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Does Anyone Else Feel Like Hasbro Is Trolling Their The Vintage Collection Star Wars Action Figure Line?

Sigh. I shouldn’t have walked away from Hasbro Pulse’s Fan Fest online event saying “Why does Hasbro hate The Vintage Collection collecting community so much? Why are they completely disengaged from its needs?” But I did. And between the sorry repacks confirmed, to the desperately needed repacks they’re dangling over our heads, I understand why people are fleeing from this scale left and right. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the announcement of the re-released Han Solo (Endor) figure. Does Hasbro store any record-keeping of their releases? Do they go to discount outlets? Do they have any indication of what fans want? (more….)


Han Solo (Endor) (VC62). Really, Hasbro? Let’s look at the receipts. You first released it in 2006’s Vintage The Saga Collection. It was a peg-warmer. You gave it a new head and released it in both The Vintage Collection line as VC62, then the same year in the Shadow Of The Dark Side commemorative Blu-ray set based on Return Of The Jedi. You also released it in a running change “Revenge Of The Jedi” card back too. So we all bought it again in the same week for the variation.

Then you thought it was smart to re-release it in 2015 in the Walmart exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] 3.75″ line where it became one of the worst peg-warmers of the entire lineup. It ended up at Ross and Burlington stores for a couple of dollars. Yes, you gave it a new and incorrect trench coat, but you still re-released it. It’s officially the modern version of 1999’s POTF2 [FB/CT] Han Solo (Cantina) CommTech figure.

And let’s not forget about a couple of times you also re-released this same figure WITHOUT the trench coat in various multi-packs and Battle Packs sets.

Do we REALLY need to see this figure again in 2021? Who is asking for it? Why is it always a knee-jerk reaction to include this figure every single time, or so it seems? But Han Solo (Endor) isn’t the only issue in the newest set of “Fan Channel” repack assortments. We put “Fan Channel” in quotes because they’re the only stock that the non-“Fan Channel” gets, including Walmart and Target.

No, there are other issues. Admiral Ackbar? Really? You just re-released this figure in 2016 in the failed Tha Black Series [Phase III] Walmart exclusive line. It also was one of the few peg-warmers when originally released in 2010. And you can’t even fix the color of the nameplate and figure backer to aqua to at least make this a worthwhile purchase? It’s a terrible decision, Hasbro. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Many of us concede that Luke Skywalker (Hoth) needed another chance at retail. But the figure needs new tooling. This figure ONLY looks screen-accurate with the scarf and goggles worn. Hasbro never added a draped scarf for this figure when not wearing the scarf and goggles, and it looks silly. We know you won’t do it now either as this line contains all simple repacks, with Photo Real and minor card back tweaking. But Luke Skywalker (Hoth) needs all-new tooling. Can you make this happen as an exception?

I can’t find fault with any re-release of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. But I wish you’d use the original Kenner artwork, however, and it’s iconic as all heck. Hey, if you need the original Kenner assets for Hasbro to recreate the original Kenner artwork, JTA will lend it to you, Hasbro. As much as I appreciate another stab at the Emperor’s Royal Guard, it feels like it needs some tweaking at this point. How about giving us a version without a removable helmet, for instance.

To pour salt in the wound, you’ve announced a Fans’ Choice poll to vote for ONE of five figures all of us are desperate to see re-released in The Vintage Collection line. Why do you torture the community like this, Hasbro?

  • VC100 Starkiller (Vader’s Apprentice)
  • VC102 Ahsoka
  • VC107 Weequay
  • VC113 Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)
  • VC126 Imperial Assault Tank Driver

All of these should be the next case assortment of the Fan Channel. Why aren’t they? But Han Solo (Endor) and Admiral Ackbar, and a screen-inaccurate Luke Skywalker (Hoth) are? You’ve got some soul-searching to do, Hasbro.

Also, what gives including VC126 Imperial Tank Driver as a Fans’ Choice candidate? Did you not realize you didn’t produce enough figures for all of the tanks that went on clearance? That figure should be re-solicited to online retail as you did with the Imperial Death Trooper. It’s a figure from the relaunch of The Vintage Collection. It should be able to go back into production as needed, and not waste a slot in a Fans’ Choice voting poll.

I do appreciate the Gaming Greats sub-collection. I hate that you can’t use the Expanded Universe logo anymore, because all of them look dreadful on STAR WARS cards, but that’s the hand Disney Star Wars dealt you. Hopefully, you get that all-new Darth Revan you started working on into the series as soon as possible. Give TVC collectors the same buying options as you do for the 6″ collectors. Thank you.

No Kenner 96 revealed. No Jabba’s palace aliens revealed. No skiff guards revealed. No cantina aliens revealed. No never-before-released on a TVC card repacks revealed. These need to be in every presentation, Hasbro. You gave us a sail barge and an all-new skiff, now we have to populate them. I could go on forever.

I think this rant is now over, for now.

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