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Check Out The Leaked Galactic Starcruiser Video! [Updated]

The Galactic Starcruiser officially opens its gates for visitors on March 1st. But in the week before that Disney invited various news outlets, YouTubers and other influencers to a stay at the Star Wars hotel, so the shill access quality media can post their (glowing?) reviews in time. One of those outlets invited was local Floridian news site Click Orlando and they posted videos and images from the Starcruiser ahead of the Disney Embargo which ends this Friday. Of course Disney had the videos / article taken down within a few hours, but you know the saying, once something is out on the internet, it’s here to stay and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. So you can find one of the videos leaked by Click Orlando on Reddit now. Click through for more!

UPDATE: video tour of the Starcruiser cabin and restroom added!

The leaked video shows you Gaia performing her song

For obvious reasons I will neither embed the video here, nor will I show you screenshots, but I can tell you that if you head over to the Star Wars Leaks Subreddit, more precisely here, you can find the thread with the leaked video. It’s a short clip, less than a minute long. It was shot in the lounge where guests will be entertained by Gaia who is the Twi’lek singer. The song you hear is the one from the promo video, however, what the video does is give you a good impression of what the lounge is actually like and what the atmosphere is, since it gives you an unfiltered, non photoshopped view of things that was not heavily edited in Photoshop to make it look as appealing as possible (i.e. official Disney promo material).

Rogue Disney also posted a photo of the “shuttle” that will take you from the Starcruiser to Galaxy’s Edge on their Twitter feed:

The Halycion shuttle, the Hogwarts Express it is not. Source: Rogue Disney via Twitter

And I am not alone in the opinion that all of this looks just… plain horrible, seriously underwhelming considering the enormous price tag. Remember, a trip with two people can cost you up to $4,800 and possibly more, a family of four can easily pay $6,000 and more. For a little more than 48 hours.  And then this is what you get.

To me the whole affair looks like an offbrand Star Wars con with some mediocre cosplayers singing a song that has no place in Star Wars, it neither sounds like Star Wars or feels like Star Wars. Disney didn’t even bother to either put a (live) band on stage nor did they bother with animatronic musicians, instead you get one lone Rodian who kind of accompanies Gaia. The lounge looks incredibly underwhelming as well with what looks like off the shelf tables and chairs. None of which really looks like Star Wars. I believe the main issue is that Star Wars never was about the high society, but almost always showed us the grittier side of the galaxy and thus a super expensive high society Star Wars hotel is maybe not what you would associate with Star Wars all that much.

And remember that for $800-1,200 a night you can get a room at actual world class five star hotels with access to pools, a spa and wellness facilities, none of which you will get while you are at the Disney Star Wars hotel. And of course the entire experience is highly scripted, you are not really in control of what you can do, instead you are shepherded around for most of the day.

Actually, check out this video tour of an average room on the Starcruiser, this is supposed to be a room for two adults and two children, this video is up on YouTube and Disney has not had it taken down yet, so maybe they are ok with it:

Look how incredibly tiny and cramped this room and the restroom is. And again, remember, you can easily pay more than $1000 per night for this. Even more if you add things like alcoholic beverages, the inevitable souvenirs and maybe even some cosplay clothing. Of course Disney doesn’t want you to spend time in your cabin, you are merely supposed to sleep in it, but still, imagine having to sleep with four people in this room, including two kids, and once more, compare it to what you can get in real hotels. This looks like a $80 hotel room at best. I know this is more supposed to be like a cruise ship cabin, but here’s the thing, they didn’t really have to make the cabins as tiny as they are on cruise ships, since this is no cruise ship, it’s a building made of concrete on land.

Does this even have room service? Can you order drinks or food to be brought to your cabin? There is a very earthly looking telephone mounted on the wall at least. Not that you would ever have the space to really eat or drink anything in this claustrophobic place. Also, the digital viewport that will show you “outer space” is pretty tiny. And what if you want to wind down for 30 minutes or so in the evening (the program on the Starcruiser will keep you busy until 10 pm or so at least), how can you do that with four people in this tiny, cramped space? I hope they at least have world class air conditioning in the cabins and that the air in these rooms won’t get stale after a day or so with smells lingering for a long time. You certainly won’t be able to open the windows to let some fresh air in in the morning after 7 hours of sleep or so. You do get to see some real sky and you will be able to breathe in some fresh air for a few hours in Galaxy’s Edge on day two, but for the rest of the time you are locked away in a building without windows and fresh air. I wonder how much people will like that. I suppose there is a reason Disney only offers a two day experience, people would probably go stir crazy after that.

Disney themselves have also released some official promo material, you can see the Rey cosplayer (the timeline for the hotel is set between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, just like Galaxy’s Edge), you also get to see some of the costumes you can buy for $150 or so (costumes for your stay are NOT included of course, Westworld this is certainly not). You can check that out, if you like, on Blog Mickey who posted an advertorial for the Galactic Starcruiser merchandise a few days ago.

I wonder how much disparity there will be between the official reviews by invited media outlets and actual visitor feedback once the hotel opens to the public. Or maybe the media will surprise us and give an honest opinion. We will know on Friday.

Does anyone of you plan on staying at the Galactic Starcruiser? What is your opinion?


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