who also try to gauge popularity of streaming shows, the Kenobi finale had 20% more viewers than the Book of Boba Fett finale. We’ll have to see what Nielsen has to say about that. But if its true viewership numbers should recover again and reach about the same level as the first three episodes, so more than 900 million minutes streamed.

Anyway, while Obi-Wan Kenobi was certainly fun, various issues with the script and even the action were pointed out by several reviewers and fans alike. And it seems quite a few fans were less than happy with what they saw and decided to tune out. But compared to Boba Fett at about the same point in its season Kenobi is still more popular, which is clear evidence that Ewan McGregor has considerable star power and that Obi-Wan, overall, is one of the most popular Star Wars characters. Which will probably surprise no one.

More troubling for Disney is the very weak performance of the Ms. Marvel series debut. Episode 1 is listed on the streaming charts, but it’s only in 10th place with a rather weak 249 million minutes streamed. This is by far the least popular Marvel series debut on Disney+. In comparison: Loki brought in 731 million minutes with its series debut and just one episode counted. Wandavision had 434 million minutes. Falcon and the Winter Soldier accumulated 628 million minutes, however with two episodes. Hawkeye had 852 million minutes (also with two episodes) and even Moon Knight managed 418 million minutes with its debut.

That the Ms. Marvel series has such disappointing numbers should be cause for concern for Marvel and Disney, since they seem to want to invest heavily in the character. Maybe Ms. Marvel is not as popular as Marvel would like it. But we’ll have to see how the numbers develop over the next few weeks.

Ms. Marvel, with its debut, brought in even worse numbers than The Bad Batch (also with two episodes, however). Bad Batch then disappeared from the charts altogether. I don’t think this will happen with Ms. Marvel though.

It is also worth pointing out that on Rotten Tomatoes Ms. Marvel has the highest critical rating of all the Marvel shows, it’s currently at 98% fresh reviews by professional reviewers (92% by users). That is higher than the 92% Loki got. But it’s not the first time extremely positive praise by critics does not translate into popular success. And the extremely positive reception by users on Rotten Tomatoes looks very suspicious, positive review bombing is a thing on that site, as well as negative review bombing.
On IMDB Ms. Marvel has a very mediocre 6.1 rating, IMDB is usually more robust than Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to positive and negative review bombing, as both even out a lot better on IMDB than on other sites.
Ms. Marvel is the lowest rated Disney+ Marvel live action series on IMDB with Loki being the most popular series with an 8.2 rating. The other Marvel series have ratings in the range between 7.2 – 7.9. On Metacritic Ms. Marvel has a very low 3.8 out of 10 user score, but like Rotten Tomatoes the user score on Metacritic is less robust than on IMDB.

The undisputed #1 series in the Nielsen Streaming Charts was once again Stranger Things of course, miles and miles ahead of the competition, as expected.

Here are the full Nielsen Streaming Charts.

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