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A Sneak Peek At The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book With A Few Behind The Scenes Reveals

We have a special update to provide to our readers tonight. The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book has begun shipping, and backers of the book are already raving about its beauty, depth, and quality. We received a sample to show you some of the amazing content inside of it, but we also can reveal some details we held close to the vest until now. A more in-depth review is coming, but please enjoy this preliminary post in the meantime. If you haven’t ordered this fantastic work of art, be sure to order your copy HERE. This book is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who collects the premium Hasbro The Vintage Collection line.


The extras inside of the book are glorious. Hopefully, you got these because you were an early backer. But if you missed out on backing this book, you can still order the premiums for an additional charge. The Yak Face bookmark is adorable, and the insert in the style of the classic Kenner action figure cases is a real treat.

Early backers also receive large-sized postcards of the action figure photography in a replica Ralph McQuarrie portfolio. It’s gorgeous, and the pictures inside look incredible when framed.

Here is the Yak Face bookmark up close.

The cover in the style of the original STAR WARS one sheet is impressive. Look at that detail!

I can now reveal that I have been working for months as an editor of the book. I worked countless hours and nights with Rich Alot to ensure we captured the spirit of the authors and provided readers with premium text and a story for each action figure. Rich’s wife, Angie, exercised her brilliant writing skills and gave the book a final once-over to catch anything Rich and I might have missed.

Jedi Temple Archives (Chuck Paskovics and Paul Harrison (editing as Paul J. Mancil)) are associate backers of the book. The book’s writers used us as a support and source material and assistance throughout the book’s development.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kenner photographer Kim Simmons by his side at his home, along with Rich Alot in Cincinnati, Ohio, when we created the exclusive posters for this book. It was an experience like no other and almost impossible to describe.

Here are some test pages to review to see what you’re missing if you didn’t order this book yet.



And another. You’ll discover essential details of the breaking rumors and news that JTA revealed throughout The Vintage Collection run in this book. (Be sure to read about Darth Revan’s exclusion, for example.) You’ll also see many of our rumors confirmed.

The Special Action Figure Sets have a full-page spread. And the detail and information are unprecedented.

The vehicle section is gorgeous. You’re going to love what the authors did here. Wait until you see the “unproduced” section!

The Khetanna and the Millennium Falcon received trifold page spreads because of their size. The detailed images will wow you.

Do you believe all of this detail? It makes you appreciate these vehicles all over again.

Half of the figures in this image are from my collection. So, if you want to see what part of my collection looks like, be sure to order the “Star Wars Is Forever” poster and the compendium poster (with a yellow background. Rich Alot and I set up every figure in these shots. We served as directors behind the camera as we painstakingly shifted each figure into perfect position for the final camera shot.

Here is another image. My Star Wars action figures are so photogenic!

Here is the front of the poster. We set up this terrain as well. It’s natural sand, moss dirt, and white powder washing machine soap for snow. We had to be careful not to mix the various materials up, but the more we futzed with the figures, the more it was prone to blending! :_)

Once again, if you haven’t ordered this fantastic work of art, be sure to order your copy HERE.

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