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HASBRO: CODE RED!!! Retailer Exclusives Are Killing Your Dwindling Collector Base; Do Something Before We're Gone Forever!

OK, Hasbro. You need a reality check. The current exclusive program is an unmitigated disaster. And you should be held accountable for its ineffectiveness. Unless you’re dead under a rock somewhere, you must know how pre-orders for online exclusives are COMPLETE calamities, right? This nonsense has to stop. (more….)


Collectors are sick and tired of wasting valuable precious time, only to not be guaranteed a highly sought-after exclusive. This has been the trend lately. But look at what happened today. As of this post, it’s after 5:00 PM, and none of the Shop Disney exclusives, nor the Walgreens exclusive, have gone up for pre-order. Sure, they’ll likely show up later, but we already wasted the time waiting to place our orders. Some of us work for a living. There is nothing more frustrating in this day and age than waiting for “nothing.” You’ve killed us with exhaustion with regards to this. It was complete torture refreshing the pages for an hour, all for naught.

Here’s what needs to happen.

Get your great retail partners under contract to get their products up at the announced pre-order time. If they don’t put them up for sale by the announced pre-order time, fine them or take away their right to carry an exclusive in the future.

Work with retailers to open up a pre-order window of time so that ANY PRODUCTS ordered during the pre-order window will be guaranteed to the purchaser. If a consumer purchases the item within the established pre-order window, they’re guaranteed the products. If they fail to order them within the window, they forever miss out on them. You need to produce enough exclusives to meet the demand of the pre-order period.

Stop making MAIN CHARACTERS exclusive. You knew that CAPTAIN REX would be 1000% more desired than Crosshair, but I am pretty sure you’ve offered them in similar numbers to Walmart. That’s TERRIBLE.

Also, how the heck is The Vintage Collection Republic Trooper SOLD OUT at Hasbro Pulse? Is that some CRUEL joke?

Announce retailer exclusives, then set an advanced pre-order date window that allows ALL TYPES OF COLLECTORS, not just the unemployed, to order them as their leisure for a specified time.

Slowly phase out retailer exclusives. Your retail partners barely make any money on them to being with, and they’re nothing but headaches to the collectors that want to support the Hasbro Star Wars brand.

I’ve never been anti-exclusive until the last couple of years. It’s not working, and you have nothing but frustrated collectors. But it’s evident that today was the straw that broke the camel’s back for MANY. It might be too late for Hasbro to make changes.

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